Eve & IndieGoGo AMA - 21st December, 4:00PM GMT


Hi again dear community! :slight_smile:

We’ve been a bit silent during the last few weeks since we were all working very hard on the Indiegogo campaign and the product!

But now we’re taking our time to answer your questions again - in the next AMA! This time we brought one of our friends at Indiegogo to help us answer all of your questions you throw at us regarding crowdfunding! It’s Joel Hughes, Indiegogo UK & Europe! :slight_smile:

Date & Time? 21st December, 2016. 4:00PM (GMT)

It’s a bit of a surprise announcement, but we wanted to be able to answer as many of your questions as we can before the campaign ends!

We all look forward to see you & answer your questions! :slight_smile:


Great! Can’t wait for it! #CommunityFTW


Generally speaking, it’s good that you are doing AMAs, but those shared ones aren’t a good idea, imho. The last one with Microsoft ended up with most of the questions aimed at Microsoft that had no relevance to Eve. With infamous Indiegogo I could imagine plenty of questions along the line why they are allowing scams on their site etc., again with no relevance to this campaign. Just my two cents, not that it matters much for us here since we can ask the questions here already.


Actually, they’ve had one “solo” AMA. I liked it, but you can’t deny the fact that these joint AMAs raise much more interest in the community. When people see a Reddit post that says “hi, we’re a startup from Helsinki” or something like that, they mostly ignore it (“oh, yet another startup… it’s getting boring”) - but when they see a famous name, they’re more keen on pressing that button :slight_smile: It also makes Eve look a lot more professional - Microsoft wouldn’t make partnerships with low-profile startups.


Granted, for exposure it’s good. Hopefully there will be more people interested in Eve than victims of those many crappy/scammy Indiegogo campaigns. :worried:


Is there a link? I have never used reddid before and couldn’t find anything. Or is the link not online yet?


It will appear at this link at 4pm GMT. You need to register but you can do that anonymously without your email.


It’s not online yet. We’ll post a link to the AMA shortly we’re live :slight_smile:


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The Eve V sold out in 4 minutes

Hmm… Was this the case?


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