Eve.community and the Eve support team



Hey eve.community!

Today’s public service announcement is about eve.community and the Eve support team. Throughout the processes of manufacturing Vs, building our web shop, and setting up our support ticket system, we have used the community as a place to collect support issues. It allowed us to stay in contact with those who had questions and it has allowed the community to provide solutions or guidance whenever the team was not available to do so or did not yet have the answers.

Let me start by thanking everyone who has stepped up to help answer a question, everyone who has researched a solution for someone else, and everyone who has contacted the team and drew our attention to someone in need of assistance!

The community was built do crowd-develop great tech. With the delays in V production, we got a bit off-track. But with Project: Donald Dock and Project: B underway to create accessories, and a new ‘hero product’ project coming soon, eve.community is back on track to being a place where we change the way products are made! To that end, and now that our support ticket system is up and running, we will be moving a lot of the support items away from eve.community.

To make sure everyone gets the best possible solution as quickly as possible, it is important to start in the right place. So what is the right place?

Community support

Two heads know more than one, and, well, thousands of heads know more than two! There are some things where community support really shines. What’s up with this update? Why won’t this program run? Is this a good accessory for my use case? By leveraging the combined experience of eve.community, the likelihood that someone knows about the issue, program or accessory and can say something useful about it increases tremendously. The community is the best place to find support on:

  • Windows or other OS issues
  • Third-party software
  • Third-party accessories
  • The Eve T1 (it is no longer officially supported, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a solution together)

Eve support team

Sometimes, the solution is very specific and can only be provided by Eve. The support team exists to take care of our customers whenever issues arise. They have access to things like your order information, and are the go-to for things to do with the store, shipping, and repairs. You can contact them through the form on our support page. (Note that the old support e-mail address will be decommissioned soon, please refer people to the support page instead!) The Eve support team is there to handle issues regarding:

  • Defects and warranty
  • Damage and repair
  • Orders and billing
  • Shipping and delivery
  • Status updates on existing support tickets

We understand that this change will take some time to fully implement. During this transition, we expect many support issues may still end up in the community. We will be closing or removing such topics and privately referring these users to our support team.

A number of our support sub-categories will become redundant. Topics in the support categories will be moved or removed in accordance with these changes.

We will also improve the user experience of our support page. Our goals are to make our FAQ easier to find and more comprehensive, and to improving the driver download page. We are also looking into what we can do to better guide support page visitors toward their solution.

2016 was a year of great creativity and enthusiasm for tech. 2017 was marred by production setbacks and delays, but the V became reality and we proved that a small company can make a difference. Let’s do all we can to make 2018 once more about creativity, so that together we can change the way products are made!

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Thanks, Moderators, for giving me a huge middle finger in my face
Are we sweeping support under the carpet?
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