End of June Shipping/Refund


No one took the rent comment literally. Also, it wasn’t meant in the way you claim. It was basically saying that “you poor people shouldn’t have ordered something you can’t afford”. It was asinine, condescending and stupid. I realize some people don’t mind throwing money down the drain. It happens when you contribute to a kickstarter, but people that have bought at the Dec flash sale and since do not fall into that category.

Also, no one thinks they fooled anyone or pulled a fast one by claiming a chargeback. It is sad that it was the only way we could get anything from Eve. Also, it is totally within our rights. If a company does not provide what they promised this recourse is expected.

You really need to give up on all these strawman arguments you have. Everyone can see through them and see that you have no valid arguments. Agreed that the consumer can not lose in these chargebacks. It is not taking candy from a baby. It is getting back your money after a company has failed to live up to its side of the agreement. Poor management and execution lead to this and this continual blaming the consumer is beyond the pale. If Eve had any leg to stand on they would have at least responded to inquiries from Paypal and CC companies.


The reason people ordered in December are “complaining” is because we were told that the device would ship in Jan/Feb. Then it was pushed back to March, May, and now End of June. Aside from all the delays, CC companies and PayPal usually give customer 6 months(or maybe 180 days) to file a complaint and get their money back if there’s something wrong with their orders, and end of June shipping time falls outside of that range.

Since Eve doesn’t provide refunds after 48 hours of ordering the device, the only way for customers to get their money back instead of waiting is through CC companies and PayPal. (Also I think more complaints with PayPal and CC company means more funds are frozen for Eve.)

6 months delay is a long time for someone who need a computer. As someone who need a computer, this totally screwed me over. I’m making up my mind about filing complaints or not in about two weeks and tbh things aren’t looking too positive for me :frowning:

Edit: I got a used MacBook Pro in late April as I realized that it would be impossible for me to rely ontheir estimation alone.


that would work for some…for EB & HEB, that timeline is long gone. No V & no money.


Just to clarify, there have been 4 official notifications of delays from EVE (either stated publicly or via email response from Support).

During the flash sale, it was assumed it would be Jan/Feb. [OK, I assumed Feb]
Then they said March. [1st delay notification]
Then they said April. [2nd delay notification, I have the Support email stating this]
Then they said May. [3rd delay notification]
Now they say (end of) June. [4th/latest delay notification]

Punters on the forum can argue this as many times as they wish. December flash sale participants (many, but not all) have experienced.

Punters like to blame the customer on this forum. I don’t see that changing any time soon.
I guess I am old school and prefer to hold the company accountable for repeatedly breaking their commitments.


And who is ultimately responsible for this?

Here is a very simple question: Given that EVE has not followed through with their the commitments to deliver units to their customers FOUR times since the flash sale had begun, who is it that is stuck in this “prison”?

B) Customers

I don’t see how EVE is the victim in all of this. Customers willing gave them funds based on the terms of the original agreement.


for some, they can take the risk, for others like myself, we set ourselves free of this prison.


Wait…we aren’t responsible for the constant delays? :scream: Mind blown!


Just to clarify, the notification from EVE says NOTHING about refund. Period.

Here is the exact terminology that they have said in all of their customer dialogs: (if someone can provide something else with the word “refund”, do share)

"If your V has not shipped by the end of June, should you be interested, we will provide an order cancellation option."

I am not a lawyer, but, a “cancelation option” is not the same as a refund. So if you cancel, you get less back than if you asked for a refund?

Punters can parse this how they want, but, EVE is not issuing refunds.


this is what I got from them. So, I am waiting…for end of June. I am an EB, returned device beginning of February.

"This is xxxxxx, and I am the Finance Manager here at Eve Tech. I know you have been in communication with my colleague xxxxx regarding your refund. On behalf of Eve, we want to thank you for your patience while waiting for your refund. I understand that it has been a long and frustrating wait. But please know, that we will refund you.

Currently, Eve is undergoing an investment process and as a result restructuring its operations, entities and bank accounts. As a result we are unable to provide your refund at this moment, but we will in the end of June. I want to take this opportunity to apologize for the delays, and to reassure you that your refund requests are noted and will be processed. Have a great day!"


Ouch, this whole ‘end of june’ thing is beginning to seem kind of fishy…

I am still very hopefull for Eve, but i dont like the silence from the team.
I just wish they would keep up with weekly updates, that way the forums wouldnt be flooded with wild guesses and misinformation, unless they keep dodging the hard questions.


Thanks for clearing that up. Sorry you got hit that hard by their shipping problems. Do you by any chance know if people that ordered after december already got their devices or if no one since december has recieved his order?


A few ppl have received one, some have also posted a review in the forum.


What about reading the mentioned post again? The question who is at fault is not raised anywhere.
One could say that if a post does not specifically say “EVE IS WRONG”, many people start explaining that this should be mentioned.
We all know this already, why repeat it again and again, what does one gain by having to read again and again and again what we know very well.
I’m frustrated so everyone has to know it?
Please . . .


There is no evidence that anyone that ordered after the Dec flash sale have received their order. Quite a few that ordered in Dec have not received anything yet. There are also some IGG backers either waiting for a replacement or refund. I think all initial backers received their V, but I do not know for sure. Does anyone know if any early backers are still waiting?


This is very enlightening, if the dialog is accurate. (not that I am suggesting otherwise)

I wish you all the best in getting this resolved.


It is sad that they send this email with explanation to only one user and ignore all other cases, claims and requests.


restructuring its operations, entities and bank accounts

I just did some checking… this is often a method/course of action taken by companies that are undergoing BANKRUPTCY.


That is not true , I got the same mail.


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