Escobar Fold 1 thoughts

This thread is about newly released Escobar Fold 1

Made this thread for the hell of it ! Any thoughts ?

To me it reminds of Royole flexible phone but wow what an unusual branding :)))


The thumbnail looks a bit like dollar bills, which made me chuckle. I’ll give it a read :smiley:

Edit: not much info in there but yes, it definitely resembles the flexpai. I have my doubts about this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Sooooo… That marketing is… weird. The sites looks more like a lingerie or porn site. And all the non-women pictures look like what a spouse would send when they stand in the supermarket and are wondering if they grabbed the right thing…
I mean this:



are from the same site!

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Ok so they claim that everyone else is using outdated parts, but at the same time they’re launching a phone with an old version of Android as well as an unspecified Snapdragon CPU. Somehow reminds me of certain fruit company that sells mysterious laptops with unspecified “Intel Core” CPUs.

Also, their website is NSFW