End of June Shipping/Refund


I know now. But I noticed Fortress Tech the first time on my credit card invoice?!


well then.


So here goes the governing law …




And they are still taking orders. Well at least Fortress tech is. It seems Fortress Tech is not part of Eve-Tech. If anything Eve would be part of them. Fortress is part of one of the world’s largest Retail companies, A.S. Watson out of Hong Kong. Fortress is one of their electronics chains. Now I find it hard to believe that Eve would have been able to set up a new company in Hong Kong using the same name. Seemingly we are not buying from Eve-Tech at all, but from another entity entirely. Logistically this may have made things easier. This also may explain why no more refunds are going out. Take a look at the terms and conditions on the Eve-Tech website. Look at who actually got your money. I think what they do is a bit unethical. They do not mention the fact that you are not buying from them. The terms and conditions mention you are buying from Fortress Tech Distributing but they neglect to mention that is a third party and they are based in Hong Kong.
What is Fortress’ part in the financial issues? Why has no one at Eve been up front of this convoluted relationship? Why did no one at Eve correct posts that said Fortress was a division of Eve? Who is getting the money from current orders?

Now if I am wrong and Eve was able to set up a new company with the same name as an existing company in Hong Kong, please someone show me some evidence.
The crux of the matter is Eve-Tech is based in the EU and EU laws will prevail.


Doesn’t matter. Eve-Tech represented themselves as the seller. They can put in all the mumbo-jumbo they want, they made no explicit statement that we would be purchasing from a third party. Burying that information in the terms and conditions is not going to get them very far. Most people assumed Fortress was part of Eve-Tech. I am sure most never heard of Fortress till they saw the charge on their statement.


there’s a few things i would like to get answered.


Good luck with taking this to court …
EVE is responsible for design and maybe marketing - check who was seller on your invoice. You had 48 hours for return.


If Eve went bankrupt the point is moot about who to pursue claims against. There would be nothing to make a claim against. I am sure they would be using every penny they have to keep things going until the bitter end. Fortress will take a hit for any chargebacks on credit cards and Paypal.

Which has gotten me thinking. We have been told that the killer was Credit card and Paypal hold backs. Now V sales would have been a very minor blip in transactions for Fortress. CC’s and Paypal would not even notice the V transactions in the sea of transactions Fortress must have. Why would Fortress be using a processor like stripe? Curiouser and curiouser


Don’t care. As soon as things starter looking dodgy I had my CC do a chargeback.


No, you have 48 hours after order confirmation to cancel it.


Yes, that is what I ment.


And what would they say different than what has already been communicated to customers?

Why say anything at all when they can just walk away with everyone’s money (they have already collected) and not look back?

They can do what they want, we can do what we want. Its all good.


Have the updates really answered anything anyways?


You are right. The idea behind the personal liability of shareholders/executive staff is that it is not possible that a person can hide behind the protective cover of a company. So nobody can simply walk away if we put this to prosecution. This demands they did not walk away already. I will talk to my lawyer as soon as possible tomorrow and check where to deposit the fraud suspicion against eve and the executive persons. I doubt if the story told so far is real and K or any other guy are the real founders / CEOs… They used to sit in their ivory towers :slight_smile: I can only blame myself for being so dumb.

Another thing for my financial trouble thesis: The comparable Lenovo X1 Yoga with my configuration compared to eve costs around € 2.600. The Eve-V € 2.000. Lenovo surely has bigger economies of scale than Eve has. Maybe the whole thing is about wrong calculation?!


In some ways, yes. They confirm what several people had already suspected.
It was also after the last YouTube video that several people decided to seek financial remediation.

But it wasn’t until what they stated their position (via email) to refunds on defective units prior to end of June that things got “really interesting”.


:joy: laughable sentence this one. I take it your lawyer is on a monthly retainer?

Fair enough if you think that’s the motive here. Wouldn’t it have been easier to do just that with Indiegogo money? :rofl:

I’d like to know the average age of people on this forum, it’s looking like 15-year-olds with some of the comments coming out I mean look at this one:

Hahaha does a bit of car crash Googling and deduces that it’s actually A.S. Watson processing the payments and orders :grinning: you can’t make it up!


Really. Hala… that is sometimes the least of my concern of customers asking about what’s hala and whats not. I have had vegans walk into where i work and demand to be served “edible food”. what im trying to say, Is eve barking up the wrong tree?

“Tree”:business model


They are like windows updates, fixing the old issues while introducing new ones.


There are quite a lot of law specialists airing their insights now.
Before we had business specialists airing their insights.