Eve G Gaming Laptop



Ryzen mobile cpu have been announced now look here https://www.amd.com/en/products/ryzen-processors-laptop for ino


It has already been posted here… The news is a bit old too :slight_smile:


If I remember correctly, those used to retail for over 1000. It was only near the 10-series launch (mid 2016) that the price had been slashed to unload the units. Not long after that, its discontinued.

In addition to that, a lot of people didnt notice that in term of power consumption and heat (TDP), the 1060 is more of an equivalent of 970M. I wouldn’t be surprised if they also cost the same.


The price stayed at 800 eur for at least half a year, and I really couldn’t care less about the reason. The only thing that matters is that this price was available for a long time, and then a slightly newer model came out also with similar price IIRC.


You know the biggest difference between the 9th and 10th gen? The higher clock speed, aka the 10th gen just being an overclocked 9th combined with a dieshrink to keep thermals under control. I didn’t expect them to have the same cuda cores, but as it shows the 1060 is a higher clocked 970m, and the 1050 a higher clocked 960m. That way it is very easy to claim a high intergeneration improvement.


Well, they did reduce the model numbers. I mean x60M became xx50 and so on… And they introduced 1080, which isn’t an upgraded 980M, right?


Well they can have a amd ryzen mobile cpu, e-sim, seagate firecuda 2.5 2tb, mechanical keyboard like msi laptop has and anything else you can think of


Please provide some argumentation with your suggestion :slight_smile:
For example, why Ryzen? Isn’t Intel better?
What is “e-sim”?
Why exactly this brand of HDD? Why not an SSD?
Why mechanical keyboard? We already discussed it in another thread, the thing with mechanical keyboards is that they have way too many different switches. And it’s 100% a matter of preference, there is no “best” switch. So, I think it’s best to stay with standard rubber dome keyboards because most people are used to it.


The reason why they can clock much higher is due to the new Pascal architecture, I dont think it can easily be dismissed as an overclocked 9-series. Normal die shrink wont give you THAT much of an improvement in both performance and power consumption, especially when you consider that 9-series (Maxwell) was optimized to the max on the 28nm process node which was also used in the 7-series (Kepler). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascal_(microarchitecture)

Ryzen --> Unproven idle battery life
Seagate Firecuda --> HDD uses quite a lot more power than SSD (also why does it have to be this specific HDD?)
Mechanical keyboard --> Takes up too much space, which means smaller battery, which means shorter battery life


The Seagate FireCuda series are Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHDs), so they offer a lot of storage space without the price of a large-capacity SSD. At the same time, they use smart caching to access the most often called data at the speed of an SSD. It’s a best-of-both-worlds kind of device, which is probably why @DGMurdockIII prefers it.

Of course it still has all the drawbacks of a mechanical drive apart from speed: it’s size, power draw, mechanical complexity, lifespan and susceptibility to shocks, are all still those of a traditional hard disk drive…


Here is esim https://www.engadget.com/2017/06/19/its-esim-time/


So basically it’s a non-removable SIM card… But you know what would be better? A removable one! :smile: I mean if they really push this forward, you can expect them to release a simple removable SiM card with the same reprogrammability, so you can put it in and forget it’s there. But if they don’t push it hard enough, you will be stuck with a useless embedded SIM card that isn’t supported by your operator. Also, even if they push it forward hard, it will take time for operators to adopt it. So let’s not be the testing rabbids :wink:


I’m not really for that feature since I don’t need it for my laptop, but since the new apple watch includes it, the iPhone 11 (or whatever will come afterwards) will surely feature it as well and after that everybody will copy it anyways making it available to the brought public. Been there done that and sadly not only with incredibly tiny sim cards.


The iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 had it since 2014, and its been embedded since the Pro 9.7", but it seems theyre not that interested to put it in the iPhone for some reason.


The reason is that eSIM is not really supported by the carriers. Only few countries have carriers that support it. That would then mean they couldn’t sell the device world wide unless there were special SKUs that would still feature a removable sim card


Well if it took ‘courage’ to remove the headphone jack, it’ll take courage to switch to eSIM :rofl:



This would be a good idea


Not a terribly bad idea.
I recently bought the Gigabyte Aero 15, after a ton of research. And, besides the speakers and trackpad driver, that thing is amazing! It’s pretty powerful, very light. But it’s quite gamery (especially the orange one I bought :P) A laptop oriented towards creatives, that’s not a macbook, would be awesome.

I’d love a huge trackpad, like the MacBooks now have. If at all possible to include stylus support to always have a mini pen-tablet. Won’t be a dealbreaker if it’s not there.


E simm is simply the simplest way where company would be able to access all your computer without any effort…
We already are doubting about what’s inside intel ME for the moment on the qubesos mailing list, if you are even easing the task for potential prober… it s not really a great idea.

But we can imagine an add on or a similar design than the phone I have linked in the amazing phone thread