Eve G Gaming Laptop



So when are we doing some progress in this laptop? I need a new one


Unlikely to be any time soon until V production and delivery settles imho, so maybe Q2 or Q3 this year we will hear about the next major eve project?


I Honestly think, don’t get me wrong, that gaming laptop, in terms of a real gaming one which also used for engineering and professional design - Eve as a company shouldn’t even think about it. It’s too complicated and only couple companies do this very well. I have Msi gaming laptops for the last 5 years and I would tell that yes, it’s expensive, yes, it’s not the same as an desktop if you will think about money you paying, but it just has so many features in it which add such laptops extra functions etc. Let’s take asus , Msi as an examples. These guys produce hardware by themselves and use it for their laptops. It makes for them so much extra space to play with it and add and add features…

I mean, if you will try to buy several components and build “your own gaming laptop” for cheaper price - yes, it will be cheaper, but not a lot. However you will not get those extra’s software , which would add to gaming laptop extra boost in performance, appearance etc.

i Have my Msi for 4 years and I use it both at work and in gaming - here is when “trust” to company appears. You can feel the quality of the product and it’s value.

Don’t get me wrong, but these companies which produce hardware and building the whole units - these guys know what they are doing.

Look even in the last CES.

I am waiting for my Eve V from FS, but I would never buy a gaming laptop from startups simply because it will not be the same “gaming laptop” as it should be.


A gaming laptop is always a bad idea. I’ve never wanted to use one and still doesn’t. And that for many reason, because of thermal throttle, those things broke, there are a lot of error in the build done in laptops market(do you watch some time Louis Rossman YouTube channel ? It would give a pretty good idea about what I’m talking about).

But nevertheless, I would like to see a production laptop, something more powerful than the V but with something as the same design, minimalistic. And since we are in the big wave of the cpu faulty design, I would prefer an AMD even if it is also faulty, at least they have some other design x86 based. In the past 8 months we had 4 faulty design in intel. (Last one today https://t.co/FsgvIsMOP7). And there is another one announced on twitter coming in one month or so.

So yes there is practically no products with ryzen 7 mobile for the moment and I would like to have a production laptop, not super thin but thinner than the bad acer nitro or the big monster unmovable asus rog (It’s supposed to be a laptop not like those Alienware that you can’t move around with) .

So something
with decent benchmarks point with ryzen 7 mobile,
And amd Apu
Minimalistic design
Thicker enough to put a fucking rj45 cable in there and not with a USB adapter
A lot of connectivity
A motherboard with ram slots and extensions capabilities like data port or m2 pci
And max a good 15´ screen


With those kind of settings, no bottleneck anymore for the egpu and whatever else. We could even be innovative on the cooling choice since now the team has some knowledge.


you got high standards xd


Well maybe you are all about WiFI but WiFI is one of the badest technology of information transportation invented so far. It has never been invented based on a serious encryption concept. Internet even has never been développed on top of a serious security concept. So yes sorry but i still want a cable connection and a good one like a 10G or 5G even than a bad WiFI fucking crap bullshit technology in it