[Donald Dock] [Step 4.2] [POLL] Decide target painpoints/problems to resolve



This might be a good inspiration…


I was just about to draw something but my pen doesn’t work haha.

heres an old drawing, id keep it flat instead of triangular, you can get a lot of battery

…and it can become an egpu …of course :slight_smile:

I would caution that this is too complicated to pull of easily however


My pen is working…




problem is this dock is too eve v specific which would limit sales


I always talked about a little Qi charger/ pogo pin saver for the V keyboard connected directly to the pogo pins. With a Qi charger in the DD we can make it compatible to every other device (no directly pogo pin connection needed)…


The dock itself could have a kickstand? So we could adjust the angle and make it compatible with more devices.

Maybe double as a coolingpad. There was discussion about a coolingpad before.

Here’s a cooling pad/dock hybrid:


I have been imagining this kind of dock myself, just never bothered to sketch it. LOVE THIS concept. I don’t think it’s hard to pull off. Essentially it’s an eGPU dock connected (daisy chained) to a standard USB-C dock


Yeah it’s a slightly more complicated version of this design

I would still go for pcie connection between dock n gpu though, rather than TB3


Oh I see, I was thinking of the opposite. Physically it should look the same, still:

The V - connected to the large eGPU dock - then to the smaller USB-C dock

That way, the USB-C dock would not need PCIe or TB3 at all, it could just be a standard USB-C hub, and therefore reducing cost. Essentially its just that, like a Razer Core and a small USB-C dock that can be integrated into one.


Hmmm my version would be a Egpu housing with detachable Tb3 dock.

The tb3 dock would be the main module and the egpu bit would be a cheap secondary add on.

There would only be one PCB which is in the tb3 dock and the gpu is bridged over pcie to the dock.

This basically means it’s a Egpu split into two boxes (slightly cheaper) as apposed to a full egpu plus ucb add on dock (slightly more expensive)


What would be the physical connector between the TB3 dock and the GPU module? I think the regular PCIe connector is not designed for repeated insert cycles. I have seen an eGPU dock using HDMI as the connector, because apparently it works for transmitting PCIe signal, somehow.

Another part that’s quite important, in my opinion, is that the small module is more likely to be lost, stolen, or damaged, and therefore I think it is good to keep the cost of that component as low as possible, and dump the expensive parts on the stationary module


Guys, I love to see that my thoughts were able to inspire you… But afaik eGPU is still something that was decided not to think about for DD. :slight_smile: I really like the drawings of @dibadibadu and I am sure it is possible to design the dock to fit the eve v keyboard and the surface ones.
And for all others: because of the thin design such a dock is always better to hide. Place or maybe even attach it behind a monitor, beyond the desk,… Maybe it would be possible to integrate some screw holes…
Another possibility would be a triangle between the V/Surface and the Kickstand. This one could be placed behind every Notebook without taking much space. Stay creative! :slight_smile:


No, because of heat dissipation. But the holes are a good idea. Just two holes (in VEGA mount distance) to screw it wherever you want or to attach something…


On the egpu thing. If we’re are going all the way to a tb3 dock it’s only a tiny leap from there to egpu (literally just around £50 worth of components)

The thunderbolt 3 dock market is small, the egpu market is small, if we can make a product that successfully caters for both we might just have the numbers to make this whole thing worth while.

I’m not proposing the egpu be mandatory, quite the opposite is a simple addon to the base Tb3 dock. You don’t have to but the egpu bit if you don’t want it. Buts it’s there for many people who do want it.


I agree with your concerns which Is why I think it’s too hard to figure out.

A desktop tb3 dock with egpu module is doable
A mobile tb3 dock with desktop egpu base is a whole other story.

While it would be great because it covers all three markets lightweight(kind off) middleweight and heavyweight. I think we’d be bitting off more than we can chew.


I know right now enterprise environments are still trying to find good TB3/USB-C docks and monitors, and it’s a struggle right now to find a one-size-fits-all. If Eve made something that was fully compatible with Mac, Windows, and whatever else, they might be a real competitor in the enterprise world.

I don’t see this happening for eGPUs though.


If this DockCase wasn’t linked in the last thread, it should have been. That looks near-ideal for both portable people, and “desk dock” people.


Agreed, I think DockCase combined with Attiq’s concept would be the ideal solution.


It won’t be easy to fit all needs.
We are searching the “Eierlegendewollmilchsau” yes there is a word in Germany for a solution that’s absolute perfect and fits all needs. Something that doesn’t exist.

It is an egg laying sow (pig) that gives milk and wool. Something to eat, to drink and wool for the comfort. that’s everything a human needs. :slight_smile: