Eve Community Newcomer guide

Community is the soul of Eve’s development process. Here we socialize and discuss tech, life and anything else!

If you are reading this, it means you have just arrived to a place packed with amazing like-minded people who are working on something great together, or just having fun. Welcome to Eve community - not so easy to find but very rewarding to stay!

The fact that you’re reading this most likely means you are here for the first time and not so sure what to do. Or why you should even care.

Firstly, a little bit about the community, why it exists and what we try to achieve here.

Eve community has been created by the team behind Eve-Tech. The goals of the community are quite similar with those of Eve as a company. Namely, to flip the pyramid (shake up the tech industry) upside down and to create awesome products in a completely new way. Sounds odd? Read on!

We are a team of tech rebels who are fed up with the way things are in the consumer electronics industry: We want to create devices in a completely new way that in our view turns things around and allows device production to be done in the right fashion (Yes, this is the ballsy goal here).

“What problem are you trying to solve?” “How do you know all of this?!” “Who do you think you are?” “Can you really pull it off?” - some of the questions we get every now and then :smiley:

I am very glad to go through them one by one and I promise you that by the time you finish reading this long post it will all make more sense :slight_smile:

What problem are we trying to solve? What’s wrong with current devices in the market?

Our team of Universally Empathic Revolutionary Brains (we’ll let you know what it means a bit later) is very unsatisfied with the consumer electronics industry as it is now. We strongly believe that the way consumer electronics companies work comes from management theories born during medieval times, and overall it doesn’t make any sense in this time and age. Devices are developed in the vacuum. So what we don’t like and what we would like to change:


  1. Devices in the market are full of useless features that actually slow down your device (it very often happens that the big guys try to launch “cool” features to the market instead of producing devices that would make your everyday life better).
  2. End users’ voice is not heard in the product design and development phases. Devices are developed in the vacuum.
  3. Devices are full of bloatware.
  4. Brands are disconnected from customers and are not transparent.
  5. Devices are ridiculously overpriced (Seriously, we are coming from manufacturing background and we know how much it really costs to make a great device. We don’t want to say that big brands like Samsung are too greedy. Rather, they are operating in a very old fashioned way where there is a huge amount of middle men involved and marketing money being spent. All that results in overpriced products).

How do we know all of this?

We are tech enthusiast ourselves (We are the kind of guys who get the latest and most interesting gadgets immediately when they hit the market) and it is hard for us to find a device/brand we would truly like. There’s no player out there who leaves us with a feeling that they are keeping their promises and/or meeting our needs as demanding consumers.

But where does the actual insider industry knowledge come from?

We have a team comprised of tech rebels. We have guys who come from various places, Nokia, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Microsoft. You name it! :slight_smile: The depth of knowledge is there. Most of us are just tired with the way things are going in this industry and we want to create something different. Something more fair, meaningful and simply amazing. Devices you would love to use!

How are you going to solve all of this? Can you pull this off?

Oh yes, we can! We found a solution! Actually a couple of them:

  1. Eve products are developed by end users and tech enthusiasts from day one onwards! It’s so obvious and this should have been the case much earlier! We want to give the power and the ability to all of our members to develop the next device with us from the beginning till the end. And this is not yet another marketing stunt. We really mean it! We want to make your voice heard! So be loud and clear.
    How many times have you seen a new product launched by a big company and then you see that something is obviously wrong with it (some necessary feature is missing or the mix of features doesn’t make sense). Then, on the same website where you read about the device, you type a comment about the disappointing issue you found and you see that there are many more people like you who just can’t understand why would “they” make such an obvious mistake. But it’s too late! The device is launched and your voice goes unheard.
    Something like this has happened to people in our team many times. It’s time to stop this! This community exists to materialize this idea, to make your voices heard and to develop products together.

Get ready: We will be asking you a lot of questions, like: What screen should we have? How much RAM and ROM does a specific device truly need? What is the optimal screen size for a certain purpose?

  1. By developing devices with you and our great, carefully handpicked partner firms we can certainly make them better, but what about the price tag? Our goal is to sell all of our devices online. This means that we don’t have to include the thick margins and whims of the usual middle men in our product prices.



I can relate so soooo well with you guys. Wishing y’all an amazing device and promising all the support I can give.