End of June Shipping/Refund


You obviously did not look up what a strawman argument is. Either that or you did not read what it said. I was not saying people were making that argument. I am outright saying there are people that have said the customer service is adequate. I was using hyperbole.You might want to look that up too.


No idea what that means


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It’ a short way of saying that your statement is correct :blush:





I don’t think they ship the Vs with this signature :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Guys, please be aware that you have 180 calendar days from the payment date with Paypal. This is NOT 3rd or 4th June, as there are months along the way that have 31 days. The deadline to open the dispute is 1st June, as on the 2nd is’t already past the deadline.


Isn’t the June shipping for store purchases, not the 12/4 flash sale purchases? My order number is 1563, so I’m going to see if I get my tracking number by 4/30 since they said all tracking numbers for flash sales would be issued by the end of April. If I don’t get my tracking number by Monday, I guess I will contact customer support and see what they say. I will have to watch the PayPal 180 calendar though as my backup though I believe my V will be here before then. Hope I’m not delusional! lol


Update question: Was I wrong that end of June shipping was for post 12/4 flash sales only?


He says they want to ship all of v who are ordered until 4.april. in my opinion and whith looking in the past Delivery thats an Illusion. Do-able is that the fs dec buyers may get their devices until than, that might be realistic


I’m a flash sale buyer and got mine on Friday. Long wait but worth it as it’s very cool from my limited use so far.

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

If I may ask how high was your order number? 12xx, 13xx, 14xx…


#12XX was my order number.

I think all flash sale stuff is moving out the door now. Maybe you wait a week or 3, 4, 5, 6 I dunno for sure. The deadline they set is end of June. If it hasn’t arrived then they will refund as per Q&A video. About 3 weeks ago I was getting frustrated at the lack of meaningful updates but the last two Q&A videos made me a bit more bullish on things even if there are still some delays and what not.

Plus Shipping estimator in the backend for each order is imminent from the last update. So everyone should have specific information soon too…


I don’t know if you had the same feelings as what went through my ‘tired from waiting and a bit upset’ brain during unpacking:

  1. Oh there it is
  2. Well, at least no dust inside the package
  3. Hmm, quite thoughtfully packed
  4. What is this? Ok, the AC adapter, hope they did not forget the plug
  5. Its there, well at least one thing is right
  6. Oh, there is the screen protector, it is even transparent
  7. The keyboard, so this is that alcrantara stuff. Feels quite nice.
  8. So these are the cables: not bad, they are all there
  9. Beautiful packages by the way
  10. The biggest box must be the V, open open open
  11. Youpie! no cracked screen
  12. Hook everything up, hey the USB C connector does feel ok to me
  13. Where is that dumb on/off thing oh, top top right
  14. ON -hope it will start up normally
  15. Bang it does. Wowowo what a screen!
  16. Windows is there without any complaints
  17. Happyhappyhappyhappy yeeeeeeeeh


Same with me - except for lots of missing parts (got them after too many emails to support and over 30 days waiting).

Now I have only two issues with my V - loose upper USB-C port and faulty design of magnetic sleeve (pen scratching V).

Otherwise great computer (for price) with too long wait and sub-par support.


Did you receive your tracking number before you received your V? Or did it arrive suddenly without your knowledge?


Will you send it back and ask for a refund because of these issues?
I’d say if I receive a device after all this time and it isn’t impeccable, I’ll send it back asap.


Yes but I missed the email as it went to an inbox I hadn’t checked in a few days, so receiving it was out of the blue.


Ok :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply. Glad to know that there will be tracking number. Because here in my area, package theft is an often occurrence. That’s why I want to know when will my V arrive before my door so that I can come back to pick up before someone else does.


Thanks for this post. It is by far the most informative post I’ve read in this forum regarding the status of my order.


My order is in #13xx with June promises.