EVE Convertible Concept


again… nice idea… still… the problem with the pad is we do still need some keys! now, if it is touch screen, why not using it on the screen instead? :no_mouth:


That was my point too but eldelacajita makes a good point that artists have very particular requirements, pen on glass is… iffy… plastic seems more natural.

Also the ‘pad’ is OPTIONAL :smiley: the keyboard comes in the box. You can easily switch between the two. :slight_smile:

There is a THIRD option :smiley:
What if we put the pen capabilities on the back side of the keyboard? Don’t really like this option though because it’ll be ugly and it’ll get scratched.


if the pad have some keys that we can customized based on our needs similar to wacom one, then YES! I’m IN! :smiley:


Adding some more thoughts about the thickness:

Talking about the biggest model (I would even prefer 15.5" tbh)
Putting the same internals to be a razer blade (17.9mm thick) killer into a base with only 14mm will be hard and even harder to keep cold. Even the razer blade gets sginificantly hot:

Source: http://www.ultrabookreview.com/10704-razer-blade-14-2016-review/


Sorry misread your post.

Yes it Would definitely be difficult, the numbers stated in the PDF are essentially minimum thickness so basically it would be impossible to make a 15.5" variant thinner than 19mm but quite easy to make it 25mm thick but at that point it would be a non-premium device.


Good point :slight_smile: it could also have a fingerprint reader too.


Yes, that’s probably the better approach, but then you could just throw a Wacom tablet it the bag and that’s it.

I was thinking of a Yoga Book-like solution, but it would probably add more bulk, and more price, for a feature most people wouldn’t appreciate. It was nice to dream for a moment, anyway :grin:

Edit: So, back to the topic: even without that it would be a great design. It could be the laptop the community is asking for. So, @team, take good notice!


Hey if enough people want it, its definitely possible :slight_smile: . Its just a concept for now though so I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much haha.

I’m just trying to be pragmatic and think of the best solution for everyone. But if everyone likes using the pen then there’s no reason to not do it like the Yoga Book.


To compete with a high end device like the razer blade and implement a HQ CPU and a dGPU thickness and cooling is indeed a huge problem with this Design.

I really appreciate it :slight_smile: And would even get it instead of the V with internals and size of the V, but I do not think that it is able to beat a Power horse like the blade. Since you can only choose beating it in mobility or Power not both…


Yeah true but that’s kinda the point of the design. To loose the battle in overall thickness (2mm thicker) but to win the battle in tablet thickness where it counts (3mm thinner). It will definitely be tricky though, but designing a slim powerhouse always is. Maybe we could get NVIDIAs help via the new maxQ standard ?


Definitely love the work you’ve done on this! You have clearly put many hours of work and thought into the idea. One main question I have, that I think has not been asked yet: How much will this cost?
Based on all the work here, and the fact that we are obviously looking at the most high end components, what do you think a realistic price for this would be? Right now, it feels like this is a nice starting idea, but that the main device would be pretty expensive in the end, not only component wise, but with all the design and R&D work that will go into a final project.



TBH I haven’t the faintest idea. It depends on the kind of components the community would choose. I would say however that a like for like version for the V (12.3 " core y, pen, etc ) your probably looking at least a $100 premium over the V. It is almost entirely dependent on the R&D / component cost of the hinge and the charging mechanism for the keyboard. The hinge being the main contributor to cost. I have to qualify though that I am not an engineer and i’m basing this on purely self acquired knowledge of tech so take anything I say with a small pinch of salt.

Also, I might add that to Eves credit, their profit margins are probably tiny, so either way you wont get ripped of regardless of how expensive it is. You will always be getting good value for money.

Edit: also the 360° hinge (which this design uses) is the simplest hinge mechanism for convertibles even cheap chrombooks use them. I’ve complicated the hinge by putting speakers in it but they can be left out if need be and there are plenty of other places where they could go, they just wont always be front facing,


I know that this will increase the cost (R&D and manufacturing), the thickness and probably something else immensely, but it would be awesome to have the touch/doodle plane under the keyboard.
If it’s plastic it won’t scratch as easily and we can maybe make it 1mm below the rim, so that it won’t touch the table, when the keyboard lies flat. And then you “just” need a sensor to sense what side is up :smiley: it’s dreaming a bit, but I’d love it :smiley: then we also don’t need it separately :wink:


Others want this too :slight_smile: I did consider it while I was designing it but didn’t think there would be such a big market haha :slight_smile:

Please read my above conversation with @eldelacajita . I will also edit the main post to reflect your wishes. There are 3 ways to achieve what you are asking for.


