End of June Shipping/Refund


Your statement regarding rent is dumb, ignorant and arrogant. Big spenders like you could help Eve-Tech out of the red. I am in the dispute process also mainly because auf the money (2000 EUR) and because I hate being lied to.



wasn’t it a nice strawman? :rofl:


This thread is becoming more and more vitriolic. I’m not sure there’s much more that can be said. I think the following pretty much sums things up.

V buyers are unsurprisingly unhappy about the delays in delivery, and there are concerns that the current promised date may also be missed. Some are comfortable waiting a bit longer while others have had enough and claimed a refund through their credit card company or paypal, which seems to be relatively straightforward if you do it within the necessary timescale.

The only thing I would like to add is that when you do receive the V, all that frustration goes away (unless you’re one of the very few unlucky ones who receive a faulty unit). So, for those that can wait, assuming Eve delivers the goods, I think you will be happy.


So because he brought up the fact that some people might not be in a position to have a bunch of money held up for an indefinite amount of time makes him a dumb, arrogant, ignorant big spender? Uh, OK.

Pot, meet kettle.


ok big boy, i bought the same thing. either-way you want to flaunt it its still a sizable amount to lose.plus i didnt ask you.


You probably should read about logical fallacies. You seem to use them quite a bit.


You’re such an angry little man :joy:


No, i was referring to the remark that was made about needing rent money. Thats the strawman. it definitely doesnt apply to me. its a petty assumption.


oh wow struck a chord eh? :wink:


Yeah, didn’t mean you. Though I was curious what you were saying was a strawman though.

Because obviously, being logical is a prime concern when I’m looking for opportunities to tell people to placate their rampaging funbags.

Look out, this man is wielding a +10 stick of logic.

P.S. How would I logically tell the angry little man that @kthede is logically referring to that he needs to logically calm his tits?


I ordered an i7, 512GB. I don’t pay rent because we own our home. So not sure what his point was other than he has no argument so resorted to an ad hominem. One of the ways my wife and I got to where we are financially is smart financial decisions. Allowing a company to not deliver on their promises, while they have my money is not a good financial decision. Is the $1700 hurting me? No. It would be a minor blip on our financial life. Probably wouldn’t have any effect whatsoever.

Does that mean I should ignore things and just hope? Of course not. I ordered in March. Only because I was told it would ship in April. I did not just trust what was said on web page, I had a confirmation from a person at Eve telling me that they were going to make that shipping projection. That person obviously lied. From perusing this forum I realized that this was not going to happen. A month after I ordered I informed them that I wanted a refund if they were not going to make the April shipping. I was told that there were no refunds and I could return it within 14 days of receiving it. At that time I was told a May ship date. So I reached out to my Credit card company.
My credit card will immediately credit my account on any disputes, without question(I am a very good customer that puts a lot of money through the card). They will then reach out to the company I have a dispute with. Out of curiosity I asked my CC if they had a response from Fortress. As of Thursday there has been no response. The person I talked to at credit card company says it is uncommon for a company to not respond at all.

The fanboys and punters are now saying those of us that have gotten our money will be responsible if the company goes bankrupt. Obviously, this is not true. Eve was in financial trouble before I even ordered in March. That is why they were not producing product that was ordered during the Dec Flash sale. Still taking in orders when you cannot produce previous orders is a bit unethical if not worse. I wish Eve the best of luck. They have an idea that is appealing. Unfortunately, in looking closer at their vision I do not see that it can be sustainable. A huge issue now for the Dec flash sale buyers is that if and when they finally get their V it will be outdated. Now I buy outdated tech all the time, but I get it at a substantial discount.


More ad hominems. Cool!

Really. You need to read the site I posted if you want to be taken seriously. A logical fallacy completely destroys your argument and credibility.

And no you do not need to tell anyone to calm down. They have valid concerns, all you have are attacks.


I think he was referring to dragonguy, who was here to ridicule. He got hot under the collar :slight_smile:


The last “little angry man” I heard about had nukes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you haven’t purchased one yet, don’t, the company is not even delivering orders from December. I ordered mine in December and have not received it. The company refuses to refund my money and customer support won’t even answer questions and more. I messaged them 2 weeks ago, no response. So a week ago I started the fraud process on my credit card. Be warned… also if this company can’t ship its products or even respond to customer support, you think at some outrageous theoretical date in the future you ever do receive a V, that if you have an issue, could they even live up to the warranty? Extremely doubtful.


Ah, there is a circular prison we seem to be stuck in:
V has delivery problems.
People start refund procedures through Paypal and credit cards.
Papal freezes money transfers to Eve.
V has even more delivery problems.

The whole picture includes that those “savvy consumers” did have an effect on the situation of those who choose to be patient.:thinking:


If youre talking like that, this must mean that you already recieved your unit? or never ordered one? Im really curios. Im not an expert on the topic myself. I’ll just wait around 2 months but i dont know yet :smiley: Its been a few weeks already but on their main page they kinda imply that you have to wait until at least july to get your device. idk im fine with that.

ps: the only people i see complaining are the ones that ordered in December. why is that?


Its been 6mnths

The initial estimated ship date was Jan -Feb and every other ship date fell through on after.


Tell that one with a straight face to @Artur_Jedrzejewski


Not at all, no surprise people took the rent money statement literally and are now telling me they don’t pay rent as they own a home :rofl: it was just a way of saying if you need the money for something else or want to buy a new device with the money you spent on the V, then there aren’t many other options other than a chargeback to get your money back quickly. Which is why I don’t blame people for using that route.

I considered doing one myself when there was very little in the way of updates, as I didn’t fancy throwing 900 euros down the drain. But I decided against it as after the first video update I just figured the Eve guys are working hard behind the scenes and actually want to get the V’s delivered despite the problems. I appreciate that’s not going to be enough for everyone but my decision was to wait and see.

As for the rest of my post I was just laughing at people posting like they’ve pulled off the heist of the century by putting in a chargeback. You literally cannot lose one in this scenario, it’s like taking candy from a baby.