End of June Shipping/Refund


So you’re saying that you are done with your selfish sht show and you can move on?

Great, then the thread maybe finally comes out of it’s limbo state and we can have normal discussions again.


discussions on what? utter silence and waiting? there’s not more to be said.

wait for an update or wait for june shipping and find out your destiny or get your refund through the company or by faster means.


Yes - what else can you do?


Well there are quite more possibilities other than sit and wait for the delivery or get your refund now or by eve which I do not believe anymore.

If the company goes bust there is an option of getting somebody responsible and liable for the lost money at least in Austria. As things look at the moment there are strong indications for professional fraud (ongoing selling and not delivering). This would possibly lead to rather successful legal complaints against executive members of the company (CEO, CFO).

This is the next course of action I will undertake if CC refund will not go through.


Kind of hefty accusation in there…maybe a little bit of overreacting, don’t you think


No, I do not think so. I checked at least the legal situation in Austria. If there is more to this is the decision of the attorney afterwards. My opinion is that there are at least indications for this. To be honest I would highly appreciate getting a V but I recognize the company behaviour as stalling tactics in serious financial and existential trouble.


Finally, someone gets it :slight_smile:


:grin: public stoning, firing squad? What are the Austrian libel laws like?

This thread is becoming a joke. “After speaking to my Dad’s mate’s brother’s grass cutter he can confirm that Eve could possibly, potentially, maybe, will likely alter the refund process, but not with 100% certainty”

I hope Eve put out an update this week with some good news.


Hoping the best, but expecting the worst.

Austrian laws are like all laws in EU member states. Just check professional fraud and the respective offense. To put it easy for you: collecting money without compensation maybe against better knowledge is simply fraudulent.


The difference is ColdMN attempted to get an outside opinion from someone credible. Akin to asking a doctor if that’s a mole or a tumor not advice from a friend or a person of nepotism. How credible is the lawyer? who knows really other than the person has passed the bar exam and can be called a lawyer. Still, more credible than your best friend’s brother’s sister’s father’s aunt who watched Law and Order that one time.


Maybe so, but still totally random and speculative in the end. That lawyer has just as much data to go on as we do. He may be in a better position to make an educated guess, but it’s still a guess. So it might as well come from @ethercoin’s distant relative, aka the grass cutter, in the sense that both are equally speculative and unactionable.

Also, how cool does the ominous the grass cutter sound? I’d be way more inclined to believe him actually^^


thats where i disagree my good sir, i agree it can be labeled as speculation but did the grass cutter pass the bar exam?:laughing: its the lawyer’s field. educated guess or not he should be more credible and its speculation so take the educated guess at face value.


Unfortunately, there are fanboys here who will not acknowledge the responses from EVE indicating they are going through restructuring and reorganization. The last YouTube post from the CEO indicated they are having to look at additional assistance from investors (well after the fact when orders were placed).

The implications of this cannot be overstated. Yes, speculation and rumors can be misleading, but, knowing your options and making the facts available to others is the right thing to do.




Meh, agree to disagree then.

Sooooo, I am a software engineer.
Someone comes to me saying hey, look at this website, it’s not loading, what do I do to fix it?
Oh, says I, the one who “passed the bar”, well obviously you have a virus that’s actively blocking your connection to this website and you should scan your laptop. If that doesn’t work, perhaps it’d be best to just format and reinstall Windows^^
“I like pancakes^^” says the grass cutter. (Man I love this guy!)
Turns out lightning struck and the whole datacenter was down and some Indian guy screwed up the failover servers. (sorry Indian guys)

Catch my drift? One may seem more credible, but both are equally so not even close in the sense that neither would have had you look in the right place… Though seriously, I’d have gone with the pancakes, that’s always the right place, y’know?
And until whatever the underlying mechanics can be proven and explained, no guess is better than the next.

Agreed. So maybe next time give people the facts without the speculation and rumors^^?

Also let’s get this fanboy stuff out of the way. I for one am not defending EVE. They need to get their shit together. I am allergic to spreading rumors though, it serves no one.


But you bought a device based on Hong Kong laws - big difference from EU, Australia, USA or Canada ones …


It would be easy for Eve to stop all speculations. There is a publicity obligation within European Commercial laws for capital financed companies. If my guess regarding troubles in financial and existencial dimensions is not true they could publicate a balance sheet with the decleration regarding debts and liabilities (long and short term) and especially the liabilities against customers and all ghosts would have been gone away. They would have to do this nevertheless on a yearly basis by legal obligation. But this has not happened yet. The question is why?


and theres this song and dance on whether Eve is rooted in Finland or Hong Kong. Which laws are to be observed?


Depends on where the Company / headquarter sits? As far as I knew this has been Finland? If this is not than there is another point for fraudulent behavior against customers. That is what we are in the end.


You did not bought a device from EVE/EVE-TECH … but from Hong Kong company … check your order.