eGPU & V testing results


Thought I’d start this topic for anyone with a real V and an egpu to post their real world results and scenarios. There are lots of people curious about this! It may also help anyone looking to secure a purchase for Xmas 2017.

Perhaps folks can lay it out like:

V model
eGPU brand, model, RAM
Connection type / set up to and from what
Software tried


Amazon boxing day sale?


I think this is a great Topic- im surprised it wasn’t started before.


I am also looking forward to results here. Since I don’t have my Eve V yet or an eGPU I’ll just be a reader though :sweat_smile:


And if possible for anybody: Try to connect a Windows mixed reality headset to the Vi7+eGPU. It should be possible because of the specs…


Here you go: ran the in-game benchmark in For Honor. Its the most recent title i have lol.

i7 V
XG Station 2, Strix 1070 OC 8GB
game loaded on external SSD connected by USB 3.0
Output to 3440x1440 monitor

edit: i’ve installed the 3Dmark demo, running timespy - i figure that’d be a decent comparison point. Beyond that, let me know if there’s anything specific i can try.

[WIKI] - Fantastically outdated collection of answers to questions about the V
Getting ready for the new V

That’s with the V? Good deal.


Would it be worth trying without the eGPU for a comparison ?


and here’s timespy results. keep in mind i literally just stopped what i was doing and ran the benchmark, so it may not be perfect - background apps and all.

i figure nobody would actually meticulously end all processes before they hop into a game anyway.

[WIKI] - Fantastically outdated collection of answers to questions about the V

Looks like that V is definitely going to be for me with a GTX 1060 or amd equivalent as an eGPU! Was kinda worried how it would perform, but that’s looking plenty sufficient for my use case!


What do you plan to be doing with it, if you don’t mind me asking?


That’s exactly what I’d do, especially if it’s a demanding game and I want the best performance. :smiley:


Awesome, already on my way as I have an EGPU enclosure but did not get a video card yet as I did not know which I would get. Does anyone have any stats or score with an AMD RX580. Want to see how that stack up to the 1070 stats.


Well I mainly aim for a smooth Adobe Creative Suite experience (I don’t mind some longer render times, most of the times I wouldn’t render on it anyways) but overall the using experience should be smooth.

I also need to be able to do some 3d modelling and CAD work.

Least but not last I’d like to be able to get a decent experience out of some more demanding games and a solid one on light titles!

Everything I said is only for use at my desk with an eGPU. On the go the V is plenty for everything I need! Office, some sketching or light illustration work, entertainment etc!


Oh hey - i don’t know if this’d be relevant to you, but load i have my games loaded on an external SSD that was connected via USB3.0, and the load times were noticeably longer than when i had the games on the internal disk. its like 1 sec when loaded internally and 5 secs loaded on ext ssd.

Also, just wanted to mention again that the performance gain of having a 1070 over a 1060 does not justify the difference in price. If i could go back in time, i would have bought the 1060 instead.