[Donald Dock] [Step 4.2] [POLL] Decide target painpoints/problems to resolve



*** This post is part of the Donald Dock project development.
*** Please check the master thread for whole project information

Duration: 10.12 - 14.12
Purpose: define the key value of Donald Dock, provide design mission/guidelines

Dear community,

Thank you to share your opinions about the advantages, problems, and possible improvements of the existing dock products in step 4.1.
Although the discussion isn’t as hot as previous steps (I think that’s mainly because of the new sales and V shipment), I still get a lot of useful information and inspirations.

We want to understand
What’s the core value of Donald Dock as middle weight category?
What’s the biggest painpoint(s)/problem(s) it resolves?
How it is better than the existing products?

And now, I shortly summarized our answers

  • Best power/performance
    E.g. Dual 4K monitor support, tow or more TB3, high power supply, good cooling

  • Best compatibility/most type of ports
    E.g. to have HDMI/miniDP/DP/DVI ports, both SD and MicroSD

  • Beautiful and practical industrial design
    E.g. V style design, material selection, shape, ports position, cable management

  • Lightest weight
    E.g. As light as possible to contain all wanted features

  • Most additional features
    E.g. wireless charging to phone/watch, integrated storage, integrated battery

  • Best reliability
    E.g. configure it once, and you can just leave it to the desktop corner collecting dust for years of using

Let me remind again what we defined Donald Dock now:

Donald Dock is a product that provides more ports to V and other notebooks to work better with peripherals.
It comes with “Middle weight” type. Most of time it stays on your desktop, with a simple plug-in to it and, you immediately connected to all peripherals.
Besides essential ports, it also reserves ports for future expansion and additional cool features.

And we all know that one product cannot be “perfect”, means it is the best in every aspect in the market. We need to choose the most important parts for us. If Donald Dock can be the best in 1 or 2 fields, it’s already a very successful product.

So in the voting, you can select
MINIMUM 1 and MAXIMUM 2 options

OK, let’s now vote :wink:

What should be the core value of Donald Dock as middle weight dock in the market?

  • Best power/performance
  • Best compatibility/most type of ports
  • Beautiful and practical industrial design
  • Lightest weight
  • Most additional features
  • Best reliability
  • Other (please specify in the reply)

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[Donald Dock] [Step 4.3] [POLL] Decide product specs & features
Community Digest 11.12

Why would someone need or want a dock to have integrated storage? External hard drives should be much cheaper and you’d be making the product even more niche (especially if you use thunderbolt 3 and by consequence the product becomes more expensive).

Same goes for the wireless idea. Realistically, how many people that will buy a thunderbolt 3 dock even have a smartphone capable of charging wirelessly?

The battery could be a good idea but it would (perhaps ironically) make the dock chunkier and heavier. I also don’t know if you’d need to have additional certifications to have a dock with battery.

I really hope the dock doesn’t become a Frankenstein that only appeals to some of the people who voted (and not all will buy it).


Yep i agree here

here too. I would just add one SD port. Normaly there is an adapter included if you buy a micro sd card.

a Clean design. Video ports and power in on the back + one ore two USB A for mouse and keyboard + Ethernet. USB C (tb3), SD card and USB A on the front.


NO. please no. I agree with @fanoftech4life.
wireless charging is not that good in my opinion. it is slow and not all phones will support it. so there will be people who cannot use it or want.
Integrated storage would only be interesting if it is available over the internet. Like the Synology NAS Systems.
And the battary will decrease the the product life, The battary is going to be more connected to AC power then delivering power. That not that good for the battery. Or the battery is a kind of accessory and the dock works without.

Yes. that kind of dock i am locking for.


The dock needs to be unique. So unique that it looks like the features were stitched together? No, but that’s not what we wanted with the battery and the storage. If you want ordinary, there is plenty of that out there already available. If I wasn’t hoping for these features I’d but one now instead of waiting who-knows-how-many months for this to be produced.

I’m a college student, and some of my classes don’t have an outlet in them. Really frustrating, but it is what it is. If the community votes for no battery, then I’ll look for one to lug around, but it’d be one more thing to carry.

I didn’t think of that. It’d be interesting, although I can see people voting against it because many people don’t need a NAS. If the dock just has an empty m.2 slot, people who don’t care for the storage and can ignore it, but with a NAS (even one with an empty slot) it’d be more expensive, pushing people away. It won’t only be interesting as a network storage; I’m planning to carry the dock around if i I’m able to, and having portable storage can be very helpful. I know flash drives are small and store a lot, but that just makes them easier to lose :stuck_out_tongue:


in my opinion a dock is something stationary and not portable but if you plan to carry the dock around the storage is indeed an interesting option.

But if enough people want an integrated storage it should be interchangeable. m2 or sata. and the dock should work without.


maybe they could implement a small amount of storage just to make it a “flash drive” or so called “save haven” to save important documents. i understand that this would drive the price higher though :zipper_mouth_face:
then again a dock should be stationary. thats the point of it right? so having an external harddisk for this is better.


