Eve gives: Winners of the 50€ Steam gift cards raffle!


While we were hosting the Microsoft+Eve Q&A last week (you find it here), we also decided to throw a nice little giveaway competition.

The price was three (3) 50€ gift cards to Steam, the webstore for gamers. And we had pleeenty of participants.
Thanks to all who took the few seconds to take part in this!

The winners were:
Dennis S. from the Netherlands
Rokas T. J. from Lithuania
Christopher H. from U.S.A (California)

They’ve been hunted down, well informed, and are probably right now playing some new game. Let us all be happy for them :fireworks:

Did you participate? If yes, better luck next time! There is so much great history between the folks of Eve and the community, so we will be looking for opportunities to give back in the future!
And most importantly:

If Eve throws further giveaways,

what is the price that would be best in your opinion/for you?


Congratulations to all three winners!! Let us know what you will use the gift cards for! Which games will you buy?


Was really hoping for an early Christmas present :slight_smile: Congratulations to the winners!

I think this kind of giveaways are spot on and the price is really on target. However to increase the number of winners you could have done 5 winners at 30€, which would already be a substantial amount to make a real difference per person.


Hi, I’m one of the winners.

I’m going to buy Prison Architect and something for my brother, probably Euro Truck Simulator 2 but I will ask him what he wants. I wanted to buy Prison Architect for some time and I want to say big THANKS to Eve for doing this giveaway.

The answer to question “what is the best price” I would say that 50 euros is ideal. New games cost about that much so if there were less money, you couldn’t really buy something, it would be just a part of the price.


Hey, I’m also one of the winners my name is Dennis S. (not Dennis B. btw).

And what I am going to buy with it is probably buy a gift from a friend of mine who’s birthday gift I had forgotten so this came at the perfect time for me and for myself the season pass for Dark Souls 3. And of course Congratulations on the other two winners and a HUGE thank you to Eve for giving away the steam gifts.

And for the question I think €50 is the perfect amount since most new games cost that, or like me you have enough to give a friend a game and something for yourself. And what @RokasTJ said is also true about if it was less you can’t buy the new game you want.


Yay, I’m not the only Lithuanian in this community :joy:
@RokasTJ we might want to have a chat together someday :smiley: which city do you live in?


Vilnius. Where do you live?


Same city as you :slight_smile: but let’s move this to PM, we don’t want to pollute the thread :slight_smile: