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Ordered in december and i’m seriously considering switching products. If I can get someone from the @team to help me out. I’m worn out of the waiting and crap and I would’ve been fine with late July delivery but I start school in August and who knows if I’ll even get my EVE. What should I do? Can I get any happy EVE owners to finesse me with staying because if there is atleast the slightest issue that holds this behind a surface pro let me know so I can move on with my life. I’ll be using this as a notebook / webbrowsing device. Does an equally matched surface beat this on pen feel and battery life?


Only benefits over 2017 Surface Pro are price (now questionable), ports (USB-C and TB3 - when they are not too loose) and fanless i7 model …

If you use V with 2017 Surface Pen - there are almost comparable (V pen is a joke) … benefits for 2017 Surface Pro are - better pen sensitivity and pen tilt.

Negatives - not known delivery date (maybe end of August) and non existent support.


In my opinion, even it’s not good with your financial, if support team is not respond to your enquiry about the shipment at all, buy the cheapest Surface Pro since it’s on sales on a lots of sites and electronics store during the waiting of V delivery.

You can decide later to sell either V or Surface.

But for me, I will keep the Surface as a backup in case something happens to the V.

Just opinion, you can decide by yourself.


The V- screen: brightness and color profile are still a bit better than the surface.


I have them side by side - no noticeable difference. Same with battery life using same programs.


Overall does the surface pen, and feel, and port selection perform better or worse or is it honestly dead close because I do lkke the features such as more i/o, fabless i7, Bluetooth keyboard, and supposed better battery life on the V but it’s to the point where I might say i don’t need any of those and get an i7 surface with half the ssd storage as it would be priced around the same but I’m not sure. Does the tilt and extra sensitivity make a big difference because ice heard even the surface pen on the V is a little eh


I think there might be slight differences in devices… Looooooooooooong time ago somebody posted pictures where the difference was very visible…
IF ever I get my V, I hope I have a very bright and very accurate-colorwise one :wink:


Microsoft just announced the Surface Go, Surface Pro prices are also discounted. Just go ahead mate, the V is not worth the wait.

Microsoft Surface Go


If you want to have decent battery life, you need cut down your brightness …

For colour accuracy, I do my own calibration (no need for now in case of V).


OK I Am done . This was the last dot in this lake


oh yes I know, but for instance I use my Surface outside in the sun all the time, and at 100% is the only brightness I see something :smiley: I use it for painting… Therefore, I need a device with a bright screen :wink:
Indoors, I use at most 50% :wink: most often less.
I do NOT have automatic adjustment on, I always put the brightness at the lowest possible. But… see above…outdoors…


I tested both in field (Surface Pro 2017 and V) and they are very comparable. Looked to my notes - hazy day Surface 35 % brightness, V - 30 % … very sunny day - both 100 % and usable for mapping, notes, etc.


Depends on your needs, the Surface Go just isn’t capable enough for some.


Base model is too slow - Pentium is below Y version of i3 and 64 GB eMMC is a joke (too slow and not usable as Windows installation takes about 30 GB + you need free 20-30 GB for big updates).


You then have to factor in as well that to get the full experience of a 2 in 1 you’ll have to add on probably another £200 ish for a keyboard and pen. So in the UK you’ll probably be nearing the £600 price range for the base model, although with the eMMC you’ll probably want to upgrade to the 8GB/128GB model so you at least get a proper SSD. Just looked on the UK store and the 8GB/128GB model is just under £510, so with the pen and keyboard maybe under £700 then? Kind of odd they don’t have all the options available to price up, think there is only a 8GB/256GB with and without LTE to release after.

If a user only has light needs then it probably isn’t a terrible device, without looking I assume the processor is fine for browsing, streaming, office suite etc and wants a smaller device that’s easy to carry around outside the house. How much less could it realistically do compared to the V?