Eve meetups. How to arrange one!


Hey guys!

It was awesome to see the results of my previous thread suggesting people to host meetups. See thread below:

It seems we will have a lot of meetups upcoming in the next 2 weeks. As discussed all the meetup participants will get Eve T shirts (Meetup host will receive them and give them out upon actual meetup)

I decided to write this short guide to help you out to organizing meetup.

###So if you are one of the prototype testers and would like to meet other Eve community members you should:

1. Start a thread telling about meetup and its location. Good examples are 2 upcoming community meetups facilitated by members:

2.Agree on date and place with community members

3.Inform us on how many people will attend and…

-What T shirt size is needed for members (S, M, L, XL)

-What Landmark would you like to have on T shirt created for this meetup in particular

Send the information to my email konstantinos@eve-tech.com

4.Have an awesome time and take pictures!

Let us know if you need any help!

Once you create the thread we could tell other community members in an email about upcoming meetups so your post will get more visibility and more people could attend



Hey @Konstantinos make them an announcement on IGG to reach even more buyers!
I can not wait any longer for the V. :sunglasses: