EVE Convertible Concept


Hi guys. This is my first post. I have been avidly reading all the cool ideas that you guys have posted and have paid attention to the wants and needs of the community. I have loads of very cool concepts but I will only post what can be reasonably expected of Eve-Tech and what I think would be beneficial to the community, basically most of my ideas :). To that end this post is a direct response to all of those in the community that would like to see Eve make a laptop. I think I have a cool, unique and rather innovative convertible laptop. I will not decide on specs I’m more interested in creating novel form factors/ functionality.

Essentially the idea is a blend of the eve v and the yoga book. It has all the benefits of a laptop in laptop mode but non of the drawbacks of a laptop in tablet mode. ergo. It is a laptop first and a tablet first also (rather than last).

In laptop mode it is very similar to the surface laptop. The major difference being that the keyboard is detachable.

The device also has a presentation/media consumption mode like other 360 convertibles. With the added benefit of being remotely controllable via the detachable Bluetooth keyboard.

Where the device stands head and shoulders above other convertibles is in tablet mode. Because the keyboard detaches its makes for a slender tablet (approx 10mm for core y) and you don’t get the awkward keyboard on the back like other 360 convertibles.

Also a note about the hinge mechanism. The hinge is plastic whilst the rest of the device is aluminium (I know what your thinking but trust me it’ll look good). The reason for this is because the hinge houses the Antennae and also if possible 2 of the four speakers in the device. This also means the design language from the v is mirrored in this device.

Please read the attached PDF for further details on how the device works, potential sizes, potential charging methods for the keyboard etc. Available here https://1drv.ms/b/s!AmxR7ZsLz9SCisFyjymlJ6hGN4ctjg

Please note that this device make sense for any size between 12-16 ish inches and any performance level within that market. So is you want a 14" quad core device with a laptop GTX 1060 it is totally possible, whether enough people would want that is up to you guys to decide.

Also apologies for the rough and ready renders the model is unfinished and has no keys on the keyboard (I’ve only been using Autodesk inventor for two weeks :slight_smile: ).

Anyway, what do you guys think about this form factor. Would you want to buy it if you were looking for a laptop or convertible.

EDIT 1: By popular demand a way to use the pen on the base.

There are 3 viable options to use pen/touch on the top surface of the base, underneath the detachable keyboard. Similar to the yoga book.

Option 1: just like the yoga book. A plastic digitizer for pen and maybe even touch.

Issues: will definitely add thickness and cost to the base device. Would make the device less durable and will loose the Eve v like dark aluminium aesthetics.

Option 2: to have a separate OPTIONAL detachable ‘blade’ the would replace the keyboard(keyboard comes in box).

This has many advantages over option 1:
Added benefits

  • adds no cost/complexity to the main device (good for people who don’t use pens)
  • detachable (BT + small battery), great for desktop setup when connected to a monitor
  • keeps the metal back in tablet mode
  • 5mm thickness allows it to be physically clickable like a trackpad
  • you can choose between keyboard and pad or carry both of them in your bag
  • repairablilty, if it breaks just replace it
  • no loss of durability

Option 3: same as option 2 but the pen digitizer is on the reverse side of the detachable keyboard.


  • simple, only one accessory to carry
  • same advantages as option 2
  • makes the base device more expensive
  • might get scratched
  • ruins the alcantara aesthetics

On balance I think option two is the best option.

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Eve convertible Concept (version 2)

I highly recommend everyone to take a look at the PDF. Nicely done, well designed, with a ton amount of detail, illustration, and explanation.

I am, however not convinced that this is the right solution. I think I prefer the Porsche Book One concept over this, since the tablet portion can detach from the base, essentially shaving the weight in half, all while still maintaining the laptop and 360 form factor.


Thanks for your honest feedback, much appreciated.

I would say however that the Porsche book one falls into the detachable 2 in 1 category :slight_smile: . I will discuss the detachable segment of the 2 in 1 market at a later date I have something just as good if not even better for all the surface book/ Porsche book one fans out there :wink: .

One massive criticism I have of the book one is its 360 hinge and fact that the tablet can’t be attached backwards like the surface book. The reason I dislike it so much is the keyboard on the back problem that all 360 convertibles have (not including my above design of course :slight_smile: ).

The above convertible device is what I call ‘Laptop first. Tablet first.’ which is essentially the ultimate convertible

I will be posting a design for a detachable device that is ‘Tablet first. Laptop first’ which is essentially an ultimate detachable


Thank you for designing a laptop, that I would buy! (and I would love an all-in-one desktop the most :grin:)

I have to agree with @Patrick_Hermawan that it has the drawback of not being able to be completely detachable and a tablet on its own, but on the other hand it will always have the full power since the base will always be connected to the display unit. So, it’s upon everyone to decide, which is more important. And I think that since this should be cheaper than a hinge like the one of the Porsche Book and can always go full power, I like this one more :slight_smile: Very well done!


Haha agreed on all accounts.

As I said to Patrick I have a very cool idea for the detachable segment (would cover detachables from around 10 to 13.5 inches, community can decide on size/specs something tells me 13.5 will win lol :wink: ). The main reason I haven’t posted it is because Eve is already working on the V detachable and I think they want to explore other form factors. That being said I have been keeping a close eye the Eve v big performance brother thread.

I also have TWO designs for all In ones. One more consumer oriented (19.5-21 inches) the other larger more pro oriented (24-28inches). I have the designs for both just need to model them in 3d but I’m new to Autodesk inventor so it may take a while.


Talking about keyboard charging:
Why not USB C and pogo Pins? :smiley:

Really nice Design and great renders!
But I do not really understand how Laptop Mode works? Do you need to open it with the base behind the screen or are you able to open it like traditionelle Laptop?


Normal laptop, it would look just like a surface laptop. Its the first picture for laptop mode. You can see the notch for the base under the trackpad. Sorry the pictures are a bit dark.

Yeah definitely the charging solution would ideally be either
1.pogo pins + usb-c
2. Inductive charging + usb-c

I favour the inductive charging option because of several design related efficiencies it would create. :slight_smile:


So isnt that already the ultimate solution to the drawbacks of 360s - the backwards attachable base/keyboard?

Your base is the laptop, screen is just a screen, it should not be super complicated to go from there and just solve to hot detaching the screen and solve for the reversion of i/o.
The only negative when compared with your concept is it has no BT…

Although, the more i think about your concept the more i like it, but you should take into account that your concept has a couple of limits where thresholds are reached fast of what is acceptable for a tablet and that is most importantly weight and then thickness. You can too forget about the same perf specs as the V, the added value is minimal but weight, size, price substantially higher. You would need to aim at laptop grade specs and maintain acceptable weight and size, which will be hard.
What i think all want is a convertible with laptop specs, but with weight & thickness of a tablet, ideally with a kybd base with a strong hinge (so no kickstand) and with reverse function.
That will happen a couple of cpu generations from now, the only boundary for it to happen now is heat generation and power consumption, but we will arrive at “U” CPUs with consumption and heat output as current “Y” or better in a couple of years.


This is the conundrum. You can approach it from two angles and I have looked at both. I will be posting the detachable version in a week or two but they both cater to a different type of user. One favours the laptop (convertible) the other favours the tablet (detachable).

One other thing about the surface/Porsche books the ‘tablet’ portion only has 3 hours battery life which is ridiculous (I know it is a physical limitation). So really you have to account for the whole device to get extended tablet use at which point its again a terrible tablet.

Its a bit of a headache finding the right balance but I think for both form factors I’ve got very good solutions.

On the subject of thickness and weight. Yes you are correct that this is a concern. However I am highly confident that current technology already allows for a good design. On the matter of weight this device should be lighter in tab, et mode because of the removable keyboard weight. On the matter of thickness in tablet mode the device will be noticeably thinner than any other convertible by at least 3mm in closed laptop mode however the device will be about 2mm thicker which I think is a reasonable trade off since you also gain a bit of battery space.

