Edge isn't the best browser for battery life!


Sorry for the slightly click bait title. :joy:

LinusTechTips has recently put all of the major web browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera) to the test to see if Microsoft’s claims were valid in saying Edge provides the best battery life. It turns out that it isn’t true, and Chrome actually performs better with longer battery life (if I recall correctly, Opera had the best battery life).

For now, I’m staying with Chrome. What is everyone else’s thoughts?

The video: https://youtu.be/q0112lYQBPE


Interesting, from the last review I read about, Chrome performed the worst :sweat:

Maybe they fixed something?


Google has significantly improved and focused on battery life over the last three/four versions, particularly the feature to “pause” background tabs seems to make a difference.


I’ve got so many bugs/glitches and crashes in Chrome lately that I’ve had enough if it. After 7 years of using I dropped it.and I’m using Edge right now. And that browser will be my main when I get the V and I’ll get better touch controls


Thats a shame about the crashes and bugs, I’ve managed to avoid those thus far. Good point about the touch controls! I also really like Edge’s drawing/screengrab feature.


I’d planned to use Firefox after leaving chrome for windows ie many years ago after I got frustrated with google. I liked all the cookies and tracker/ security features however I must admit the thought of which performa better with touch didn’t occur to me, maybe edge will win for its place on my V.


Switched to Opera on my mobile a few weeks ago. Took a little while to get used to it (damn you, muscle memory!), but it’s absolutely awesome


Since Windows 10 1511 Edge is my #1 Browser on Desktop and Convertible… It is maybe not always 100% reliable, but the UI is the most intuitive, I think. Settings could be better… The UI of Firefox gets older and older, it always remembers me of Windows 7. I usually use chrome, if there’s something, edge has problems with. My whish would be Edge for Android haha :smiley:


So I am sticking with chrome. The only other browser I did find worth my time was Safari. And everybody keeps reminding me how superior Opera or firefox would be vs chrome since ‘they have come a long way’, but chrome also didn’t sit on their *ss as can be viewed in it getting great battery life. I once tried out opera, but did came with much spam and bloatware and couldn’t leave me alone that I didn’t set it as primary browser and such. I am not going back to those things as long as they don’t outperform chrome. Only issue I want chrome to adres is the issue with scrolling by touch or by trackpad. I regularly encounter moments that it doesn’t work on my surface pro, first I thought it was related to the touchscreen malfunction, but when at those moments I also can’t scroll with the multigesture trackpad, I think it is a bug from chrome. They should fix it, than I would not be looking at competition.


Ive been an opera user for a few years now, on laptops and mobile. Performs better, faster than the others (IMO), and I prefer the design, especially since the last revision. You can install all chrome extensions, and it has built in VPN in private mode, which makes life a lot easier. Just chokes up sometimes with 30+ Tabs open, but that’s almost never an issue.


takes the sign out for Vivaldi

It’s certainly different.


I’m sticking with Edge, I don’t need all the overhead extensions bring and it performs well as a desktop and touch app.


I used to love Safari, but right now it’s pretty petty compared to chrome or firefox and maybe opera (idk bout it).


I was a heavy chrome user until i started using Opera, Better design, tons of perks. and if better battery life, then thats another win


I didn’t even know there was still a safari for windows, I thought they did stop supporting it for windows?


uh, y thats right. I’m a mac user ^^


Oh, that explains… I wish safari would come back to windows, it was a great browser back in the day, and it is the only one I trust to use instead of chrome, Edge has not that great performance, firefox takes a while to get used to and doesn’t feel as intuitive for me so I only use it occasionally when I don’t need to rush things, and I have had bad experience with opera being spam-like (constantly updating me that I don’t use it as a primary browser, constantly asking me if I want this or that extension).


Some may find Vivaldi interesting too; built by some of the original people behind Opera, built off of Chromium, but a nice restructuring of the browser (very customizable, nicely performant).


I’m using Edge as it seems to perform the best for me. In terms of battery life, I’ve never tested it but I know a few people who have and they claim Edge to be the best for that. In addition to that, Selenium web software testing framework [http://www.seleniumhq.org/] works much better and faster with Edge than any other browser.


I will continue to use Edge for it’s superior security.