Eve Monitor Carry-case/Bag

So one of my use-cases for the Spectrum:
I will take my monitor to friends houses on game/drink nights, and during competitive gaming sessions(This will resume after Covid-19 is sorted.).

I would love a safe way to be able to take my Spectrum on this journey. My current method for carrying my monitor is using a bag for life, and a pillow stuffed into the bag on the screen side; to “protect” the screen.
I would hate to do this with the Spectrum!

So my question is how would you folks feel about having a carry case/bag for the Spectrum?
Maybe also big enough to fit a current next gen console with cables etc?
This Could be a great accessory. If enough people agree; Eve could potentially make it happen?
Keen to hear your thoughts.

Would you have a use-case for a Spectrum carry case/bag?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure

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Poll Ends April.


I have just replied that I have no need for a Spectrum bag/case.

This of course means that within days of receiving my much-anticipated Specra I shall need bags or cases for them.



I’ve voted (realistically) with an Unsure vote.

TBH, I never would have considered the desire to move my monitors / take them with me, much less the actual need to do so. However,. after reading your post, I realized that the 2 main reasons I haven’t done this so far are

  1. My monitors were basic Office type monitors with little in the enhancement department, and

  2. I did all my gaming at home because all of my rig was, for a good while based upon older generation products that had no business trying to play AA titles, forget AAA titles (even though I still did so at home).

Now, however, my rig is almost entirely new, and since I also want to do some reviews of the monitors, it would make for a good reason to have a case to tote them around to show them off / use them in a particular way that I may not at home / do an extended review / a series of reviews focusing on very different, and unique use cases.

But I’m not going to lie - a cloth bag isn’t gonna cut it. I’m thinking more like a small suitcase, lined with pre-cut foam in the interior and metal on the outsides, set up in such a way that it can transport 1 or 2 monitors with all accessories securely tucked in with 0 chance of damage short of anything like a 10 story drop / being hurled by a tornado in 100+ mph winds.

Which, I’m betting would be a) a very niche product, and b) a very low volume run to be made. (read: Expensive!)

BUT - it’d still be nice to have the option. Especially if these could be made ‘on demand’, so they would not have to be pre-fabricated and then sit around waiting to be bought…


I’m waiting until I have a Spectrum in my hands until I worry about how I transport it.

I can see a reason to get a nice carrying case for your expensive monitor if you’re moving to a new place, bringing it to LAN parties, transporting it to school and bringing it home for break, etc. The only other way to do it is by covering it a towel and laying it down on the seat or in the back of a car, making it easy to get scratched or something terrible.

A good durable case with soft foam for keeping the screen protected is essential if you need to transport it somewhere. Most people would put it on a desk and leave it there for years, but for those who would be constantly moving it or would like to have one just in case would benefit from getting a case built specifically for it. I’d buy one if Eve developed it soon after Spectrum comes out.


I responded to the poll & said Yes. My specific use case is taking my monitor with me when I work remotely, something I do from home or from somewhere else. It would be super handy to be able to bring my monitor with me to more places.


I’m interested in a carry case, though I don’t often move my monitor around it does travel for lan parties a few times a year. Its always car-based, so a soft bag with a padded front would be great. If it zipped down the back so it could be used as a dust cover when the monitor is on its stand or on a vesa mount


I would love to have one but given the rare times that I would travel with this case, I would only justify buying a case if the price was around $60


Ooooh, that is a good idea!

And it is much better and cheaper than my professional travel case idea lol. Which, I mean, now that I’ve thought about it, a travel case is good an all, but if I need to transport it I can just save my boxes, right?

Your idea is soo much better, especially as it is now dual function…


I’d love a carrying case would be extremely useful as I travel most weekends and take my Xbox with me. Tired of playing on my 70 inch TV at the weekend house. It’s awful for gaming.


I would definitely need a carry case. Constantly moving around and especially in a car where I have to wrap it with bubble tape or blanket and packing wrap… way more convenient to have a case and ensure the quality even if it’s just a couple times in a year


My thoughts on this concept (I voted unsure as well because it would really depend on options).
It would need to be solid (foam, plastic, etc) on the monitor side and depending on material at least 1" larger than the outside edge on all sides. There would also need to be a gap where the display is (either straight across or an indent depending on the bezels).
The back side would need to be able to keep pressure to maintain the front side in the “tray” described above.
I’m thinking a backpack material with a zipper that goes around 3/4 of the outside edge creating a clam shell, making it the easiest to load and unload the monitor while the screen is facing down into the the “tray”.

It would also need a shoulder strap as the PC would be in your hands. Possible on the backside an outside flap/pocket that would fit the keyboard, mouse, and cables. This would be the most ideal for carrying both the PC in your hands and the monitor on your back.



This is just a concept. Don’t ask me for details, lol. I won’t be designing it. I’m great with concepts but the final product, thats in EVEs or a third party vendors hands ; ]


Paint is actually a really good tool, and that’s a good 1st concept design!

Would this case/bag also fit the stand or just the monitor itself?


If moving the monitor to different locations. I would say it should be able to carry the stand aswell.


People are always “eww paint” so, lol ; )

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That would depend entirely on how the pressure system worked.
I agree ideally there would be two models. One with the space for the stand to be rotated sideways and One with the pressure points just holding the monitor.

There is also the option of the stand being in the outside pocket as theoretically the stand will be quick connect. Probably this third idea would be the best overall option and the least chance of damaging the monitor.


Making the front face of the case (behind the backpack material) a corrugated plastic (example links below) with a thin foam glued to a flat plastic face would be the best protection.


I absolutely would use a carrying case. I frequently travel and almost always bring my monitor, especially if to a friend’s house for gaming. My current monitor is a BenQ and has a nifty handle at the top of the stand. While convenient, it was uncomfortable and I had to carry it in a weird manner. One day though while climbing some concrete steps on the walkway leading toward my friend’s house, I just barely caught the edge of a step with the bottom corner of my monitor…the whole thing falls apart…literally. Casing comes off, motherboard board exposed, pins bent, the whole shebang. I was devastated. I CAN’T have this happen with my new Eve!!! Please people if you travel at all with your monitors, contemplate the devastation that could follow just a small afterthought! I’m ecstatic this was brought up and hope it comes to fruition