I think the keyboard can be in RGB type so it can be as colourful as Razer did! You really did a wonderful job to illustrate this laptop and explain it with details. I wish the weight of this device will be limited to around 1.5kg-1.8kg
Otherwise it will be quite heavy to bring it out and make it a portable tablet.
I think the max-q design from Nvida would surely help with the energy usage and the weight problem.
Anyway, you got my appreciation, keep going!


Tho Lenovo did have a cool concept where the keys retracted into the keyboard, essentially making the “back” of the tablet flat. I think it was on one of the higher end Yogas, can’t remember which sadly…


Is this how the Wacom and Cintiq type drawing pads work? So I guess it makes sense to those users. I use a Surface and prefer to draw on the screen myself. Also, I’m not sure how success the Yoga Book has been?

Thinking about it, a better Yoga would simply be the same as it is now, but with a touch screen.


Hold your horses folks.
Don’t wanna rain on your parade, but I don’t think we’re heading in the right direction.
On paper, this device seems too similar to the V in terms of CPU performance to warrant an upgrade.
And it doesn’t seem to solve a lot of problems found in convertibles today.
The V is a revolutionary product because it did things no other device did: have the most number of ports, a wireless Bluetooth keyboard with multicolor backlighting, the best battery life, the only 2in1 which can improve CPU performance by increasing TDP or imporve battery life by reducing it, amazing audio in a 2in1, and gets almost everything else right too, at an unbeatable price.
So rather than design elements, I think coming up with “Unique Selling Points” would help us get this into consumers’ hands.
I think Eve’s approach to this was better, finalize every spec one by one, with lengthy discussions on every nitty gritty detail of the device, to get an amazing product in the end. So I’d propose several threads focusing on each and every feature of the device, starting from the CPU, GPU, screen, etc. to the tiny details that make a big difference like port placement, and then trying to add exotic features that will be more than a gimmick.

Your ideas are impressive, no doubt, and I appreciate the crazy amount of work put into the renders. And the device looks gorgeous too. But part of me wants a quad core CPU with a GTX 1050 or above, with unique features that no other device has, so I’d rework your concept. And this is just one opinion, imagine the voices of the thousands of members who call Eve home…
It seems to be similar in power to the V, and we need to do something different, we don’t need more of the same. If we did, we’d be satisfied by regular run of the mill OEM stuff. But we aren’t. We want more, we want a device that actually makes a difference in this sea of devices, devices that do more of the same. A device that is almost hand-crafted by thousands across the globe, with features that no OEM will provide, at a price that none can beat.


Fair point and I agree totally. But I have to say that the point of this post and any other concepts I post will be ‘just’ to show the form factor. I don’t want to decide on the specs for people, that’s upto you guys to decide (voting).

Some others guys wanted a 15" quad core gtx 1060 device it is totally possible. Its upto you guys to decide the specs, ports etc, I’m just providing the form factor :slight_smile: . I linked a PDF the explains the rough size possibilities (basically anything between 12-16")

If the community wants a MacBook 12" competitor in this form factor it can be done
If the community wants a surface laptop 13.5" competitor in this form factor it can be done
And if like you and ME they want a badass razer 14" competitor in this form factor it can be done :slight_smile:

On the matter of unique features there are plenty of unique features by virtue of the form factor alone. Discussed in the PDF and kindly summarised by @eldelacajita


Hope that addresses your concerns


I have a question about the form factor: if you detach the keyboard, why do you want to leave some sort of a back pate still there? Why not fully detach it, like Surface Book does? Or like Eve V - add a kickstand and a folio keyboard? I’d personally appreciate a less flimsy, sturdier keyboard, but I think leaving such a big sheet of metal/plastic sticking out of the laptop with no obvious functionality other than holding it is a bit unpractical, especially when a kickstand can do the same and it’s two times smaller. And don’t forget that a kickstand saves space on tight tables.

Another concern is… how are you planning to deal with closing the laptop when the keyboard is detached? Will there be a gap like in Surface Book?

As for using a pen, I don’t see the point in having a digitizer on the base when you can have it straight on the screen. It’s so much more natural…