[Donald Dock][Step 2.2] [SUMMARY/DISCUSSION] Potential product type



This would be the Dock I would need, but it should be able to support dual monitor and an integrated USB-PD PSU would be great (this should double up the size which is okay)

The USB C cable could be replaceable too or at least a little bit longer.

Another alternative without PSU which I would appreciate is a Dock in this style which fits the USB-C Ports of the V (Without PSU :wink: )

The above-mentioned Features are a must have for both of them in my opinion:

And I think this should be possible even on the 2nd model when stretching it up to the full size of the V


I like the concept shown in the second picture… just needs another display connector and RJ45 (also wouldn’t mind a serial port… :sweat_smile:)


I feel we need 2 docks. One for people on the go and one for stationary use. It should fit all use case then. If there is a way to make it modular so the mobile dock can dock into the stationary dock, that will be most beautiful. The stationary dock can act as a pass through for the mobile dock. I hope I am making some sort of sense.


IMO one SD slot is enough, and it should have 4 real USB ports. One type C for charging pass-through. And I agree about ethernet port.


Kind of late to the party here, but still, here’s my thought:

-I like the middle weight 2 dock, kind of the best of both worlds between portability and functionaility.

-More ports pls. Thanks

That’s literally it.


I haven’t been following this closely, but the following would be my personal preference:

Required, in my eyes:
• Light Weight or Middle Weight (1)
• Everything in the “Should Have” section.
• USB-C, Built-in Amp from the “Cool to Have” section

“Nice to have” in my eyes:
• battery, power delivery, and dual monitor, although I’m indifferent to all of these
• Daisy chain thunderbolt (although I may never use it, because I have yet to see anything with a thunderbolt port from a mainstream supplier)


I think that a “featherweight plus/minus” should be the way to go
"plus" because dual daisy-chain thunderbold ports and dual monitor support seem to me pretty useful (yes, the v does not need them and cannot use them, but why not broaden the appeal?)
(and there should also be at least one power-through USB-c port, so that we can connect the power supply to the dock, rather than the v)
“minus” because, frankly, I am not convinced about the vga port. If it were ever needed, there is always the option of using a dongle.


Obviously we are not talking about a speaker amp; and I don’t see why, at this point, eve should rush to enter the highly specialized hifi headphone amp market . Adding an amp would only increase cost, size, and weight but in all likelihood it would still not compete against specialized products, such as eg the Dragonfly Red, or any one of these .


I personally don’t see the point of doing a feather weight or even a light weight. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Eve could make a great dongle/port extender (which is really what those options are, not a dock). But there are three reasons why I think Donald Dock should go in a different direction:

  1. As @Eriol_Ancalagon noted, the V already has a great port selection for on the go
  2. Of course the feather or lightweight options would be best for on the go, but the fact of the matter is the vast majority of people who responded said they didn’t need it for on the go
  3. And more importantly, as @maxpeet noted, there are already hundreds of these that you could by for your V on the market.

I totally agree with @Phil

So if you haven’t guessed by now my vote is for a larger dock that doesn’t (or rarely) moves and connects everything to the V with one cable or plug. I personally don’t have a use for and eGPU, but I could understand that being a good choice for Donald Dock.

Also as everyone else noted, fantastic job on the data gathering and graphics @Xinjie and Dario!


But let’s go back to the list compiled by the eve team. What would you get in exchange for the loss of portability?

  • Storage. Ok, why dock storage, rather than an external hard drive or a NAS?
  • Speakers. My objection to including an amp applies to the speakers as well. The dock is a modest project, not an ambitious one. Is this dock something that you would sent to Stereophile or What HiFi to evaluate the sound quality of the speakers? If not, why bother? Get a pair of nice desktop active speakers, like the Ruark MR1/MK2 or the old Warfedale Active Diamonts. Or a cheap and chearful portable speaker like the Ultimate Ears.
  • 85W power supply. Ok, fine. Why would you want to put it in the dock, when it is so much easier to have an ordinary laptop brick charger trailing on the floor, where you would not need to worry about heat dissipation?
  • A stand for the v. Well, the v has an integrated stand and if you don’t like it, you can always get one from IKEA for 5 euros.


My vote is for the Medium 1. It includes a lot of items that I need and some nice to haves that will separate itself from the competition. I was always looking for a stationary solution at my workplace with a dual monitor setup.

Personally I don’t see the need for a light or featherweight dock unless you are constantly travelling. Even when I travel locally or out of the country, the most I have access to is WiFi. Hotels don’t typically have a monitor there for you ready to use, neither do cottages, etc. The existing many ports on the V will suffice for any one or two peripherals I might bring a long. Most people that are buying the V are looking for a stationary solution as @Xinjie already mentioned above.

Anyway 20+ percent is still a significant number and I do understand that some really need the VGA connection, and that there might be a few here that might work at multiple worksites so maybe a light Donald would be appropriate for that target market. It will be up to Eve to decide if making two Donald’s makes economic sense.

Please, please, please make the eGPU a separate device. I don’t want the Donald to be a superpower weight device…


I personally (and many it would seem) don’t care about portability, so it’s not really a loss . What I need is something that will sit on my desk and look good, something that allows my V to be portable and lets me only have to plug in one thing when I get back to my desk. So to answer your question:

  • More desk friendly/better looking design than a tiny brick.
  • More room for more ports
  • Space to include a feature or combination of features that would actually make Donald Dock unique


A cool extra feature that is not in the list: the “wormhole” allowing to share files between devices, even between pc and mac!
btw: it does look cool and it is still slim and featherweight.


The recent post by @Lukas_Fikr has changed my priorities on what I would like for the dock to be. My V will have 128 GB storage and I’m afraid that won’t be enough for me.

I’d like it to have large SSD storage and an HDMI port and be capable of PD battery charging. I think either middle size would be nice since I’d like good quality and large battery and at least 256 GB storage.
I’d like having a eGPU and would be interested if Eve made two docks, but I think a non eGPU one would be more practical for me and that’s why I want it more.


For me - I would like Middleweight 1 as travel/outside presentations options I already solved with small USB-C adaptor.



I would vote for Feather light and middle weight (could be both 1 and 2).
So why?:slight_smile:

First of all each of those have little bit another purpose.
Feather light is first of all for connecting stuff on the go or quick increasing of ports.
Use cases: meeting with client at work, when they can have a projector with anything: hdmi, DP, Mini DP; quick sd card reading (for large ones), connection through ethernet (when your router is not working properly) and so on. For me it is mostly port extension, one dongle for everything. I know some people use this stuff as stationary dock, but i think it is mostly because of price.

Middle weight: this is stationary dock for quick plugginng all your stuff at work or home (mouse, keyboard, monitors and the rest).

eGPU - for me it is still something other than dock, unless you need some extra graphic boost for handling multiple 4k monitors, like in case of acer dock.

Summing up: I’m for two dock’s -> one portable dongle and one stationary beast:)


These all look like port replicator options, not docks. Is that the intent?


Maybe the main issue is we have to determine what we want from the dock.
In support of a modular dock:

On the go:

  1. I am a VJ, so I foresee using my V to do very simple VJ sessions. Thus, I will need a hdmi/DVI output, at least 3 USB ports and a RJ-45 output.

  2. I want things to be light as possible as I carry way too much stuff while moving about.

Back Home/Office

  1. Back home I have tons of peripherals so I just want to plug in one cable and be connected.

  2. Graphical workload can be intense at times as I may need to edit videos(combine a few videos and be done with it. I am lazy that way)

So what the above translate for me is a lightweight dock/dongle(if you wanna call it) that has at least 2-3 usb 3 port, 1 hdmi port and 1 ethernet port for on the go and when stationary, a egpu with as many usb ports as possible. But this is just me. If we can come up with a comprise that fits most of us I will be golden.


What I forget in step 2.1: A place to put the V Pen inside the dock for a save place at the desk and for transportation could be neat…


Let’s not start with the storage here, OK? Everyone needs different amount and different speed, and why should a guy who already ordered a 1TB upgrade pay for your tiny 256GB thing? Remember, everyone buying the dock will have to pay for all the features, not only the ones they personally need.

So to you I’d suggest buying a USB HDD (not suggesting SSD because in most cases it’s not worth it. Your software and most accessed files will be on the internal SSD anyway). That way you get what you want, without making others pay for it.