ES07D03 does not reliably show BIOS at boot

My ES07D03 does not reliably show the BIOS on my motherboard at boot. My graphics card and motherboard are as follows:

  • GeForce RTX 3080 (ROG-STRIX-RTX3080-O10G-GAMING) (running VBIOS v5)
  • Asrock B450 Pro4 motherboard (running BIOS version 5.00)

I have had an issue with this with scalers versions:

  • 102
  • 104
  • 105
  • 106

I did not report this sooner since I thought it might have been an issue elsewhere, but plugging a 720p TV into my graphics card will reliably show the BIOS, so I think it is a compatibility issue with the monitor.

This should be fairly easy to reproduce with the same graphics card and motherboard. I suspect even a similar graphics card would produce the same issue.

The asrock BIOS has a “full HD” setting that by default is set to auto. It will attempt to auto-detect if a monitor supports 1080p and show that. Otherwise, it falls back to a lower resolution of 1024x768. It reported that it had used the fallback on my monitor, so I set it to disabled. Now I am more reliably seeing the BIOS at boot.

This suggests to me that there is a compatibility issue between the monitor and asrock AMD motherboards. The use of Nvidia graphics might or might not be relevant.

Hi @ryao,

It might have something to do with the default video mode somehow doesn’t work well with Spectrum. There is a similar discussion here.

I suggest updating the drivers and firmware to the most recent version (for video, BIOS, etc.)

Everything is the latest version.

Hi @ryao,

I know exactly what you’re talking about.

Basically, the Spectrum does not connect to the source quick enough for the Spectrum to display the BIOS option when booting up your source.

This has been an ongoing issue as you can see from the above topic, Theo shared with us.

Niraj brought this up to the firmware team and they have been looking for it but it’s difficult to know the exact cause, as it’s something that can’t be reproduced.

I will bring it up again and let you know how we get on when I get an update from the firmware dev team.

I can reproduce it easily with this hardware configuration:

  • GeForce RTX 3080 (ROG-STRIX-RTX3080-O10G-GAMING) (running VBIOS v5)
  • Asrock B450 Pro4 motherboard (running BIOS version 5.00)
  • Ryzen 7 5800X
  • 4x16GB 3200MHz Kingston ECC DDR4 RAM

I would be willing to share more information on my setup if they are willing to try to reproduce it with similar hardware and are having trouble. I suspect that an out of production non-LHR 3080 is not necessary to reproduce it and any Nvidia ampere graphics card would work. Also, any RAM likely would work too. That specific motherboard should be useful for reproducing the issue though.

If it helps, I have disabled the CSM module and enabled support for above 4G encoding and resizable bar. The former two are required before the latter may be enabled.

Here is an idea. Since the monitor passed g-sync compatibility testing at Nvidia, perhaps you could ask Nvidia if they have any idea what is wrong.


Give this test version a shot and see if it helps.