[Donald Dock][Step 2.2] [SUMMARY/DISCUSSION] Potential product type



Would like a dock that we can put the tablet in and be able run extra monitors off it and still use it as monitor like this https://youtu.be/cXU4iK5-SNU

Oh i didn’t not now someone already posted it but I’ll leave this so other can see it and


Please read the thread above and you will find your suggested solution already discussed more than one time. Even the MS garage guy in your video posted here…


@Xinjie Might be too late, but please take a look at my updated V stand design :slight_smile:

Also tagging some other people so they get a notification about the updated design.
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My choices, featherweigt and middleweight but
I see a lot of legacy and missing specs.

  • hdmi - I suppose at least level 2.2
  • vga - asking for trouble legacy - drop it

For the feather weight - looks nice but;

  • missing LTE (my phone must be free for other use)
  • 4 video ports? drop a few, it should be featherweight
  • should pass trough / daisy-chain
  • should form/feel as an extension of the V not a separate box

For the Middle weight

  • Power-down logic in case of power loss would be nice.
  • should proper stay in place with all cables attached. No flying around on top a sturdy hdmi cable.


I think a lot of us, agree that converting the V into a complete desktop with the eGPU would be the world.
So, I would love the super power one, or actually anything with an eGPU.


“A lot of us” is nonetheless a minority. I only want to make sure that there will be no false impression.
The vote shows that the majority wants some middle- to lightweight option! The use case topic showed that most want a down-to-earth solution for connecting the V.

I guess the “lot of us” is coming from a certain perspective only.

During the threads I was partly rethinking my opinion: First, I am a clear advocate of the middle-weight option. Then I liked the modularity idea to expand the middleweight to a super-power one - but then I rethought it: What the hell is the difference between the superweight-option and a real desktop case? I do not find any good reason why not to use a desktop case for this or even buy a desktop: In a desktop PC you may have a graphics card slot, CD/BD burner, harddisk, soundcards and so forth - be able to add a more performant CPU.
Sorry, I do not see any good argument for the superweight option for me personally.


Yes, it is a minority. By a lot of us, I meant designers or people who create visual content. A graphics card other than the integrated one would’ve been preferred, that’s all.
Of course, the desktop would be a dream, but being able to have the portability of the V with power of an actual desktop would’ve been the ideal option for me.


if you build both a lightweight and superpower weight, i will definitely buy both.

obviously one for the desktop powering an insane number of monitors, and one for on the go and always in my travel bag.

please make it so.


I definitly need a superweight for Egpu for 2D/3D graphics purpose, maybe some gaming too.
If a light Wright ils create I may buy both (for travelling).