Eve Devices coming to a local shop near YOU!

Rather than shops, what about an influencer/affiliate/sponsorship program? I did preorder this monitor and if it’s everything you guys promised, I’d absolutely love to help spread the word through my streams.

POLAND, as for retailers: Xcom, Komputronik, Proline.

Work with (mass)drop. Basically let them do a batch of US distribution.

In Germany please use:

Mindfactory, Caseking, Alternate, Galaxus, equippr, computeruniverse, comstern, CSV-Direkt, notebooksbilliger, Saturn, Mediamarkt, Cyberport, edigital, PC-King, Jacob Elektronik, Future-X, ARLT-Computer.

Sorry for the long list but we need the Eve everywhere so we can actually get one of these things!

For Spain, please, approach:

  1. PC Componentes: they deliver to Spain and Portugal and is the best electronic local ecommerce along with Amazon.es
  2. Amazon.es




I’m from Mexico and pre-ordered. Hopefully, shipping and taxes will be smooth enough on delivery, I don’t really know how big companies handle these matters but it’s always a great experience when you don’t get caught up with some costumes surprises, or such things.

I guess there should not be any issues shipping to Mexico since we are right around the corner.

Hopefully, deliveries will be handled by big shipping companies where you have good tracking and contact in case there’s an issue with delivery.

Regarding physical deliveries, I guess Best Buy MX could handle it.

https://www.digitec.ch/ thats the best trusted and partner with Asus. many people would instant buy from switzerland :switzerland:when the monitors are available here.

For The netherlands I would suggest Coolblue, Alternate and possibly Mediamarkt.