[Donald Dock] [Step 4.2] [POLL] Decide target painpoints/problems to resolve



no, there will not be an egpu in DD


Never understood why eGPU is even discussed in these threads. It is at best a separate future project that Eve may pursue. The Donald only needs to have a connection to an optional eGPU from Eve or anyone else. That’s it.

This thread was meant for what @Xinjie mentioned at the top.


@Spence absolutely my opinion.


True - but if we can make that option not a TB3 (daisy-chain) port but say a PCIe Slot that can attach an optional case via an PCIe-Extender Cable - maybe one made in the future by EVE that would imo be best - since that case wouldn’t need an expensive TB3 Connector then.

i believe thats what @Attiq meant as well

and a link to something similiar to what i was talking about (though obviously not exactly that):


I’m less and less convinced this is a viable project when there are products such as this on the market

Variable reviews though and the usbc lead from dock to computer seems short - so could hang from V - suggest such a lead needs to be at least 40 cm.


I think the dock should offer a similar function (i.e. Lots of ports + capabilities), however an additional feature/s should set it apart. I’m thinking:

  • Built-in speaker
  • Even smaller body (fits in travelling bags easily)
  • Has dial (control volume, or app-specific functions like Logitech Craft)
  • Slot for V-pen
  • etc.

It’s time to make the dock original, and put it into its own new category, rather than to compete with thousands of already existing ones with identical functionality!


I like the speakers and volume knob idea. Don’t think it’s that much of an added value. We could target it as “Speakers with ports”. However, I’ve never been in an office where speakers are used per computer.

It could compete with the cheaper speakers on the market with some significant benefits. I think I would be interested if it’s a semi-wireless 5(.1) or 2.1 set. Meaning, one speaker with all the functionality is wired, the rest is wireless. It’s a whole different target group but I dig it.


I have a cheap monitor which serves me really well, however I’m missing a great speaker which I can just attach to my laptop. If it is compact, I believe it could work quite well.

I don’t know how many people it would attract, though.


There is a market for it, of that i’m quite sure. I’m not sure how big the market is. And Eve probably loses the entire professional/business market. Which, going on posts here, is/was the main target group to ensure big sales.


These seem to have quite short USB-C connection cables. I mean, would it even reach the top-based ports on the V from table level? And what if I wanted to put V into portrait mode? I’d need to lift the whole HUB as well? I might go for one 3rd party HUB, but not with a 2-inch USB-C cable. Besides, it doesn’t support daisy chain. Not sure if I need it at this point, but why not be prepared?


I think we should vote on two things to clarify the purpose of this product.

1 - Who is this for?

  • Designers and artists
  • Music lovers
  • Movie fans
  • Basic user (word processing, etc.)
  • Internet user
  • Media & Photographers
  • Programmers
  • Gamers
  • Other… (reply)

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Keeping this in mind…

2 - What USPs should there be?

  • Huge range of ports
  • TB3 for monitors
  • Built-in speaker
  • Small circular touchscreen for options
  • Physical dial for options
  • Slot for V-pen
  • Robust to prevent damage
  • Compact and light
  • Stay on desk
  • Internal battery
  • Internal storage (SSD)
  • Short to very long USB-C cable (pulled in with mechanism)
  • = $100 or less
  • Other… (reply)

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It seems as if we haven’t properly discussed the main problems to resolve, so I hope this helps everyone have a better understanding of what Eve should make for us.


To be honest, while yeah there might be a market for this, I think it’s even smaller than the market for an eGPU.
Most people caring for sound will buy or already own a decent pair of speakers for home and on the go :wink:
(At least I do) therefore I think it’s better to just include an audio out option to the dock and ensure its taking advantage of the dac/build a dac into it, if you want to Target audio/movie lovers.

I personally love the Idea @Attiq has been trying to promote here for several reasons! (and yes I am aware that an eGPU is not the intention we had here). Please give it a read, It took quite some time to type it up :

  1. I completely agree with the point of DD + eGPU case + graphics card being way to expensive for most people (estimating that DD will cost over a 150€)
    That being said I think that naturally the DD will be most popular with Eve V buyers and in my opinion having the TB3 port and possibility to connect an eGPU is one of the major unique selling points of the V. I think that was also how the whole Dock discussion started:
    I imagine someone buying the V thinking about what an awesome device it is and all the possibilities it comes with. Then looking up what an eGPU costs and thinking that that’s way too much, especially right after spending a good amount for the V already. Then it would be a no-brainer to search on the Eve website (where you just found the super cool and comparably cheap surface Challenger) and see if they got a similar deal for an eGPU.

So wouldn’t you agree an eGPU would make a lot of sense? So to put it short price is the main point here.

  1. The V is very attractive and will/does attract to designers/potential apple users (for whom price might not be as important^^) as well (I believe). At least the small vote above already seems to back me up there!
    So what do these people (who are also potential eGPU buyers if they do some heavier tasks) value the most?