I know for many it’ll just sit on their desk, I’m just one of the weird ones who will take this on the go. At least, if I’m able to. Its a wish and a dream, so I’m throwing my opinion out so it will get considered.


So I guess modularity is a no go :frowning:

Oh well,

I think we need a clearer delineation between what I would describe as the two main types of usage. Mobile vs Desktop. Mobile docks are designed to be portable whilst desktop docks are not. I think the middleweight dock clearly falls under desktop so features should be based on desktop utility rather than mobility.

Also I think the ‘additional features’ will makes or break this product, therefore they need to be carefully selected and have a minimal impact of the bill of material and baseline cost.

Taking those two points I do not think it makes sense for the dock to have a battery because its not mobility oriented but its makes a lot of sense to have an empty 2.5" hard drive bay and a wireless charging solution.

I can’t really think of anything else to add to the base dock without the cost spiralling out of control which is why in was so keen on the whole modularity thing. If I think of anything else to add to the dock ill be sure to update this comment.


More reliable, because if you accidentally yank the cable, the connection would be interrupted. I think we could even implement an empty tool-less HDD slot, like the HDD enclosures out there. Those only costs like 15 bucks retail.

Given iPhone and Galaxy S both support Qi wireless charging now, Id say over 50%

The one that makes no sense to me, is the battery, because of its “middle weight” nature where it is designed to stay on the desk instead of being mobile / portable.


I think wireless charging is not that great and the tech is not there yet as it is super slow. It would be nice if it can be charge faster and in a short time, but that technology maybe a few years away. I think incorporating Quick Charge 3.0 and IQ technology USB would be better as it allow for super fast charging like the Samsung phone and with IQ technology which battery pack uses, it can help to detect the best charging capacity in case the phone does not have Quick charging like the iphone.

Wireless charging can be added later when the technology become more advance and universal.


QI supports 15W of power, but there isn’t any phone that supports that. So it can be “fast” if someone would support it. Samsung supports 9W max if I remember right.

I have nothing against QI charging for the dock and I think it could be bonus feature as there are not many that actually support it.


Power and affordability


I use a chocolate bar port extender, it is very handy: when working on my sp3 it charges my phone.
As one is working easily for an hour or more on a computer, the phone gets charged one hour or more too.
No extra wire on your desk :slightly_smiling_face: too.
Wireless charging = added value!

But it is surely no ‘get my phone quick-charged’ item at all.
Slow-charging may be less harsh on the battery though.


One thing to explore is the commercial viability when there are already a number of TB3 port expanders on the market for around $150 upwards


I won’t bring up another “to eGPU or not” discussion, but to me (now that the eGPU is out of the way) the main selling point of an Eve Dock would probably be design. It needs to be beautiful and really slick on the handling side to make it stand out in my opinion.

Other than that I can’t think of a really unique selling point right now, but I am very curious what you guys come up with and how it will come out!


Is there a strong painpoint that need us to come together and resolve it or we just want a EVE branded dock to go with our Vs?


Most Docks I found had that old d-sub Monitor connector. No tb3 Pass through. Only one dp or hdmi.
A lot connects via USB A to the pc/Laptop/what ever…

So not just an eve branded dock. There is more


I still believe that design / form factor is essential. There already are several “bricks” with different ports and possibilities. But those are neither beautiful nor practical. They take a lot of space on a desk and are almost impossible to use on-the-go.
I’ve already presented my idea here: [Donald Dock] [Step 4.1][DISCUSSION] Painpoints and existing products/solutions but there surely are other good ways. But please just don’t build another brick - I don’t want one on my desk.


Beautiful and practical industrial design

This is the most important thing for me. It should be easy to work with and look good doing it. One cable to the V (or another PC I suppose) for everything.

Best compatibility/most type of ports

This is second most important IMO. I think the worst experience would be to invest a bunch of money into a dock, then find out you have to buy another adapter to connect something to the V.

I agree with @Christoph, @fanoftech4life, and @Attiq that putting a battery in the dock is a bad idea. The middle-weight dock is meant to be stationary 90% of the time, and in addition to increasing cost and decreasing the life of the product as has been mentioned, it would also probably increase the amount of time for Eve to develop, test, and produce, pushing back the date when any of us can actually buy Donald Dock.

This is a really good point. I think if we’re being honest there is an element to just wanting an Eve branded dock. But I also think we can crowd develop a quality, affordable product that would provide a really good experience. That’s what the V was all about. It’s standout features weren’t crazy off the wall for that product category, they were no-brainers that nobody understood why the competitors hadn’t implemented them yet.


STOP. You made me think about smth. What about a dock we can put under the keyboard when disconnected from the V (or when connected…)? If the keyboard is disconnected it is lying flat on the table. If the dock has a flat triangle design it could help to make the keyboard useable on the desk… With a little battery inside the dock we can even improve the keyboard battery. The dock isn’t lying anywhere on the table. It’s in the free space under the keyboard… just thinking… please add your thoughts…