End of June Shipping/Refund


Hello there!

Jan/Feb 2018 shipping? No?
Feb/Mar shipping? No?
Mar/Apr shipping? Maybe?
“End of June shipping”? Ok.

Fine. I’ll wait. What other option do I have anyway? But why do I keep on waiting? Why don’t I cancel my V m3 order from Dec 04 Flash sale, scream at support and start demanding something?

Because I believe in you guys (pun intended). Why did I place my order in December in the first place? Because nothing as unique as the V was and still isn’t on the market. If I had wanted a Surface, I’d have gone with a Surface (or whatever substitute). However, I chose the V. Why? Because the V has a unique competitive advantage: it’s one of a kind (and looks hella sexy). No way I’m choosing any 2-in-1 on the market over the V to this day.

Being promised 1-2 months until delivery and then hearing the delivery being postponed ~1/2 year is a hard to swallow pill (I might have yelled at my screen). It’s frustrating. And it seems like you’re very aware of this fact by presenting the prospect of a 50 USD gift card for compensation. That’s a kind gesture. Thank you, I won’t be needing it.

I think what I’m trying to say is that everyone involved is doing a terrific job and only has the best intentions, despite the salt you might receive from some community members. Hi, I’m the sugar.

If you kept on reading up until here: good. Here’s my appeal to everyone: Oh muse, remind us of the reason why we ordered our Vs in the first place. Why did we want nothing but a V when we could have went the easy way with any substitute device?


Dif out

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the issue with waiting till end of june is that you pass the deadline for complaining at paypal or your credit card that the product has not been shipped.

After that deadline you just have to hope the promised refund is is handeld as you think.

Because of this there is no real reason to wait untill that date. Instead you should complain at 3th june and set a fix deadline so you could either

  • get the money back from eve
  • get the money back from PayPal / CC
  • get the money back via lawyer


think so untill which date you say is this paypal deadline? I would wait this week for the promised dhl number and if this not happen, I would refound over paypal.

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

The paypal deadline is the 3. or 4th june for flash sales buyer (4th december).
So its nothing which have to be done now, but its something what have to be done before the next deadline (end of june) is passed.


File dispute with PayPal. Escalated the issue with PayPal. Hopefully I can get back my fund partially.

not worth keep waiting and risking the deadline by Paypal.


yes right, but until now there were 140 days or so. so it would not be bad to wait the 3. deadline eve set itself, isn’t it?


Just file claim with PayPal already as not delivered and be done with these guys. Go buy the new Dell or HP Spectre X360. Lenovo 920 or surface book 2


Firm advise!
This is surely the best way to make one feeling right.

But there are quite a lot of people who have been waiting for roughly a year (Heb’s and alike) and are happy V users today.
After receiving the V, the waiting pain curve moves steep south, as experienced by many :hugs:


Seems I got my money back from my credit card company on 4/18. I contacted had my CC company on 4/12 and they credited me the money on 4/18. It is nice having a good CC company. I felt kind of bad I went this route, but I no choice. When I ordered in March they stated it would ship in April. From the looks of things it might have shipped in July. Even this deep into the process people are receiving defective machines or incomplete orders. Glad I got my money before they go belly up.


For Paypal you have 180 days

So more then a month until actions are required



Suppositions . . . . a belief held without proof or certain knowledge; an assumption or hypothesis.


Hey why you cut my sentense out of context? From 4.12 until today I count 140 days that was the meaning


What is the supposition? Defective machines or incomplete orders? Shown by posts here that is a fact. You can not dispute that, but I am sure you will.
Going belly up? Yeah that is a supposition. Thank you Captain Obvious. I have followed lots of tech companies through the years. I am fairly confident in my prediction. We will see how things stand in a year.


Just throw your hands up and order the EVE IV. You’ll have it by next week.


Fact, in he right context.


No one claims every customer is V-less or has a faulty product. That would be what we call a strawman argument(look it up). For a very small amount sold and shipped there are a lot of complaints and a lot of nonreceipt of paid for product.


We’ve no idea how many they sold, or how many they are shipping, so we can’t say whether it is ‘very small’ or not. All we can say is they ARE definitely shipping.

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The total is in the thousands, not tens of thousands. Therefore I think we can say it is very small.


Oh - something like this?


Fact :hugs: