Eve accessories: Mouse 🐭

The first question I would have before becoming invested in something like this is, what type of mouse: gaming or regular use or a hybrid between the two or one of each?

I would love to have it be USB-C, bluetooth and with an option to attach a cable for those who like their mouse devices wired for gaming and other things … Very similar to how a console controller works. Wired and wireless charging, especially for those who have a mouse pad that offers wireless charging.

I look for comfort, precision and reliability. It needs to be light, ergonomic, and fit larger hands. I find it frustrating how it seems most mice are fit for small hands as if young teenagers are the only ones buying them. So maybe have a few different sizes or the ability to adjust the size of the mouse from the back so that it can conform to and appeal to a lot more people.

The button amounts will differ between people based on the intended usage but I would love it if the buttons were re-mappable with an option to turn an un-used button off. Have the ability to change the amount of pressure needed to push on a certain button to avoid accidental mouse clicks.

Like most people looking at this, the more responsive the better. It should work on most surfaces or have the ability to program the mouse to recognize a certain surface for better precision needs, like the same way you would possibly re-map the buttons or an already programmed button for several surfaces right next to the DPI button.

A cool feature, besides the ones mentioned above it is to have a heating and cooling option to cover the summers and winters. I would be up to having different textured skins, different button options and a variety of colors. A memory button to remember certain settings, like using a finger print to sign in on a computer or phone but on a mouse.

If you are going to develop a mouse, you may as well develop a keyboard either at the same time or after. The Eve package sounds amazing as long is it remains premium.


Something really important to me for peripherals is the option to have all the configuration onboard and not reliant on external software, so any configuration done on said software is saved to the mouse itself meaning it all still works when switching machines or OS’s. The Logitech peripherals I have currently do offer onboard configuration but it is definitely a secondary feature and not intuitive to set up, plus the feature-set for onboard configuration is reduced.

In terms of general mouse design, something close to the logitech G703 or G-Pro where it’s a bit longer but still not big would be nice, I think this is a good shape and size to fit many peoples hands but I am but one person so can’t really make general statements about comfort. Buttons; the usual primary, secondary, and middle-click, two or three thumb-reachable buttons (two above the thumb and one in front of), and a mode/dpi button somewhere else (I am basically describing the G703 but I am a big fan of its balance between simplicity and functionality). Responsiveness seems like a bit of an abstract concept, I guess I want an extremely low latency link (2.4GHz dongle doodah) and a good sensor with configurable DPI. Macro features are cool yeah, I would like configuration to allow for button combinations to do specific actions, for example, Mode+Right-Click mapped to Ctrl+C or something (stored on the mouse).

Cool features, I think having downwards facing lighting would be cool with no other LED’s on the mouse, so having like a 3-5mm ring of clear plastic round the bottom perimeter of the mouse with LED’s on the bottom of the mainboard PCB. I’m thinking like car underbody lighting. That being said, while looking cool in a clean setup, it might reveal dust and dirt on your mousemat/surface so not sure how good it would be. I am also happy with nothing but a small status LED and it just being minimalistic.

Final thoughts on general design, I prefer lighter mice, the lighter the better. Having a really light mouse just means it’s closer to an extension of your arm rather than a weight you have to drag around to point, although this is probably a preference thing. I am happy without any wireless charging as long as the LED off (or not present) battery life is more than ~1 week and it’s USB-C. And a part that often fails in mice is the rotary encoder for the scroll wheel so make sure to not skimp on that part.

The mousemat is great already but any tips on cleaning it are appreciated, not sure what cleaning products can be used on it so haven’t used anything other than water and a sponge so far.

In terms of Eve developed peripherals in general, I think a mouse is probably a safer bet than a keyboard. I think the general preferences for a keyboard are too varied to try and crowd develop one as you would receive lots of conflicting ideas about shape, size, material, switches, features and the middle ground is not necessarily a good keyboard. You would need to set out by choosing a style of keyboard and go from there, for example, “We are developing a wireless low profile TKL keyboard to match the Eve aesthetic, what features do you want” then make a competitor to the G915 for less than $230. Whatever the case, peripherals are much more preferential than a computer or monitor where there are clear ideas of ‘better’ so care should probably be taken to not develop a product that’s the middle ground of everyone’s preference but is actually a bad product.

(I am also way late to this and didn’t notice, oops)


Yeah a mouse pad that recharge your mouse when battery is low at 10% mark. Also the mouse pad can still be used for work or gaming. I would like a mouse that is both wired and bluetooth. By simply removing the cord from the mouse itll become a bluetooth mouse. Put the cord back into the mouse it becomes wired and recharges the mouse as well just in case the rechargeable mouse pad no longer works.


I always go back to the Logitech g305 shape, I’ve been using it since the original Logitech MX300. I’ve spent quite a lot of money over the years trying to find something better,(PCMR/Steelseries/Razer/Xtrfy/Zowie) but for my average sized hand it’s just my preference.

Reasons for my liking the shape is

  • It’s not overly big so that I can claw/fingertip grip it
  • The side are flatish making is easier to grip solely with my thumb/little + ring finger
  • The sensor is in the center of the mouse
  • Feet aren’t too large so less surface area dragging (though I preferred the small round MX300 feet)
  • Side buttons are in easy reach, but not too easily pressed by mistake

The mouse would need to support 1000hz, have a top end sensor and have zero acceleration.
Optional would be wireless (only if you could have it on the same level or better than Logitech’s Lightspeed implementation, as the battery life is just insanely good for the performance). A switch to change to bluetooth would also be good for use with multiple computers. As an optional extra the mouse could be able to sync with a second wireless dongle with super low latency that you could switch to at the flick of a button. (So 3x wireless connections in total, 1x bluetooth and 2x super low latency wireless dongle). This could also be a point of difference between your product and competitors’ products.


The Logitech G9X :hot_face:


Customizable. Weight customization. etc.

A minimum of 4 (or 5 ish if you count the wheel).

Full control only.

Only if offered in multiple SKUs. “The Gamer.” “The Creator.” “The Somewhere In-Between.”

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