EVE Convertible Concept


Bro… What is this? THIS IS AMAZING! I took a glance earlier and was like, “pfft that’s stupid”. And then I actually read through. Incredible idea. 13.5 inch sound appealing be because then we could kill the Macbook. Have an idea to add though: would it be possible to have the base be able to read pen input similar to that Lenovo yoga book with the two screens?


Considering the theoretical timeframe, I don’t think you should bother yourself that much with reusing V.


Thanks!, yes definitely.

The base houses the motherboard and the battery so the weight will be biased towards the base, also the battery will be underneath area (in the base not the keyboard) so that again will create a larger turning moment keeping the device stable. Best way to look at it is the 13.5 will essentially have the innards of the surface laptop just imagine it being covered in metal with a detachable keyboard on top.

Also I forgot to mention that the motherboard/ battery area will be user accessible for upgrades/ repairs. Just like most laptops.



You are right, after seeing inside the PDF, I Like the concept, even though its not for me… but i like it! Well done @Attiq , keep it up :+1:


As I understood it, it will stay with the screen/base. The hinge connects the two of them and then you can put a keyboard in the middle so to say.


No, it’ll be the “kickstand”. It’s like a Lenovo Yoga works. The base is used for tent mode and to fold the base back, etc.
It’s just a removable keyboard to make it slimmer (in tablet mode) and to allow it to be used in tent/tablet mode, etc.


These are the best images I could find to illustrate the point. It would ideally be single bar hinge like on the Chromebook

Hope that helps


Thanks :slight_smile: what kind of device would you like to see instead of a convertible. I have other ideas :wink:


About the hinge: How do you plan to make it possible that the tablet can be lied flat? Because in the pictures it looks like it’s protruding forward, but also backwards. And you will always have the hinge being bigger than the screen/base due to the need to accommodate the keyboard, right?


I think that you are gaining realtively much thickness due to having the keyboard extra.
Since you will need to Cover the internals in the base and the keyboard itself too…
Making it servicable is much appreciated, but that will add even more thickness (I would instantly sacrifice some thickness for servicability though)


Oh, jesus. Okay. So the “keyboard” is detachable, only. Okay. Uf. I get it. I was under impression that the whole BASE AND KEYBOARD detaches. Okay.

Now, what’s the reason to have it detachable, except not having it under our fingers when folded?
Honestly, I don’t think the detachable part is worth the effort. Engineering the whole thing, making it fool- and bullet-proof… sounds like a lot of expensive work for little gain?


Dependant on what you mean by flat :slight_smile: . There are two solutions (in the PDF pg 16 hinge design)

Option 1 is a ‘offset hinge’ (don’t know the actual name) which I chose gives you a slim tablet but has small ‘bumps’ in the hinge area. The bumps raise the device at 2.5mm (half keyboard thickness) on either face of the device. But the advantage is a perfectly flush closing tablet no weird gaps or odd seams like most convertibles.

Option two is the opposite the hinge isn’t offset meaning no bumps which means the device has perfectly flat faces. Issue is the 5mm gap in the middle like the surface book. This makes for an unwieldy tablet and the gap will feel weird in the hand.

I chose option one because the ‘bumps’ have their advantages because they make for a nice holding point in portrait tablet mode and they allow for a thicker hinge bar (7.5 mm vs 5mm on the 15mm device) this means more room in the hinge for speakers and Antennae.

Oh and ignore the measurements on the second picture its an old sketch it should read 6mm base


Read the PDF :slight_smile: I explain for several pages why all convertibles are essentially craptastic in tablet mode because of how thick and unwieldy they are. This is due to the fact that they have a keyboard. Different convertibles articulate the screen around the keyboard in different ways I just removed it altogether.

The point is to have a better tablet whilst still being a great laptop. And I don’t think the design is difficult to pull at all. EVE has already done much of the work (Bluetooth keyboard).


I did. And this is my feedback. I just wonder if it’s worth it.

