End of June Shipping/Refund


But them not being able to ship the product only mostly applies to the Dec 4th batch of purchases? Like if you bought the laptop a few weeks ago it will ship sooner than ~6 months?


no clue at this point, if anything my assumption would be that dec 4th buyers would have priority of those who bought afterwards.


shipping estimates on their store page are not accurate estimates.


yes, you should ONLY trust the estimates that come by courier pigeons.


They would probably be more reliable :joy:


after 6 months, i think my statement is more than fair.:hugs:

especially how they are giving estimates that can be perceived as optimistic or delusional!


Just ordered a Lenovo X1 (Gen 3) and some other items with my work discount.

Spent just a tad more than what my original EVE order, but, I got a 1TB drive instead of a 512GB and I also got a 3yr warrant (also with accidental drop/water damage). And it cost LESS!!!

Lenovo already sent me a notice saying that the order was received and their online tacking shows an expected ship date of 10 business days. Any bets on how long it takes to get to me?



i should see if i could get a discount from my job!


and stop speculating if you dont know any shit. this is not some conspiracy theories forum.


Dear all,

Today I successfully completed my refund process with paypal. Just to give you an overview of the length of the process I started the whole process on the 6th of May and immediately escalated it to a claim. Fortress had 10 days to respond, which they did not do and I got my money back today.

With that in mind, I did not do this because I think the V might not be a good product. If they get back on track I might order it again at a later time, but at this point the uncertainty was just too big for me. And I am well aware of the fact that I contribute to a potential bankruptcy with my behaviour, but as has bee pointed out many times, I am a normal customer and not a backer. So I have to look after myself and we are talking about quite a lot of money that I can’t afford to lose.

[Wiki]Referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

I made a dispute with paypal on 2/05 and upgraded it to a claim the day after. Yesterday i got e email that they are waiting for a new response from the seller again. So i am confused at the moment. Not sure if eve reacted to paypal or not.
So it went from waiting response from eve -> Pending at paypal -> waiting response from eve.

[Wiki]Referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

I believe they are required by the dispute policy to notify the seller that unless a response or another resolution is provided, they will rule in the buyers favor.

This takes up to three days. But could be done in as little as one.

You will get a notification shortly that they either ruled in your favor or suggest working with the seller.

Since EVE is not responding to any paypal disputes (that we are aware of), you can assume that paypal will rule in your favor,

If EVE contacts you regarding the dispute, consider yourself unique.


Settle down Francis.

Fanboys and punters had their chance, now those of us left with less money in our accounts and no product get to have our way.

I’ve seen lots of punters give all sorts of excuses and theories why people should expect 6+ month delivery dates,

The reality is that EVE has changed delivery dates so frequently, nobody knows what to believe any more from them.

And now that the units getting delivered 6 months after the purchase date are using year old processors, customers are forced to deal with “parts againg” before long. Nobody buys old tech at new prices unless they are collectors.

EVE has stated they are dealing with funding issues, which is not our problem. Its theirs.

Punters gotta punt.


ad hominem doesn’t strengthen your point nor helps to make our current standpoint irrelevant or wrong😆. Our statements are beneficial to those who want an out without having to jump through unnecessary hoops although to someone like yourself who enjoys his time and money being wasted. I’m a busy man but it seems that we perceive time differently. I was in the death throes of my time being here but comments such as yours reinvigorate me!

sure this is a “startup” but this isn’t a kick starter. If they weren’t able to follow through on promises and not mislead us for months shame on them. We’re in the right there’s no reason to “give the team a break”, Actually I gave them 6 months before taking matters into my own hands so hows that for a break? if the teams’ idea of business was to treat every transaction as a Kickstarter experience they wouldn’t get anywhere and it wasn’t advertised in such a way.

You claim to be an adult but in your appeal to reason you’ve shown to have the EQ of a child. You’re not here to make a point you’re just here to try to shame and invalidate.

Sir, Enjoy your idea of a “V” device, I’ll enjoy something new and now😉


Considering you are lucky to win PayPal disputes as a merchant even when you are in the right, there is zero point Eve replying to them. The whole thing is massively biased towards the consumer in general.

These chargebacks have certainly brought out a few people who think they’ve managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat by using that method. So are now on here nominating themselves for savvy consumer of the year :grin: it was never in doubt Visa / Mastercard etc. would rule in your favour. I don’t blame people for putting in chargebacks of course, if you are sick of waiting and need the money for this months rent then there aren’t many other options.


what specs did you order on your “V”?


Your statement regarding rent is dumb, ignorant and arrogant. Big spenders like you could help Eve-Tech out of the red. I am in the dispute process also mainly because auf the money (2000 EUR) and because I hate being lied to.



wasn’t it a nice strawman? :rofl:


This thread is becoming more and more vitriolic. I’m not sure there’s much more that can be said. I think the following pretty much sums things up.

V buyers are unsurprisingly unhappy about the delays in delivery, and there are concerns that the current promised date may also be missed. Some are comfortable waiting a bit longer while others have had enough and claimed a refund through their credit card company or paypal, which seems to be relatively straightforward if you do it within the necessary timescale.

The only thing I would like to add is that when you do receive the V, all that frustration goes away (unless you’re one of the very few unlucky ones who receive a faulty unit). So, for those that can wait, assuming Eve delivers the goods, I think you will be happy.


So because he brought up the fact that some people might not be in a position to have a bunch of money held up for an indefinite amount of time makes him a dumb, arrogant, ignorant big spender? Uh, OK.

Pot, meet kettle.