[E] V knows the #StruggleIsReal when charging after 98%


What does happen?
When one attempts to charge the V after 98% from a battery state it will state that it is charging, but it does not infact charge. However if one tries to charge at 97% the V will charge up to 100%.

What should happen?
V should charge up to 100% regardless of starting percentage.

How often does this occur?
Whenever I accidentally disconnect charger and reconnect because I like being connected to the wall. So it tends to happen when I’m fully charged and move to a new location, as this is one of the few scenarios in which my battery would drop from 100% to 99% or 98%.

How can we reproduce this issue?

  • Let V drop 1% or 2% in battery from 100%
  • Plug V back into mains and watch as it illicitly claims to be charging.
  • Slowly rock back in forth in a corner because your OCD is overpowering you.


Just a question: How accurate are those 97% and other nearly 100% readings?


I have the same problem, but slightly worse as the back starts to get warmer without any reason when it can’t charge over that percentage. If I remove the plug it gets to normal temperature again.


I think this more to do about not Overcharging the battery. Some of past laptop would never reach 100%. Sometimes you can trick it buy unplugging and replugging. I suspect other don’t reach 100% but report doing so.

@Team would need to confirm this though


I have had the same Issue. I do the same thing. unplug the charger then let the battery drop by a few percent. The connect charger and in a few it is at 100%.


Heh battery freaks. I wouldn’t care if it’s 95 or 100% charged. It’s just quite full and will last long. If it’s 60% and I need to go out in an hour then I would plug it in, because 40% is ~2 hours of Darkest Dungeon or Youtube play, but I’ll probably will get to another wall socket way before V will discharge. For now I had only problems with V discharging is due to malfunctioning keyboards, that woke V and overloaded it with input while being closed in a backpack. But the only solution to that is to get a kb replacement.


Speaking of battery. How do u turn off the function that wakes the V when the keyboard is opened? Cause an hour of my v sitting on the lock screen (not turning off) unaware in my bag… causes the v to get very toasty and loose 15% of the battery.