[Donald Dock][Step 2.2] [SUMMARY/DISCUSSION] Potential product type



And then, most meeting rooms have adapters to HDMI, because VGA is so ancient people don’t have it in their laptops.


What exactly do you dislike about mechanical keyboards?


I think it depends on which type of dock we are talking about. With a portable dock I would agree, with a more stationary dock I would not.


There is one form factor missing for me: same size as the V. If the V is portable, everything with the same size is portable, too. Even two V’s are fitting into the mozo case (as we’ve seen at the Ulm meetup).


Middle weight 1 and “you don’t want to take it with you” is not a fact, it’s a presumption because the V is like that and it is build “to take it with you”.


Floppy are still used in many places(more than you may think) it doesn’t make it a reason to be supported :wink:

Seriously though, the trend is on HDMi not VGA. Since sometime already the very large majority (if not all) of HMI equipment is proposing only HDMI/display port/…
I really don’t see the point to bring a more complicated PCB and Housing with higher BoM, thus leading to higher costs, while it doesn’t bring a real differentiation and that you only neeed a very few bucks are needed to get an adapter.
The Pyramid flippin is not there I think. I believe that from Marketing perspective Eve should focus on current and future trends, not on legacy technology.


@Kuri64 I believe that from Marketing perspective Eve should focus on current and future trends, not on legacy technology.

Consider the wider market if the dock is to be viable. This community has a lot of tech enthusiasts whose requirement is towards one end of a bell curve.

What do the majority of users require - perhaps lightweight or middleweight so just one connector from the V to the dock and the vast majority of things work?

Yes perhaps more like a hub than a dock.

Wonder also if the term dock has skewed the discussion as we think about docks where the laptop sits on some form of base and “locks in”.

In which case do we need also a full blown heavyweight for a few people. By definition that would be expensive and only produced in relatively small numbers?

So consider the commercial aspects as well


For sure not producing all 5. Depends on the voting result, maybe 1-2


maybe it is possible to create a cable together with eve’s partner Microsoft to connect all the SurfacePro (beginning with SP3) with a superpower weight Donald to make all MS Surface AR ready…


I would like to remind everyone in looking at the analysis of @Xinjie: 79% want to use the dock at work/office or at home. Only 21% said it would be need for the go.
So that is why I plead for a more stationary one, because this is the use case most people articulated. And if you go into the business sector, I think it is important to have a stationary dock.
I think in other threads @Christoph argue very well exactly for this. (see [Donald Dock][Step 2.1][DISCUSSION] What you need and how you will use it)


Right, reading some feedbacks I wonder whether some consider HDMi or display port as a potential dog feature and whether they see VGA as the next big star.
VGA is not even a cash cow anymore.

edit: Edit because I misread/misunderstood the referenced post references :sweat_smile:

Precisely : where can Eve differentiate itself from the tons of docks/hub available on the market. What will make it Special?
If the answer is VGA I think that there is a problem.
It cannot(should not) be only on price either, Eve needs to propose something mor for user experience.

The V did attract not only because it was a great bargain but because it had great specifications and design. It was proposing a unique approach to 2-in1 in the end.
i do not think that VGA would make it special.


Very valid point, the community here. It’s like Kickstarter campaigns who’s success may suggest a wider consumer interest than there is in reality.

So maybe it would be a smart move to double check market potential by using the (hopefully good) contacts to different influencers out there once the possible product is more defined (boiled further down to two scenarios).
I’m thinking on getting polls out there on famous sites or inviting more people here to view without registration. Maybe as a kind of lookout with the V reviews?


As a form factor I would love to see something with similar dimensions like the V / other convertibles. Just like a DIN A4 book you could ALWAYS carry with you, if you have your V / Surface / whatever with you, just like those devices would have more weight.
Also this would be enough space for a lot of ports and battery :slight_smile: if you want to use it, just put it beyond your V / Surface / whatever, so it won’t take more space on a desk or even on your legs :slight_smile:
Only disadvantage would be: eGPU wouldn’t fit in. Anyways IMO it is better to seperate gpu & dock… everyone who doesn’t want the gpu Option won’t buy this dock if it would have it. And I guess more People won’t Need it rather than Need it.


where did I say that? Some tech enthusiasts suggest that though!

Previously I wrote that no need for VGA or DVI as obsolete or such minimal use


My bad, I have been confused by the quote of my text and the answer to dibadibadu I think.
I edited it accordingly.


As a university prof I cannot live without a VGA adapter. Not only do many (most) classrooms still (unfortunately) have VGA based projectors but also at big international conferences that take place in convention halls and huge hotels (Marriott, Hilton, etc.) they still use most of the time (at least here in the US) projectors with VGA connections. So for me a VGA port would be absolutely necessary otherwise I will have to ad another dongle to my donald.


I would want Donald to do that too :wink: You should be able to use it to charge the device attached, but also use it on the go without power nearby.

But Donald would be able to charge all that stuff too, since it has to be USB-PD compatible. You could even have 2 ports putting out power for your switch and your V :wink:
You would need a spare USB-C cable anyways and the charger, instead of just a spare two-plug cable which is much cheaper than an usb-c cable, but the dock would be more expensive so that is no real point.

It is more like having a radio which supports AM not only FM :stuck_out_tongue: Which hurts limits no one but adds compatiblity.

Making everything futurepoof does not mean you should forget about the present…

Sadly not where I would need them… And sometimes there is HDMI and VGA available and the HDMI port does not work and you need to quickly swap to VGA. VGA is dying that is true, but it is (sadly) not dead yet.

But then I would need an adapter to use the big adapter I just bought which is in my opinion not really smart :thinking:

If you want it futureproof and cheap you could just add one TB3 input and one TB3 output at the dock since you could use another bunch of docks and adapters to put behind the TB3 output anyways, but why would you need this dock then?

TLDR: I am in fact looking for one thing (more like a hub than a dock) to add all the ports to the V which it is missing. I do not want to carry a suitcase full of dongles with me. Adding the charging electronics into this thing eliminates the need of any additional Items you could need with your device.

I think the USP of Donald Dock could be that it is compatible from the present to the future with everything we need without extra dongles/adapters. And that is not only VGA itself it is also USB A and much more.


just a quick scribble of an idea…


eGPU as additional Option? :slight_smile: love it!


I need 2 different kinds of docks. The one on the desk and one to connect any kind of beamer, TV, monitor on the go perhaps lan.
For the second one is enough on the market. Perhaps Eve can build one (dual monitor ,hdmi, dp, Usb-pd -> with usb-pd e mean that it works without any power but that a can attach the v Power supply to charge the v and or to get support for more monitors or higher resolution if this is even possible) and a guarantee to work with V. So that I can show e.g. a PowerPoint presentation at a meeting.

I don’t need en egpu. At the office the co-workers who need graphic power are working with workstation with a lot of Power. The co-workers who have to go to meeting are using laptops. They don’t need graphic power but an easy to use dock or port replicator.