[Donald Dock][Step 2.2] [SUMMARY/DISCUSSION] Potential product type



Here’s a couple discussions we’ve already had about modularity concepts already. I think Xinjie may have already linked one of them earlier but it seemed like an appropriate time to loop them back in.


Thanks for linking back to those threads, there’s really been a lot of discussion on modularity and eGPUs :sunglasses:
You could also link this thread in your post, to have everything together:

In the first one you link @Attiq arrived to the same conclusions: a modular approach for eGPU integration could be feasible if just one TB3 controller was used for the dock and the GPU. I would still add the “case-less” possibility, but there is really a lot to consider from @Attiq’s concept. It’s very forward-looking as it would allow future modules.

I think this modular approach should be really considered for inclusion as an option in the poll… if @Xinjie and the rest of the team see enough feasibility for giving it as an option.


This sounds like a great idea.


Just thinking out loud, if Donald ends up not being the super weight option or having the option to add an eGPU on in a modular way, than it should probably plug in via USB C and not TB3. This way users who wanted an eGPU could still get one and use Donald (if they wanted). Although I have heard some say that an eGPU has enough ports of it’s own that something like Donald wouldn’t really be needed at the same time, only separately if it was a travel friendly adapter.


I think There can be maybe 2 dock types, I will buy one maybe heavier, with more ports for a station at home and maybe have a smaller dock at work or maybe at the living room, or maybe even carry with me to use it the V on trips…kinda like the dock microsoft offered with their last windows phone


The Superweight (or size) option mainly relies on whether we would be to choose supplying a PSU with the system or not, that’s where the main bulk comes from. It also depends on whether people demand to have enclosure around the card, and what kind of enclosure is wanted. For an enclosure with PSU such as the HP Omen Accelerator, the costs add up.

Without PSU (BYOPSU or, if possible, we could think about a sold-separately “PSU brick”), the eGPU compartment will remain small in size and it would not necessarily amp up the cost all too much.

But this kind of lightweight eGPU option would then mean that either people will find a way to connect their own PSU to supply the GPU power, or we will have to sell a separate PSU for the system.


Could you please shortly explain “PSU”? What exactly makes it big? Are the two devices on the photos making the same???


IMHO, Donald can either do very many things really poorly or do a half dozen things very well.

Should Donald be fairly stationary like a traditional laptop dock, or more flexible/portable like a port replicator? Perhaps Donald should bridge a tablet to be a laptop like the Surface Book, or make the V capable of being a great entertainment center like a Bose iPod dock but for your V?

I think a hybrid of 2 of these ideas is aggressive, but compelling. The hybridization is what will draw many people in just like Surface Pro/Eve V did.

I like the idea of melding the fun of a Beats audio pill experience with the utility of a device charging thunderbolt port replicator. All the tech is stable, compatible for integration and can remain under a $250 price point whilst still maintaining a decent level of portability. I think Eve has a real game changer if they can hit a $199 price point. Probably possible with some creative engineering on the power electronics for charging and audio amplification.


Also, I’m a user who needs an eGPU. In no way do I think Donald should be have an eGPU capability.

I have a half dozen options and growing to get an eGPU. Let’s just make sure Donald doesn’t impede on an eGPU connected via TB3.


Power Supply (?) Unit (where you plug in power cord for your desktop, e.g.). Something that is enough for majority of the GPU cards ends up bulking up the size comparing to anything middle size/weight.

IMHO middleweight option is already about the size of a PSU, meaning that anything with PSU would already double the size and weight, putting it to heavyweight category?

Additionally if the card needs to be housed inside a case, the volume of the housing is dictated by rather the biggest GPUs out there than the smallest (You’re surrounding the space needed by the card by a case).

Easily ending up with a bulky box that doesnt resonate to people who just wanted a dock and prohibitively big to most who want it to be mobile.

Take both PSU and the enclosure out, though, and the dock and still support a GPU (it just needs PSU, and the card will be visible)


Does a GPU card always need a fan, even when its “free in the air”???


yes, but the retail GPUs already have fans in them. Other fans are only to remove the hot air from the closed system, and replace it with room temp. If the card is bare, the air is more or less always room temp


We need a nice “propeller”!!!


It needs at least a cooler as thermal output of modern chips is far too high to be cooled passively - even passive coolers for your PC case usually recommend one case fan for a slight airflow.

But this is going a tad offtopic - for further elaboration please consider making a thread :slight_smile:


I personally would never pay this much for a dock, especially right after a major purchase like the V. If Donald has an eGPU then I understand the price being this high or higher, but a nice middleweight port extender should not cost anywhere close to this.

Unless Donald has a bunch of other features (other than ports and power) that actually raises it’s value, I can’t see myself paying more than $100. If I’m being unrealistic, then I apologize and I guess I’ll just live with the V’s great port selection.


well in this case a dock is not a port extender. a dock can easily cost about 150 - 200dollars / euros. It all depends what it will provide. I really liked the old Surface Pro dock where you put your SP. Not the new one that is more of a port extender and still costs a few hundred.

Im pretty sure that an eGPU couldn’t not be anywhere near that price. Maybe without the graphics card inside the closure could be priced like that and everyone would buy the gpu themselves.


Surface Pro 3 dock was canceled because of incompatibility with onscreen writing or drawing while docked. In this case Donald Dock need to support different angles what means a lot of engineering…


Ski master,
199 wouldn’t just give you ports and power it would also give you a
quality audio and speakers. In other words. a typical $100 port replicator
married with a Beats Pill style sound system.


While I do understand why this would justify the price increase, I think it would be a mistake to include speakers. The V already has great speakers for a tablet enough to satisfy most people for most things. And those who want more probably aren’t going to be satisfied with the kind of speaker that would get crammed into a dock.

I personally have a JBL Flip 3 Bluetooth speaker that I use whenever I need more sound than my 2-in-1 can provide. This is much more appealing to me than having speakers in a dock because it’s very portable and wireless.


if the dock is going to be/have an egpu, it would be even better that the dock can also help v to cool down
a fan or something