Double balance payment for 2019-V?

Today (Jun 01 2022), I received an email entitled “Eve Spectrum | Your Balance Payment is due” from
“Confirm your Spectrum (payment reminder)” with a reply address of

The email was asking me to pay for a Spectrum 4K that I didn’t order (or pre-order).

When I clicked the “Pay Balance” button, my V order was displayed with the original balance that was already paid in early September 2021.

Anyone get a similar email?
Was there a loss of some transaction records?


Here is the header to the email:
|from:|Confirm your Spectrum (payment reminder)|
|date:|Jun 1, 2022, 3:23 PM|
|subject:|Eve Spectrum | Your Balance Payment is due|
|security:| Standard encryption (TLS|

I received the same email, since I never ordered a monitor from EVE I took it to be a phishing email and deleted it, l then logged on to the my account page to make sure there was no order for a monitor

I got the same email. Maybe a glitch but I email support about this just in case but nothing in my cart or order about a monitor.

I also got the same email. I too am awaiting fulfillment of an EVE tablet, and I didn’t order a monitor. Starting to think everyone with an unfulfilled order was sent the same email, whether they ordered a Spectrum monitor or not.

Hi everyone,

This has to be an error in the system. I will bring it to the team’s attention.

Got the same email. Strange enough, the email headers look legit, and it links to what I think is the Eve cart and not a phishing payment page.

If the Eve tech team doesn’t run Azure with the ‘evet1’ domain, you might want to take a look at your data security and any potential leaks. (Though it sounds like theirs - T1 was their first product?)

If this was legitimate from Eve, perhaps might be good to have some explanation about why the reply-to goes to instead of someone from Eve.

dkim=pass header.s=selector2-evet1-onmicrosoft-com header.b=ShV3B2MY;
arc=pass (i=1 spf=pass dkim=pass dmarc=pass;
spf=pass ( domain of designates 2a01:111:f400:7d00::62a as permitted sender)

I’ve received the same email, @Cas can i see this email as not sent?

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the feedback so far and I apologize for the misunderstanding that this error may have caused.

Please ignore these e-mails as they are being sent out by mistake.

I’ve escalated this and have been told a code change that went live yesterday sent out these emails in error. We are working to roll back those changes and investigating what went wrong with the deployment and what can be changed to prevent this type of error from happening in the future.


Thanks! Even having been amongst the first to order the eve 4k, and then the 4k glossy, my order total approaches $1k; it’s a little spooky to hear more about payment and deeply reassuring that you’re already dealing with the issue. Best of luck!


Thanks @Cas for looking into this.

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makebcool are subcontracted by Eve for fulfillment services. I received this twice and posted yesterday Latest Development/Project: V | Development topics - Eve Community

Link does not work, it’s been deleted or put somewhere else…