End of June Shipping/Refund


I was just about to say the same.

IT just every sentence start “My understanding… etc”.

If there actually is lawyer here with wide knowledge of the law in EU, and HongKong/China then please go ahead.

But we have already seen these. Calling the company a scam after they have delivered HEB and EB devices doesn’t really match does it?


You are the only one who has the phrasing “my understanding” If you want to say that others are just making guesses that you feel hold no weight then do so. No one’s claimed to be an authority on the issue. Some have claimed to have received a credible opinion from lawyers or to be working with a lawyer. its not out of the ordinary to be able to contact a lawyer is it?

that’s fair, they produced the product for that run and from my understanding (:wink:) the run was far from perfect but it got done.Its not a scam but would it be fair to say that there’s a bit of misdirection going on?


HEB and EB are nice historical points to bring up (which had unknown/unspecific ordering-lead times at time of order), but, we are not discussing those.

We are talking about what took place as part of the flash sale and onwards.

SCAM” implies some level of effort to deceive early on. So that description might be misused in this case.
Incompetence” and/or “grossly short sighted” might be more appropriate. At no time did a 6+ month get articulated.


You are bit of a smug one aren’t you. 99% of purchasers did not know this. Did you? Seems to put their claim at CC’s holding back funds in a new light. It seems quite a few people following this were surprised to find out this news. If you have nothing productive to say, why don’t you quit being so rude . When people resort to personal attacks it means they have nothing to support there arguments or nothing of value to say. You really need to learn all about logical fallacies if you want to be taken seriously. Your latest fallacy is called a personal attack. You attack me instead of addressing what I actually said. You go boy.



Haha what are you on about? I was being sarcastic. You are making yourself look daft here then taking it up a notch further by telling me “people were surprised to find out this information”

If you think Eve Tech are owned by A.S Watson by piecing together a few random bits of wrong information from Google then I don’t know what to say other than you’re not the sharpest knife in the draw. And it’s not a personal attack, I just like to call a spade a spade, so if someone is posting what I’d consider pretty idiotic stuff, I’ll point it out :grinning: I’m not even sure how you could even conclude any of the above!

Just to explain for people skimming: Bfuentes has cooked up some wild theory that Eve is partly owned by A.S Watson, a random Hong Kong e-commerce retailer that I’d never even heard of. He’s basically seen AS Watson have a sub-brand called ‘Fortress’ and somehow that must mean that this is to do with Eve Tech :joy: I don’t know how you could possibly arrive at this sort of conclusion. Answers on a postcard.


Of everything, i think the problem is your’e telling him hes wrong here, show him.


I never said any such thing. If that is what you gleaned from my post you need to probably to work on reading comprehension. I never even hinted that I thought Eve-Tech was owned by A.S. Watson, just that there seems to be a relationship with their Fortress Tech division.

I never said or implied such a thing. Please quit lying about what I said. All I said was that there is a relationship there. The Fortress Tech that has been used to process payments, seems to be the same Fortress Tech that is a retail chain based in Hong Kong. Are you disputing this? Do you know that Eve-Tech has a company by the same name in Hong Kong?
You seem to be saying this is not true. Please provide your evidence. And again please withhold the personal attacks. It makes your arguments look weak and pathetic.

My credit card company is following up to see who this Fortress Tech is. Since Eve will not clarify, maybe my CC will.


OK, for clarity here is what you wrote. In a roundabout way, you are implying Eve are owned or part of AS Watson. And look fair enough maybe my post above isn’t verbatim of that, but for the point I was making it’s accurate enough.

And the point was: to arrive at your theory quoted above is ridiculous. And there’s absolutely zero chance I’m going to provide evidence for something this daft, it’s laughable that anyone would even would ask to prove otherwise.

In fact, why don’t you provide some sort of evidence how you’ve somehow managed to link Eve Tech, Fortress Tech Distribution, Fortress (a Hong Kong retailer with high street presence) and A.S. Watson. Other than some woefully inept detective skills and a wild imagination I can’t possibly see what it will be :joy: and to top it off you have set your credit card company off on some wild goose chase by the looks of it.

And apologies, I’ve had to go full on troll mode in this thread as it’s getting stupid.


Nope never did. But it seems you may be right. I jumped the gun. Found the incorporation papers for Fortress Tech Distribution of Hong Kong.
I am man enough to admit I am wrong. The company was incorporated in Dec of 2016. Seems fortress is fairly common in Hong Kong.

I still wonder why this whole issue of who why are buying from is a little curious. I have a couple more leads I am chasing down to find out more info on them.


I have decided to wait for my V and maybe you can too …

Regarding our very delayed Eve V orders and chargeback.
Mine is an i7, 16GB, 512GB ordered 4th December and I have a shipping estimate of 18th June to 30th June.
Like others, I am annoyed and impatient for my V but I confess that I am also prepared to wait to get one because it remains (potentially) the best “PC package, ports and price”.
I also don’t want to waste the screen protector and D-Brand black ‘carbon fibre’ skin I bought in anticipation!

My proviso is that it arrives ‘near perfect’  and I want to give them a chance to deliver on this.

So, I want the V but I can’t afford to be stupid and lose £1,600 (including accessories). Therefore, you can imagine my recent minor panic with all this talk of chargeback and 180 days and an early June deadline for starting a chargeback etc.

This may all be true for Paypal but I bought using a VISA debit card so what applies to me? (or “us” if you used a VISA debit OR credit card too, it might also apply to Mastercard but check that out for yourself).

I called my card provider (HSBC) and discovered:
• If it does NOT arrive I have 120 days from when it was supposed to arrive to raise a dispute for chargeback. Currently, this applies to the estimated shipping date of end of June and I have taken a screen shot of this as proof should proof be needed.
• If it arrives, I have 120 days from when it is delivered to raise a dispute, e.g. if it is defective.
• And in either case I have up to 540 days from when the transaction took place (if Eve were to take that long even my patience would expire!).

Looking on line I found a web site that backs this up here: https://chargeback.com/visa-chargeback-time-limits/
I tend to believe what it says because it was created to help merchants with disputes from buyers like us!

So, in summary, calm the t**s VISA people, we have plenty of time (Note 1).

(Note 1) Unless you are one of the folks in the community who likes to live on the bleeding edge and bought a risky development from an unproven company despite the fact that your degree / business / house / family / or even your life depended on delivery of a perfect system within 2 months (delete as appropriate).


It is indeed the case that most people who bought via credit cards – and/or Paypal – will be able to get their money back via a chargeback. Provided that they keep on top of timelines, and that they keep all of their correspondence with Eve Tech / Fortress Tech. (The credit card companies generally require seeing evidence that the card holder tried to settle directly with the company).

The Eve logo being a pyramid grows more and more apropos with each passing day.


This is why I pay for large cost items like these with a Credit Card as under Section 75, the Credit Card company are jointly liable under UK Consumer law. (My unit had fault with the keyboard which scratched the anti-glare coating and I had to go through this process as Eve had taken over 3 months with no concrete resolution of when I would receive a replacement).

The best part is that under Section 75, you don’t have to wait for the company to attempt to resolve the issue before contacting the Credit Card company as long as you notify the other when you get a resolution.

With Debit Cards and payment processes like PayPal, there is no such protection and charging back is a process where the bank/payment company are unfortunately not liable. There are also no guarantees that your money would be recovered.


to all those pessimistic people who like to make wrong accusations and assumptions…


It states exactly what they said a month ago. I doubt this will calm anyone’s tits.


I’m afraid to tell my wife…she’ll beat me like a red-headed stepchild! Dec. 4th flash buyer, order 1563 and I still don’t have a shipping estimation. Though it would probably say the same as everyone else’s. Man, I really wanted Eve to work out and give them thru the end of June, but don’t Werth


but didn’t want to end up losing my money which is hard enough to come by.


Good luck surviving, mate! :joy: In all seriousness though. I feel your pain. :slight_smile:


Well, I’ll wait until June 1st and than file with PayPal. I thought this was a well thought out company idea but I can’t risk $1,700!


The estimated shipping on my order just says “July”. That’s it. I’m gonna wait to the end of July and see what happens.


When was your purchase date?
If I don’t file by June 2nd with PayPal I will be past their 180 day limit and am then stuck with a refund claim directly with Eve. If they don’t have any money, I become an “unsecured creditor” with a bankrupt company and will never see my money.
My existing laptop is barely limping by and I’ll need another soon, so I’m feeling stuck between “a rock and a hard spot!”