[Donald Dock] [Step 4.1][DISCUSSION] Painpoints and existing products/solutions



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Bluetooth connector is a niche I admit. It could very well something to implement in a couple of years though. To “upgrade” ones Bluetooth connection.
The same goes for the WiFi receiver, accidentally put it in twice. I noticed how my iPhone has a better potential network connection then my MacBook. (i believe 650 Mbps vs 450). So again a niche, but might be something worthwhile in the future.

As for the WiFi transmitter/mesh. I do know that mesh networks are a thing. They’re coming to consumers and small businesses. My thought process was that if you connect it by an Ethernet cable, it can send out WiFi signals. How those are secured etc is another thing yes. I’m not network expert, and thus I don’t know the complexity of it. I do feel it’s possible. The question is if it’s affordable and if it can be rolled out to different routers.


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I’m pretty sure the nodes used for a mesh network have to be configured to work with each other in certain ways to maintain security and minimize signal interference and degradation; so just adding one in to the ecosystem wouldn’t work unless the rest of the nodes would automagically set it up.

In Enterprise situations there are engineers that handle this stuff. In home/small office, you typically buy a pack of access points that are designed to mesh with each other out of the box. Incorporating non-uniform devices may make it considerably more difficult to manage.


There’s a dock on IGG that pretty much does lightweight/midweight


Any Idea for a dock with Egpu ?
Only 20% have chosen the superweight Dock … but for me It was not just a “nice to have” Does some one of the community have a recommendation for an Thunderbolt 3 Egpu that does not cost me a kidney ?


Well things will vary on pricing but don’t think you can get one that is really cheap.


I’m don’t have detailed knowledge of the technical requirements to make it work, others can brainstorm about that. But from a cost perspective, the license fees should be gone as soon as beginning of next year (or some point in time next year). I wasn’t able to find the press release though if Intel in fact include a specific date.


nope, but compact egpu with modular gpu that can be attached are still rare nowadays, well i think i’m gonna buy Aorus gaming box…


The Flash sale and the shipping of the heb Vs are the topics number one.
The interrest for dock has to wait. Or everything is said.


@Xinjie this is a great concept! Maybe with egpu integration as well???


To reach 10k sales @Xinjie dont market it as a dock with egpu, but the other way round… “the world smallest egpu (graphics card not removable) with thunderbold dock for expansion”.


I’m not a fan of the non-removable GPU concept. If we are building in a slot for a graphics card then I think it needs to accept whatever graphics card we want or we should just build the dock so users can plug in whatever eGPU they want.

I’m also noticing that most dock concepts include an SD slot but no microSD slot. I would suggest having both. MicroSD cards are becoming commonly used enough that it would be nice to not have to always have an SD adapter around.


I agree, and to backtrack from my earlier comment I think the life of this thread should be extended given lack of comments.

It seems receiving the V is where most peoples attention is; at the moment.


I think a cheaper and more form efficient solution would be to include the adapter, or at the very least a place to store the adapter safely.
But if the room is there and the price isn’t so steep that’s ok by me.


A place to store the adapter isn’t a bad idea. I think it would depend on the cost of building the “carrier slot” in vs including a working interface. Personally, I would prefer to have both slots so I can import files from SD and microSD at the same time. I use cameras that take both kinds of cards and often shoot video with at least 2 cameras simultaneously.


It all depends on the costs and available space. The carrying slot is mainly a backup solution.


For sure. The cost/space has to be weighed against the convenience factors. I can always use USB adapters as well.


@fanoftech4life I haven’t seen your question about USB-C vs. TB3 bandwidth answered, so I’ll have a go at it in the expansion thing here.

USB Type-C vs. Thunderbolt-3


The USB-C spec is kindof all over the place depending on the version used and even the implementation, as some capabilities can be left out such as PowerDelivery, but in its ultimate (and imho very rare) v3.2 spec can carry 20Gbps (20 gigabit/sec or about 2.5 gigabyte/sec) of bandwidth. TB3 does 40Gbps.

For me, currently using a Dell laptop with TB3 and using a pretty decent TrippLite type-C Dock with both miniDisplayPort and HDMI. Using it in the office where we just got new 4k displays - due to the bandwidth requirements of that, I can’t get 4k60 out of it which is just frustrating as hell. I hate having choppy laggy mouse and window movements with 4k30. I use mDP on it but it seems superfluous since it does the same thing as the HDMI port so the most I can practically get out of it is 4k30.

My answers to this discussion - apologies for the length but I am passionate about this!:

What’s the biggest painpoint(s)/problem(s) it resolves?
For me, a middleweight dock should be a one-cable solution, eliminating cables all over the place, keeping my desk neat and providing a place to plug in more permanent things like hard drives, dongles/KB’s/mice, audio devices and of course displays.

Must have features for me:
Above all else: TB3 - for the greatest versatility, from eGPU to multiple hi-res displays
Second: Power Delivery (I already purchased an Apple 80-whatever-watt Type-C charger as a home charger so I’m happy if it comes with its own supply, or not)
Third: non-captive main connection cable (meaning I’m not limited to a worthless 3-inch TB3 cable that will inevitably get bent, pulled and abused)

How it is better than the existing products?
It will support the latest specs, maybe even future ones if at all possible. It will also contain enough and varied ports to be useful to most people. Just by having TB3, USB-PD and a good selection of ports, it’s already in the top 5 of docks available. “All we need to do” ;] is argue over ports, cooling, then get it compact enough so it’s not a Dell TB16 hehehe


In the market, the following product(s) is my favorite
Dell TB16 is nice, just big, v.expensive and apparently loud from its cooling fan
Aforementioned TrippLite dock is great because of the port selection, USB-PD and its portability, but lacks in bandwidth, gets almost too hot to touch in average operation (4k30 all the time?) and has a terribly short built-in cable.
The OWC 13-port dock is pretty good but a little overkill considering optical and fw800.

And if it is improved as above, I would like to pay $___ to buy it immediately
I’d easily do $150, then possibly up to $250 if it was absolutely amazing.

As an aside, I wonder about the lack of support from Intel if sales are below 10k units. Is support from Intel absolutely required to make a TB3 product?


Thanks foe replying :slight_smile:
Why don’t you use the thunderbolt port for the monitor and connect the dock via the other usb c? You even have two usb A slots in the V for mouse/hard drive or whatever you want.