End of June Shipping/Refund


My purchase date was very recently: May 13th :slight_smile: If your paypal refund period ends at June 2nd if it were me, I would refund and buy it again if things started moving again. However if your laptop is absolute sheite you have a choice to make: Wait for eve and stick it out with sheite laptop or buy new laptop and might miss the chance for an awesome 2-in-1. :slight_smile:


That is exactly my situation. I don’t believe I’ve heard of a better 2 in 1 out there now, so I will get my refund and wait as long as I can and see if Eve gets their problems fixed and buy from them again. But if my laptops dies…I’m S.O.L.!!!


What laptop do you have? Might i suggest a small upgrade to make the lifespan a little longer?


It’s an HP dv6163 that’s I think about 8-9 years old. It’s had 2 fans replaced and an Intel 284gb add added a few years back. The display has a few verticle white lines towards the left side of the display which I’ve checked out and appears to be a hardware issue. That’s about $350 to fix around here. Running out of ssd space. It does have slot for 2nd hd but not sure it is worth paying for a 2nd ssd and fix the display on a nearly decade old machine. I run large income tax software on mine and by the 2018 software we are updating to by the end of this month, will require me to update from 4gb of ram to minimum of 8gb, though recommend 12gb.
It’s been a great machine, but I need to move down to a much smaller unit (17" is just too big to travel with) with newer specs and software.


Oh No! WARNING SARCASM AHEAD!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Exactly what is it that you are talking about?

Hey are you smoking some special kind of weed that makes you come up with some of your weird unrelated comments? They rarely make sense to me and as for being a uni student, your spelling is questionable. worse.
Stay with chicken frying, and there’s no real need to add any more irrelevant comments to this forum, it already has a crap load of those.

BTW it’s Halal not hala, whatever that is.
If you don’t understand then there is no need to reply.

I think @ethercoin just could be right.

I’m not so sure I agree with Ethercoins comment about some people being the sharpest knife in the drawer.
I think that he’s being a bit too generous and over the top by referring to or calling some of them knives.
I would consider even a butter knife too sharp to be used for that kind comparison in some cases.

However I think a candle would be much closer to the reality of some comments I have read.
Thus I think that saying “they are not the brightest candle in the box” would be a far more appropriate comparative analogy.
That way using a Candle would have been a much more accurate example to define the level of brightness being shown here lately by some posters. Who, by the way will no doubt show and reveal themselves by reacting to this post.

Yes my comments here are sarcastic and I think possibly fairly accurate, however my comments here are no less off topic than the majority lately.

But mostly I have become a little bored reading here, and I thought to throw some kindling into this childish mess of comments where this thread has denigrated into what now seems to be nothing more than a pissing competition between the boys and their pseudo or imaginary lawyer meetings and assumptive legal arguments.

Carry on guys the comments here of late are entertaining, and give me lots to laugh about. When in fact most are just examples of personal attacks on Eve.

I can fully and easily understand your disappointment, frustrations and impatience and think your anger is actually quite justified and warranted.
But the way you express it is not at all justified or warranted!

Some are worth a daily read, and most are just Bleh and not worth logging in for!

If you’re angry and pissed off and your money is on the way back to you, then just take your bat/skates or whatever, and go back home and leave the others in peace with their understanding and patience.

Anyway I gotta go now, it’s nearly getting late - 9.27pm, because I’m going to meet with my legal team.
(Lucky they’re on retainer and are available 24/7)
That seems to be the new thing to do here on the forum, and I might as well join in.
Though I’m not really sure why or what it will achieve, but it probably sounds important and looks cool to say here.
And I’m certain it will carry 100% zero weight in any possible arguments with Fortress Watson and Associates.


:roll_eyes: I’d expect nothing more or nothing less from you, the king of Zealots.


Fanboys here will tell you how awesome it is to wait it out.

Some would argue you are better getting something you can use today that has 8th gen CPU.

NOTE: Starting a dispute with PayPal can take nearly 30 days to recover funds, so don’t be in any (big) hurry for it either. At least they won’t charge you interest while you wait.


why? the game/song isn’t over :smirk:
I’ll stay until I get satisfaction.

Besides, I’m on to you! and i have to save the others while theres still time.

Yes my comments here are sarcastic and I think possibly fairly accurate, however my comments here are no less off topic than the majority lately.


The estimated shipping on my order just says “July”. That’s it. I’m gonna wait to the end of July and see what happens.

July in what year?


LMAO this is soooooo true!


There are like 8 people arguing in this thread. In the past 100 odd posts over the past week.

Just putting it out there.

There are more people in @Dascotis’s children of the corn pic than there are in this thread.


Bout time every one shut up unless they have something positive to contribute.


It just says “Estimated Shipping: July” so I assume that it’s 2018…



(all about the 20 characters)


This is specially for the Joint Chief of the candle cult!


Pretty sure there are exactly 8 children of the corn in that pic…:wink:


Hey :wink: I want to liberate not indoctrinate…

Besides I think blue oyster cult would have been fitting.


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Holy crap congratulations guys, you got a thread closed more than I did.


P.S. Anyone else find it ironic that the only @punter is not a punter as you guys are using the word?

Also what exactly do you mean by punter? I always thought a punter is a John - like, a dude who is caught enjoying the services of a prostitute.

Sent from my V which was allegedly never delivered and also faulty which is a lie and therefore I AM ASTRIDE A MAJESTIC RAINBOW UNICORN.