End of June Shipping/Refund



I had ordered the i7 from Eve Tech via the original Indiegogo campaign in late 2016. Received the device in February of 2018. The packaging was spectacular. The device not so much.

Because I was in the original Indiegogo for over a year and knew that I was in for a long wait, I did not specifically buy Eve V looking to replace any one of my computers. I was hoping it would be my travel device but my Lenovo Miix 700 is a much more premium device that I purchased at a lower price.

Right now, I am splitting time between a very old Lenovo x220 and the Lenovo Miix 700 and, surprisingly, the Google Pixelbook which is incredibly versatile if basic productivity is all that you are looking for and not specific software that’s not available in Chrome OS.

(The Google Pixelbook hardware is unreal).



Quick update on my PayPal dispute/claim:
PayPal has the claim under review (again) since EVE has not responded.

This review on a claim normally takes 1 business day as I was told.


Still don’t have a shipping estimation yet.


On another thread Ownerer seems to be disputing my contention that other companies deal with cc hold backs every day. Either he knows nothing about business and credit cards or is continuing to be willfully obtuse and ignorant. Businesses just starting out or businesses with financial issues or businesses that have high ticket transactions are regularly faced with the issue of holds. Banks and processors want to make sure their customers and they are protected. This credit card hold is not something that Eve would have never known about. Processors like Stripe have to do this because of the risk they are taking. That they were using a third-party processor like Stripe at all shows that they probably could not get a direct merchant account with a traditional processor. That would have saved them lots in fees and may have made the hold backs less onerous. But a new company processing this much income and not actually shipping product would have had any processor demand a substantial hold back. All of the third party processors have terms of service that allow them to implement holds or terminations at any time, for any reason or no reason at all. If Eve was not aware of this they are horribly managed. Don’t believe me? Here are a couple articles. Also, speak to any business you know that accepts credit cards. I have dealt with this issue when working with large processors like First Data and third part aggregators like Square. It is part of doing business and accepting credit cards.



Dude, stop twisting my words.

I’m being neither willfully obtuse nor ignorant. I am saying that one shouldn’t generalize.
Did I say no one else has to deal with this? No, in fact many probably do. I said you can’t testify to “every company in the world”'s situation and the frequency they do or don’t deal with it, and as such you should choose your words more carefully.
(And yes yes, I get it, every company dealing with CC is subject to this pitfall whether they know it or not; and in the latter case you argue bad management. See? Not obtuse.)
It’s not even about the subject at hand, it’s about blowing things out of proportion and the skewed perception and ensuing (at the very least partially) unfounded panic it produces.

That said: you may very well be right about the fact that EVE was ill-prepared and/or didn’t manage this setup properly. Who knows. What’s all this going to change right now though :slight_smile: ?


The point I am making is that the fanboys need to quit blaming credit card processors for the issue of hold backs. The principals at Eve had to have signed the agreements where this would have been clearly spelled out. Anyone with business acumen would have known this. Also, this is why good business legal counsel should be employed to look over all contracts and agreements not matter how seemingly trivial. The only people to blame for the current situation are the principals at Eve. Hopefully, they can resolve the issue. Alas, I fear an influx of money is the only solution.

With that comes change Anyone willing to put in the millions US that they need will want something in return. No longer will Eve be the seemingly socially responsible crowdfunded startup. Unless they find the rare socially responsible white knight investor, any investor is going to want a good return on the investment. There was never any chance Eve was going to be more than a niche player. The only chance they have or had was to be like their plan produce product when paid for. But I think they found that wasn’t as easy to do as they thought. The economies of scale work against them. Though intuitively a small company should be more nimble, the lack of R&D, engineering and support functions are a huge liability going forward. At best the V will be a one off and even that looks poorly implemented.

I loved the whole idea until I did the research and put on my businessman’s cap and analyzed the whole idea and process. 30 years ago I was involved in a similar movement, of which only Dell Computer seems to have hit it huge and survived(though with quite a few ups and downs).


i7 , 512 GB plus accessories


I see what you did there. :joy:


A question to anyone who has already recieved his or her Eve V.
How long did the eniter shipping / manifacturing process take?
From the moment you pressed that Buy Button until it reached your doorstep. (doesnt have to be so specific just the general duration time of the process would be enough)
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


i didn’t receive my unit but im a Dec 4th buyer i finally gave up at 6mnths after i hit buy.


But them not being able to ship the product only mostly applies to the Dec 4th batch of purchases? Like if you bought the laptop a few weeks ago it will ship sooner than ~6 months?


no clue at this point, if anything my assumption would be that dec 4th buyers would have priority of those who bought afterwards.


shipping estimates on their store page are not accurate estimates.


yes, you should ONLY trust the estimates that come by courier pigeons.


They would probably be more reliable :joy:


after 6 months, i think my statement is more than fair.:hugs:

especially how they are giving estimates that can be perceived as optimistic or delusional!


Just ordered a Lenovo X1 (Gen 3) and some other items with my work discount.

Spent just a tad more than what my original EVE order, but, I got a 1TB drive instead of a 512GB and I also got a 3yr warrant (also with accidental drop/water damage). And it cost LESS!!!

Lenovo already sent me a notice saying that the order was received and their online tacking shows an expected ship date of 10 business days. Any bets on how long it takes to get to me?



i should see if i could get a discount from my job!


and stop speculating if you dont know any shit. this is not some conspiracy theories forum.