[Donald Dock] [Step 4.3] [POLL] Decide product specs & features



I can go either way on superweight/midweight. I have a monster desktop for monster tasks. It games, it can mine cryptos, it can run fast Monte Carlo calcs, it can process professional audio and video, it can run VR. It is highly modular and upgradable like any desktop.

Since my earliest days as a system builder I learned that miniaturized or specialized components limit your options and drive up your build costs. (E.g. 2.5" drives for your RAID array) So, leaving everything in whatever format is easiest to assemble the best specs at the lowest price point is a good habit.

So, one perspective is: Eh. I don’t need to have the Eve V comparable to a desktop because it isn’t and it never will be.


I was very frustrated with the Eve designers for making the HDD non-user-upgradable. I see making the dock able to add “cold” storage to the Eve V to be a chance for this device to redeem itself.

In other words, if we can just keep only the data and programs needed while away from our primary workspace on the Eve V and keep all the larger archives and more “office/studio environment” types of programs on the Dock, then we have a good compromise and utilitarian design.

Like several have indicated above, this means the Dock should maybe have that offboarded GPU, extra ports, connectivity options, and UPGRADABLE STORAGE that was denied the Eve V. This allows the Eve V to focus on being the best mobile UI component of a modular workspace environment that it can be rather than being just mediocre at being a desktop.


Any updates on this project? :confused: :slight_smile:


I’m not sure where it was stated, but Eve plans to launch it together with the next project afaik.