Eve grows - Welcome the new community manager!


Hello and good day everyone! :slight_smile:

As our community is growing steadily and progress on the ▼ continues, so does Eve. So @Konstantinos reached out to me and offered me to help them out inside the community as the community manager. Since I really enjoy being a part of this community I gladly took up on his offer.

Some of you should already know me, if you want to know a bit more about me, check out [my introduction] (Hey guys, I'm Peter :)) or just ask me here.

Also, me being a here helping out Eve will not mean that the other members of Eve like @Mike, @Konstantinos or @riku won’t be around here as much anymore. They’ll still be here in the same amount as before - my job is to help them get all the informations they have inside their team into the community.

So, what plans for the future are there?
There are plans for now, one focus currently will be to make the whole development of the PF more transparent for you guys, so you know whats up and what is happening right now.
While the status quo isn’t bad I think we can improve quite a lot!
If you’ve got any ideas how to improve things inside the community, feel free to write me a PM or just type them below this topic.

So, thanks everyone for reading my small introduction & I look forward to help inside this great community and make it cooler than it already is (if it’s possible ;))

The Newsletter went out! Did you see it?

I won’t say welcome since you’ve been with us for so long already here :slight_smile:
But I will say: Great post!

Indeed we are going for great transparency. At the moment we are full-on delivering your desires in the form of ▼ (Pyramid Flipper), so it is big effort to keep you guys posted and on the close loop, as the community keeps on growing and massively good ideas continue to flow in. @iKirin (Peter) is a stand-out member, helping from now on to bridge all of you closer to us. So we are truly lead by the community.

Keep on flipping. Allow Peter to deliver for you (=tell him your needs, wishes, hopes, and work these things out with him!)