Eve Devices coming to a local shop near YOU!

Have you considered Television Retailing? You know, TV Shopping? In addition to any sales you’d make, it’s a great way to build a brand, free advertising of a sort.

If that sounds like a good idea, I know a guy in the business.

Okay, you got me…that guy is me.


I have to agree with Phil. I came so close to ordering an EVE V way back at the beginning and I think I would have except I just wanted one, did not actually need one at the time. Then the delays started and just kept coming, and then the horror stories of paying and never getting a V or sending a defective one back and never getting a replacement etc. I was so glad I had not ordered. Still I watched the forum hoping to see some good news however it just went from bad to worse month after month, which saddened me greatly as I was rooting for this model of creating and selling a device to work out. The idea of the flipped pyramid never really panned out as far as I can see. Too bad as the ideals of crowd development and no middle men pricing still appeals to me.
Pricing wise so many devices have come out since the V.
I can buy a new Surface Pro 7, tenth gen iCore 5, 256, with keyboard and pen now for 1479 Canadian at a local warehouse store and that’s about 1114 US dollars. That’s hard to beat and comes with a full two years warranty and ninety day return policy. I know the Eve V is still less money, however it’s old now with seventh gen processing and graphics. I know they are not the same device and the Eve has some impressive specs (and some unimpressive failure issues) however I can buy one on the spot and return it locally as well if needed.
So in conclusion I highly doubt I would buy anything from Eve until Eve makes right on their promises to their original backers, and reviews are positive on the product and service from Eve.


Greetings once again,

Thanks everyone for the contributions.

Firstly, @LouCap this is an interesting suggestion, however, we do not feel that at this time TV selling is the best way to go forward with so little presence elsewhere. We will certainly keep it in mind for 2020 and it is a very interesting idea to brainstorm on.

Secondly, @Tproveau , thanks for the excellent feedback Terry and the list of companies. Regarding your second comment, I will kindly remind you to keep on topic. The issue with Fortress Tech Distribution Limited orders is something that we are both very aware of and something that we want to fix in the future. That said, neither the community nor this thread are adequate places for such discussions. Please respect the thread and our goal for the future as we truly have the best intentions for our brand and everyone associated with it. I will be forced to close the thread should the off-topic continues.

Thank you once again all for understanding and I am looking forward to even more suggestions.

Staaaay awesome.


Sorry for going off topic. Phil’s comment just got me thinking back. please feel free to delete it from the thread. Terry

I’m still in the camp of no retail stores. However, it seems that you are very inclined to go that route so I’m going to 2nd Costco as a potential option. While they are a juggernaut and have similar buying power to Walmart there are a few reasons they could be a good option… that still maintains a lower price than the competition. Again, the ability to maintain a lower price is the main reason why I think this might be an OK thing.

  1. They are a well known an respected store with a lot of locations across the country.

  2. A broad variety of people shop there. Even gamers know to look for good deals there.

  3. They are known for selling unique/one off/new/exclusive deal products at really good prices. I.E. I recently bought an Eddie Bauer down jacket there. It is a regular model in the EB lineup but in colorways that are only available at Costco. It’s daily price at Costco is $10 cheaper than the price that was available on the EB website during a %50 off sale.

  4. Products (especially unknown ones) that may not be perceived as anything special elsewhere can gain a better image by being there.

  5. Their warranty/return/exchange practices are TOP NOTCH.


I’m curious as to why you’re against the retail stores idea @Smyler316 ?

I agree they aren’t the main target group for the community, but Eve wants to make devices for the broader audience I think, that’s what the community development is targeted towards (with more diverse stakeholders come a more general purpose device).

Retail equals more levels in the sales channel which means more price markups before the product hits the customer’s hands. For a new/small company it can also mean a very accelerated rate of growth which outpaces its natural ability to keep up.

In order to grow quickly enough to meet the increased workload, small companies often have to make choices that they wouldn’t normally make, choices that may not align with their core values or give power to someone else, in order to make things work. Some companies use the ability to grow quickly well and are able to dial things back in once the dust settles to maintain their principles. Some companies are forever altered and lose who they are.

I guess I’m not totally anti-retail. I just have a strong preference for direct-to-consumer because prices are better and I’ve seen companies I believe in turn into exactly what they set out to NOT be. I don’t think a conventional retail platform is the right fit for Eve but I can see how some level of retail sales could work out well.


Actually, that’s the great thing about selling on a TV Shopping Network, no one needs to know who you are at first. You get 10-15 minutes to educate the customer on your brand and product. It costs you nothing (other than having to pay your expert presenter), and of course you make $$$ from the sales. Many vendors are not national (or international) brands, so for them it’s more like virtually free advertising. Infomercials and commercials can be very costly, which is why many people go the TV Shopping Network route, high exposure/low cost.

Just some food for thought!


I guess we might have a cultural difference here as the shopping network is either dead or dying here. At least among the college educated 35 year olds and lower. Though I haven’t done any research in the matter yet.


TV Shopping in the USA is not what it used to be either, but it’s still doing well enough. 35 year olds and younger have ever been the target audience for that medium anyway. Both Apple and Microsoft sell computers on it, including the Surface Pro. In a way, V’s price point and specs make it strong contender, especially to those who really aren’t computer savvy, they just see it has the same specs as a Surface for less. Plus, those over 35 tend to have better credit and more disposable income, so it’s not as big a decision for them.


I really don’t see an valid excuse to not do this if it’s free

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Nothing is free, the broadcaster will want some form of compensation as well. An TV edit has to be paid as well. But it’s surely interesting to look into.

I’ve seen the telsell and tommy teleshopping broadcasts here as well, but those always look really fishy so I would never consider something like that.

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For Germany I would like to suggest “Notebooksbilliger.de”. It’s a online tech store specialized in (just like the name says) notebooks. They have 7 shops in total and you can find them in all the major cities like Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. There they have a great customer service and advise you pretty well compared to those big tech stores. It’s also the place where most of the college students go to, when they start their education to get their notebooks/2-in-1s.


Well, things are a bit different here in the good old USA. The broadcaster makes their money because the goods are sold to them at a wholesale cost, so they make whatever their margin allows. Granted, you don’t make as much as you would selling direct to the public, but the volume you can sell per minute is far greater.

Also, there is no editing, because it’s all done LIVE.


I guess my knowledge on those kind of broadcasts is even less then I thought :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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In the UK, IF you really do feel you want to go to retail bricks and mortar, then (as elsewhere) Costco and PC World as well as John lewis are about the only natiolnal outlets.

If retail online - stay as EveDevices and save the oncost…

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In some strong tech areas of the U.S., I recommend Fry’s Electronics–knowledgeable clientele who will appreciate the scrappy Eve business model. Eve needs to get support act together before expanding too far too fast.

I just looked at that page. I think without having bought the V on AMazon, I will just post a better review to balance it out. Because I am happy with my V…

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Please don’t.

No ,we don’t.

Yeah, maybe, but the quality, warranty issues, and customer treatment is subpar, to put it in a way that shouldn’t bring the skies on my head.


Webhallen currently owns komplett.se and they have been a conglomerate for almost a decade.