Eve 1st generation - pen replacement?

what pen can I buy to use with eve since I lost the pen’s lid and it’s not available for purchase?
Can I use the pen without the “lid”?

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Hi, @mgajo!

I hope the following quotes help to answer your question. :smiley:


if you talk about the pen tip, you can replace it with the Surface pro 4 pen tips. If the tip is lost completely you just have to stick the new tip inside the V pen… They are available for around 14€ (4 different tips) or from other brands for less…

The V pen is technically completely the same as the Surface pro 3 pen. Only the rear end is designed differently…


thanks @dibadibadu, so the tip will fit naturally in the pen? I plug in battery, the (new) SP3-5 tip and I’m ready to go?

That was exactly the thing I did, back in 2018 when I had a V…