Hope this answers your tricky questions :slight_smile:


What a well thought amount of detail in your proposal. Impressive ! :clap:


I like this idea, but I hope it comes with a bigger display than what the Eve V has. I didn’t had the chance to check out the PDF yet, but for me a display of above 14" would be nice. Also having a 15W quad core in it (which will come with the 8th gen, called the i7 8550U in the speculations) and have thunderbolt for an eGPU. Maybe it could squeeze a dGPU like the MX150 (which performs better than the GTX 950m) or GTX 1050(TI). But this concept still would be great without that, since I am no fan of a kickstand.


You can have any size you like between 12-16" and any laptop grade components :slight_smile: . This is talked about more in the attached PDF.

I think its would be cool if we could make a Razer 14" competitor with Quad Core CPU and gtx 1060. This device would be about 19mm thick which is 2 mm thick than the Razor (17mm). But of course have the advantage of convertibleness :slight_smile:


This is outstanding. Design looks wonderful, well thought out, and matches the V’s design language perfectly. I also like the idea of this being a 14" with a GTX card - it makes it a competitor to the Surface book, something I personally don’t see any direct competitors to currently.

Also - 3:2 aspect ratio is a perfect choice too.

This looks like a fantastic all-rounder laptop (workstation/light gamer/creativity).

Nice job!

One final thought: I understand your suggestion of plastic for the hinge, but as an owner of Samsung’s 1st gen Series 9 (900X3A), the plastic hinge parts crack with repeated openings/closings, which is frustrating, as the rest of the aircraft aluminium shell is otherwise immaculate.

This would be a premium laptop, so could you do something a little unique with a rigid signal-permeable substance like cast glass (gorilla glass?). Like the Google Pixel’s ‘shade’ only for the hinge.


Thanks for your comment.

Agree 100% about 3:2 displays

Also thanks for succinctly summarizing the idea “fantastic all-rounder laptop (workstation/light gamer/creativity).” was exactly what I was aiming for.

On the matter of plastics. Yes this was a slight concern however from personal experience the plastic used on top of the SP3 along the top edge can take quite a beating and still looks brand new whilst the metal edges have slights scuffs. I think this is purely dependant on the quality of plastic and the quality of the fabrication method. There is an option however to cover the hinge in Alcantara and whilst that would look pretty nice when closed or in tabled mode it may clash when in laptop mode when the hinge butts up next to the keyboard. I would strongly avoid glass for multiple reasons mainly to do with brittleness and fabrication complexity although I would commend your bravery proposing glass in the first place :slight_smile: kudos.

There is another option but that option would only apply to a core m/y variant ideally at 12.3" but that’s getting into another concepts territory and it is a much grander more complicated concept than this one :wink:


Nice amount of work here.

IMHO going under 15" means niche product, along with smaller than needed differentiation from V to make it worthwhile.


Interesting stuff. You’re right, I guess just the choice of plastic will make all the difference. One other random observation: the design very much reminds me of the Voodoo Envy laptop, which was a fine looking machine, way ahead of its time back in the day. Never seen anything similar since, so it’s nice to see some more sleek, black minimal monoliths again! :grin:


I’m not sure I understand your question only the keyboard is detachable. The ‘base’ is the bottom portion of the laptop underneath the detachable keyboard.

I think 13.5" are more mainstream than 15" but I agree with your general point. The only reason I also added 12.3 inches was because you could reuse most of the components from the v.


Great effort here! Interesting concept, and let me play it back to check I get it. You’re saying to create a convertible where the keyboard can detach, not the whole unit ie motherboard, battery etc, just the keys and the thing the keys sit on. That way when you fold back the keyboard, it’s a flat underside to the tablet and thinner overall than normal convertibles.


Precisely :slight_smile:

The keyboard would essentially be the same keyboard as the V (Bluetooth + battery) but would require a slightly reworked charging method, there are several ways to achieve this.


@Attiq, thanks for sharing your rather impressive work! I really like the idea.

One question: will the base be heavy enough when the keyboard is detached, to support the weight of the screen? I used to own a little 2-in-1 that would fall over backwards at certain angles because the base was rather on the light side.

Again, really impressed with your work!