[Donald Dock] [Step 4.3] [POLL] Decide product specs & features



The often discussed LTE modem :wink:


That is an interesting approach I thought about too: would it be possible to supply donald dock with an USB PD charger? And would it then possible to use it with the battery Power of the V? I would love that! :smiley:


So it’s looking like HDMI is the most popular display output - but if flexibility is the aim, aren’t we better using miniDisplayPort, and include adapters for HDMI, VGA/DVI by default? I get that HDMI is probably more popular, but ‘hierarchy-wise’, we can switch from miniDisplayPort to HDMI, but not the other way around?



5V/2A output, or even QC 3.0, 9V/2A

Yes TB3 support DP output. Because we need at least two ports for display, so I want to for these two (or more) ports, they are DP + TB3, or HDMI + TB3, or DP + HDMI + TB3

It is doable, the limitation is the output power of your laptop/notebook/tablet


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Additional features
13. What is your most wanted additional feature?

PCI-E Slot with Cover - shouldn’t add much cost but allows many future possibillities


Additional features
13. What is your most wanted additional feature?

DisplayLink technology, for additional displays. (Probably using their DL6000 chip).


I find it hilarious that these are being called “uncommon” ports.
It’s nearly impossible to find a monitor in the US that had anything but these ports on it. HDMI is still reserved for “upper class” expensive items, like gaming PC monitors or full televisions.

Anywhere I’ve ever been only uses VGA or DVI ports in their equipment, because most places don’t buy new stuff until the old stuff dies. Colleges, libraries, & business are all still using VGA. The only two screens I can use as monitors are VGA & DVI (for which I have an HDMI to DVI adaptor).
I thought it would be good to bring this up because i imagine most of the people who bought the V don’t have the extra money to spend on a new monitor just because the device requires it. I realize that adaptors and extension cables solve most of this problem, but I still thought it good to bring this discussion forward.

I also don’t see where USB-C is as prevalent as people are making it out to be. It’s virtually nonexistent outside of a couple of high-end smartphones. USB-A is going to be far more prevalent for years to come, unfortunately. I don’t believe that there is use for more than maybe 1-2 ports of this kind on a dock, since there will already be 1 spare one on the V itself, assuming the other is used for charging via the dock.
That is why I see it as highly beneficial to include at least HDMI and a couple of conversion cables for those seriously looking at buying this dock.

Currently as it stands, I’m not seeing this dock device as an affordable, viable option.


How about having a type-C*/lightning port to connect a smartphone so that the dock can be for phones too


Just a thought, why stay as a normal traditional e-gpu dock. Why not spicy things up and make it an actual DOCK for EVE V.
Elevated tablet stand with adjustable highs and rotations, which could be use as a primary display or a very chic add-on display unit.


If your referring to a dock that would hold the V, as opposed to the ‘hub’ DD appears to be destined to be, that idea was discussed a lot in the initial #development:Donald-dock-announcements-development threads, but was ultimately decided against because the community wanted it to be able to work with any device, and because the V’s built in kickstand could already supported different angles.

There was a fair amount of support for this idea though which made for a good discussion. If you have the time, I recommend going and reading the old threads.


I haven’t followed this project that closely, nor do i have any interest in it because of the form factor. I was trying to drive a point with the previous topic. I just saw an ad for a new HyperDrive USB-C hub which basically has what I would like to see as an extra feature (the QI part with stand)

Feel free to ignore this post though since I’m clearly not the target group for this product.


What about how we conect to it Ie. V to dock, laptop to doc ect? I know it definitely need a thunderbolt 3 input but what about a just a standand type a port as well for older devices?


The only other standard type port that would really work would be USB.

If the dock is USB-C compatible (not thunderbolt), you could just use a different cable or adapter and have it work with almost any Windows 10 computer.


Sorry about that, I ment a usb type a port. What about with slightly older devices running windows 7 or 8.1 would type c to a still work as well? Iv haven’t had much experience with type c


I should have been clearer. USB C is only a different port, same protocol. If the dock is a USB C dock, it’ll likely use USB 3 (3.2 ideally) protocol, meaning that if you get a USB C to USB A cable, it’ll work on anything with USB 3.

If the dock is strictly thunderbolt, this won’t work.


i do not know if it was suggested but think about it add a power bank
as large as you can. or as the community decide


Has there been any updates on DD?


It has been quite silent around the DD project any updated @Xinjie ?


An interesting hub.