Good design and a clean desk - therefore most of them probably wouldn’t like to have the V + a donalddock (which I expect to be looking great together!) And then a not at all fitting eGPU Box all over the desk with cables everywhere. Which is another point why I like @Attiq 's idea -> it would ensure that the dock and the eGPU extension (only for those who want it) would look great and clean together.

Anyways I think this point also applies to the dd in general (without eGPU) it should be a very well designed product and offer a clean experience! Maybe with some cable management tricks up it’s sleeve :wink:

In a nutshell this point is about design, since that so far seems to be be only reason for me to even think of buying a DD over any other dock out there.

  1. The idea would also ensure that the DD is special and distinctive on the market. And if it’s done right you can only gain potential buyers and won’t loose any (if there is the GPU option for those who want it)

I would personally do it in this way:
Sell “just” the dock for relatively cheap (with a very low profit margin) but offer the eGPU part for a reasonably higher price (good amount of profit) and make it sum up for both at a price comparable to the premium eGPU products out there already (e.g. Razer Core).

As a result everyone just wanting a beautiful dock for there V can get it for a pretty cheap price (and is therefore much more likely to actually get it!!)
Then if they already have it and stumble across the eGPU idea they are very likely to go for the extension offered by Eve since it fits the design, is still considerably cheaper than getting a completely new eGPU from another brand and on top of that offers more flexibility.
I also believe that it will make the DD a more attractive product if there was the eGPU option, even for those who don’t want it at first but might consider it later on! (Basically this was the same with the V having the TB3 port for potential eGPU usage)!

Least but not last all the heavy media guys/gamers will buy the DD with the eGPU extension right from the start, which enables the DD (without GPU) to be sold at a lower price. And those gamers will end up with a nicely designed and very flexible (leave GPU part on desk and just take the Dock with you on the go) product for the price a Razer Core would cost them.

  1. The GPU part (which is primarily meant to be left on the desk could include some of the special features which might enable Eve to build the docking part smaller to also please the Featherlight people more.

  2. I had a lot more points in mind, but typing this up on my phone took so long I forgot them for now :smiley:
    Will add them if they come back to me :wink:

Sorry for the long post and don’t hate on me for bringing the eGPU part up again. It just feels like the discussion on the dock isn’t really happening ever since the eGPU was put out of this project and I still don’t see what the DD could have as a strong USP apart from what I’ve pointed out above!


Personally, I would prefer an speaker over the eGPU. I would place it on a desk with a desktop pc underneath, but those back I/O is always a ***** to reach.

That being said, if the dock could be designed to be expandable with different modules, there is something for everyone (speaker for me, eGPU for you. Maybe Qi charging pad as third option?). It could drive the price up though, so I think we need to consider the possible applications of a multi-purpose module extension before going all-in.

That, and I have yet to see a good mainstream product that won with modularity. Every phone who did it failed (Motorola, LG, Essential, Project ARA).

I think the eGPU solution should fit (and perhaps make use of) the DD, but should also be a possible separate product. When comparing to @Attiq’s design I would say, give the eGPU with a short extention cable to connect the DD and the eGPU fairly easily/stylish, and just design them to be stackable (like Lego’s), instead of going for a proprietary connection.

I know I’m arguing against myself here. It’s because I want one thing, but I’m pretty sure it’ll fail in mainstream.


Seeing as it should stay on the desk, unlike a phone, modularity could work quite well. This is what I was thinking, regarding ‘lego blocks’:

One could have ports on the sides, the other with an eGPU and fans on the sides, another with grills on the sides for sound output, etc.

This is just me taking your idea @TristanSchaaf and visualising it myself.

Edit: Below is a possible block for Qi Charging:

Edit: The blocks would be connected via pins. There shouldn’t be too many blocks, however, as I can already see reviewers mocking it for being a ‘tower’…

Please like if it’s a design you’d like to see :slight_smile:


I’d like to try a visualization myself this weekend (especially for the Qi charger since I have some “radical” ideas for that which I haven’t seen (here) yet).

The problem with modularity is, I think, you need a base. Not everyone wants the base, and it increases the price of it. So long the connection isn’t solely done on pins or new proprietary ways I think it might work. All the examples I posted had some kind of proprietary pin connection or mounting which made any module unusable for any other device.

I think the rule of thumb here is:

Modularity should never compromise the stand-alone functionality of a given device.

In other words: Every device should be able to work on it’s own, but may look/work better with others.

I was thinking more in the likes
yes, it becomes a tower in this case. But i’ve seen some other idea’s that could be very promising in bundling devices (Think magnets for example)


This topic has gone way off-topic. Please remember that the point of this discussion is to decide:

Also remember that we have the #development:dock-discussion-ideas for these kinds of discussion.


There are already lots of competitors out on the market. How are we suppose to challenge them? Do we have a WOW feature?


A problem with usb c docks are that they use power… can we reverse that? By having a usb pd battery built in?

Further the shape of the almost all portable docks are odly shapped. The DD has to be slim… light… and have the form of a book


Why the modular idea have been abandonned ? If you do a modular version you could please everyone and a wide range of possibility would be achieved with that… even portability in fact…


Because it is too complicated and complex to develop for now.