Anyhow, if he already did not see this, I’ll link it to Konsta.


Thanks :slight_smile: sorry if its a bit confusing. I’m familiar with the idea so it makes sense to me but its hard to explain it to people who aren’t familiar. I would be a lot easier to understand if I could make an animation but I don’t have a powerful enough pc for that.

Also its very easy to get tunnel vision and think your idea is amazing when in fact its a bit pointless, I hope I’ve been objective/self critical enough. I think it works otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah it would definitely be possible, upto you guys if enough people want it. Few things to consider though:

  • will it add thickness if not then fine
  • is it even necessary if the screen is Pen compatible. ( counterargument: pen feel would be much better on a plastic canvas rather than glass)
  • would you rather have a plastic back or and aluminium back in tablet mode?


Nice concept! At first I was thinking: “How is this any better than the Surface Book?”. But after looking at it more carefully I think you’re onto something really interesting and viable. Honestly, could be the best “convertible laptop” concept I’ve seen.

Positive things I see:

  • The detachable Bluetooth keyboard is a killer feature. It’s the only thing that really kept me from buying anything instead of the V.
  • The way it goes from “thin as a laptop” to “thin as a tablet” while keeping a simple hinge design.
  • The way you took advantage of the big hinge and made it useful (WiFi antennae and speakers).
  • The weight is in the base, and the screen is still just a screen. That makes for a totally balanced, “lappable” design without the need of strange hinges like on the Surface Book. I bet things like the Porsche Book love falling backwards from your lap.
  • Same power and battery life in every situation (vs. detachable laptops) while being thinner as a tablet (vs. a regular 360 convertible).
  • If you think like @Mohammad_Hadi and turn that “keyboard-less surface” in a GIANT trackpad, a big Wacom-like tablet or even a custom configurable pressure sensitive surface, you would make any artist (or architect :wink:) immediately fall in love with this. One hand on the keyboard, one on the tablet and the screen free in front of you. Desktop-like experience on a portable device. Love at first sight. Cool detail: the tablet not laying flat like @SyrtakiVampir asked is actually great as it would keep that tactile surface from getting scratched when turned back.
  • As the screen is not glued on top of the other components like in the V, you could simply open the back and upgrade or repair it. Having repaired and upgraded my old laptop recently, I must say I LOVE this.
  • Also, you can leave the keyboard at home and use the device to carry papers as a regular folder :rofl:
    -… you know what? Shut up and take my money! I’d skip the V and use my old Dell for two more years just to get this.


Not sure about thickness, most probably yes. But having the screen totally visible while you draw is a much better experience. Also, as you say, the pen would feel much better. Depending on the underlying tech, you could even use a regular pen with paper like the Yoga Book. And having a non-metallic material in the back would make it much easier to hold, and “warmer” (in the good way) to the touch.


Haha thanks for summarizing the positives :slight_smile:

The pen on base idea is definitely possible however you will loose the metal back in tablet mode so bit of a comprimise…How about instead you can by a separate keyboard blade that is a massive trackpad + pen capabilities, you could also use it via Bluetooth :slight_smile:

I do have an idea for a better surface book but you guys will have to wait a week or two, also that design is a little harder to pull off.

Just to play devils advocate (on my own design no less) the bad points are:

*Plastic hinge wont look as good as a shiny metal one, It wont look ugly though just not as ‘premium’
*overall the device will be about 2mm thicker than comparable laptops (but they wont be as cool :wink: ).
That’s about it :smiley:


Like this :slight_smile:

Added benefits

  • adds no cost/complexity to the main device (good for people who don’t use pens)
  • detachable (BT + small battery), great for desktop setup when connected to a monitor
  • keeps the metal back in tablet mode
  • 5mm thickness allows it to be physically clickable like a trackpad
  • you can choose between keyboard and pad or carry both of them in your bag
  • repairablilty, if it breaks just replace it