Dual boot + lower price + eve v = perfect 2 in 1 tablet


Yeah… dual boot would be nice… what about “Mac OS” if i may dear say. Anyway… you can kinda already do that in a VM… since the V is comming with windows 10 pro installed there is something built in VM called HyperV


Don’t do anything stupid now. You don’t need a separate tablet or any “special” tablet to dual boot. Any x86 tablet can dual boot whatever you want, you just have to install the OS yourself. And it certainly doesn’t have to be the chinese crap you’re referring to.
@tld8102 the Pro upgrade is not free FYI…


V has win 10 home which you can upgrade to 10 Pro for a price


Thanks for the tip. Gonna learn how to do this… :upside_down_face: eventually, i’ll figure out how to install an alien OS to multi boot.


Just as a small tip, some things you will need to do:

  1. Enable boot from USB, maybe also Legacy Mode (in BIOS).
  2. Install a bootmanager (which allows to start the bootloader for the OS).
  3. Install the OS itself and maybe work on the drivers.


No need to install a bootloader… It’s 21st century, nowadays operating systems come with proper installers that take care of drivers and bootloader. They also automatically detect all the other OS so no need to configure it either.

@doodzilla it’s actually very easy. Just download the OS you want (Google is your friend), put it in a USB stick using Rufus and make the tablet boot from that USB stick. To do that you will need to go into UEFI settings, which is sort of a hidden settings screen completely outside Windows, in case you don’t know. Just don’t worry about this part, I’m sure there will be a comprehensive guide once Eve V comes out. After these steps, you will most probably be presented with a nice installer - just like installing any program on your computer.


Ehm, nope, but whatever.


I love this community!! :smiley:


smack smaack smaaack my friend :kissing_closed_eyes::relaxed::star_struck:


Erm yes, and not whatever. Have you tried installing Ubuntu, for example? I’ve installed at least 5 different flavors of it, the install procedure was as simple as click next next next finish reboot. GRUB was there. Without me even knowing how and when it got installed. Yes, it’s so transparent.


I can confirm what @pauliunas said.

Last weekend I downloaded Ubuntu to save some data from my corrupted Windows installation.
I used Ubuntu as a Live-CD system.
When I started from CD I was asked if I like to try out Ubuntu (= live system) or want to install it as dual boot to my (broken) Windows 10.


Err yes…? See here

From Linux kernel 3.3 onwards you can compile it with EFI support, so you can boot the kernel directly from UEFI/BIOS : See more here So you only need to save all the linux binary files on a folder reachable by the EFI, on your HD.

There is also the option to use the windows boot loader to boot your linux dristribution, in the same way that you can choose secureboot or recovery mode if you press F8 prior to windows Bootup, or when windows fails to start properly. (You can edit manually or use a tool like EasyBCD) I personally don’t like this option for windows 8/8.1, Since those OS boootloaders, first load the different options to choose from, then reboot the PC to start with your choice. making bootup time skyrocket. (Win10 boot loader is fine, and directly boots what you choose)

And of course you can always opt to install and overwrite the WX with another boot loader

PD: I mention linux here, but all this is also aplicable to Android x86 since it has been included as part of the kernel source tree. Albeit I have only tested it up to Android 5.1.


EasyBCD doesn’t give this option in UEFI mode. Basically the Windows bootloader is less hackBle when it’s in UEFI mode. If you know another way, I’m all ears, bevause GRUB just doesn’t work for a tablet.


Have you tried the latest version? It now fully supports WX UEFI too.

As for grub on tablets I mostly have used it to load rEFInd wich does support touch events. On most tablets/convertibles I have tested it. (Except for two that use WACOM enabled displays for some reason, it does not work with them)


Nope, rEFInd touch support didn’t work on my tablet for some reason… I hope it does on Eve V. But if you’re saying EasyBCD now supports UEFI, it’s great :slight_smile: It’s just sad that it took nearly 5 years for them to finally crack it…


OK I looked it up, and they DON’T support what we need. EasyBCD works on UEFI, but they disabled pretty much 90% of the options lol… That includes anything Linux-related. It can only add other versions of Windows and rearrange the boot menu order, change timeout, etc. It can’t add Linux to the boot menu. So, nothing changed since the release of Windows 8. Seems like they were bragging about their non-existant UEFI support for the whole time, I just forgot about it…