[Donald Dock][Step 2.2] [SUMMARY/DISCUSSION] Potential product type



Pretty sure Nvidia is making special graphics cards specifically for the SB2.


Stand like dock - Surface Studio esque.

Sorry if it’s already been mentioned(didn’t see any when I scrolled through the thread tho), but have we considered a stand like dock that holds the V in place? This would obviously be for the heavy weight form factor. Imagine a dock that allows the V to be fastened like the screen on the Surface Studio, where it’s held in place by a connector at the bottom(use the magnetic connector) and on the sides by using a mechanism that enters the USB A and USB-C ports. This ensures that the V is held firmly in place. The Thunderbolt 3 Port would then be passed through to the base so that the eGPU connectivity remains possible while the rest are used to add display outputs and extra USB ports. The pogo pins could also be passed through so that the keyboard could be connected to the dock at the bottom and still work, but this might be slightly awkward solution.

I believe the pro’s for a setup like this is:

  • Allows easy use of stylus and drawing while docked
  • An integrated and smooth solution
  • Third party eGPU can still be added

Though the cons are:

  • Probably expensive as it involves a lot of mechanism (R&D for hinges etc.)
  • More or less utterly stationary
  • Useable only on the V, limiting market scope

I stumbled upon something similar for the Surface Pro on amazon, only that this holds the device statically in place. Surface Pro 3 dock

The surface studio. Imagine the V instead of the Studio screen.

Here’s a rough prototype I took the time to create in Solidworks:

Of course this needs alot of refinement and I haven’t really put much thought into what ports it should have. Just thought I’d share this idea tho :slight_smile:

EVE V Stand with modular dock

This is my favorite design so far.


Since I’ll be connecting the dock to two 24" office monitors I would have little use for this.

Interesting concept though.


What I dislike about it is that it occupies all the USB ports… Since you only use the TB3 one for docking, have you thought about pass-through for the others? :wink:


This is good.

You don’t want to write an scribble on your V? I do. If there’s a dock like this it needs to support different angles.

But I don’t like the connection at the sides of the V. There must be a solution with using the kickstand (open it a bit or maybe in 90° angle and slide the kickstand into something…)

And think about heat dissipation from the back!!! The back of the V should not be covered…


@LazerCut : Take a look at this:
VESA ergonomic arm docking mount for Eve V?


While the design looks kinda cool, I fail to see the point of a stand-like dock. It seems a bit overkill to me.

The V has already a kickstand that can change its angle, and without a heavy-fixed dock it will be easier to move around the desk to achieve the best position (not only the right angle), which varies for typing, writing or drawing.

I mean, a standalone dock, combined with the built-in kickstand, would achieve almost the same experience as a slide-in dock, or better, with much more flexibility.

When thinking of a stand that could really add new capabilities to the V, a much more flexible and ergonomic mount comes to mind, like the one in the thread @dibadibadu is linking.


And also add a capability to rotate in 90 degree at least, to make portrait mode. It would allow to use V like add-in monitor right next to the main monitor.


Thanks! Feels good that my 3-4 hours of Solidworks modelling was well received :slight_smile:

I imagine it would still be a nice addition to have standing beside the office monitors as you could use it as a drawing tablet for taking notes with the stylus. Then again if you don’t see a use for that then this design is probably a bit overkill for you.

The TB3 one was intended as pass-through so you get all the bandwidth available for a potential eGPU. The other ones I imagined would be used to hub other connections. If this is the best solution I don’t really know. Pass-through of the others and using the TB3 for docking is possible too, but that limits the eGPU bandwidth and I know that that reduces the eGPU performance.

The connectors on the side might be a bit larger than they would be in an optimized design. They are necessary if you want to expand the port options on the dock, otherwise you’d need to use a cable, which is possible as well. If you open the kickstand to some degree and use it as a fastening mechanism, it might interfere with the design’s ability to lay the V down horizontally, depending on the mechanical solutions we come up with. About the heat dissipation, the material used could either be very head conductive, or have holes in it to allow airflow.

Yes this is very similar, kudos to the guy to already have created that for his SP3. I think my design has the advantage that it allows the V to be put completely horizontally, which is beneficial for drawing. Then again I imagine the VESA arm would allow for more angles of placement.

One distinct advantage is that it allows the V to be raised to normal monitor height, so you won’t have to hunch your back to use it. This is also one of the pro’s of the VESA ergonomic mount.

Agreed this would be a kickass option. Mechanically speaking I’ll have to think a bit about how to do that since right now the design is made so that the turning piece on the mount itself goes flush with the dock so you can lay the V horizontally. In order to allow rotational capability I’ll need to add something that spins and that would most likely need to be in the center. I’ll look into modifying the design when I find some time(not that likely with my studies).

Also, if anyone wants the Solidworks files I’ll be happy to send them :slight_smile:


Firstly thanks @LazerCut for your ideas and pushing the discussion forward.

Personally, in my current use case I find that when I dock my 14 inch laptop into a dock at work, the two monitors I connect to become my main productivity areas. I don’t look at the laptop much since the resolution on that smaller screen makes it hard to see anything. My view therefore is that once docked, the V with a 12 inch screen will not be that useful next to potentially much larger monitors, and so doesn’t need to be raised up or anything. Just the act of moving a mouse cursor from a larger screen to a smaller screen doesn’t always go smoothly (you literally hit a wall)

Now some of this might be my own inadequacy around setting up my laptop and monitors, but thought I would share my experience. It’s a shame to think that that great screen wouldn’t be used when docked!


I agree, with the exception of having the ability to use the pen/touch on the V. And while I do most my work on the main monitor, it is nice to have supplementary info that’s less important displayed on the device itself so I can just glance at it without having to switch windows.


Thanks for drawing that up @LazerCut. I personally have no use for a stand but would suggest two things regarding design.

  1. It should be just a stand that is built and purchased separately from the dock. That way the dock can be used with devices besides the V.
  2. I think a stand needs to have the ability to hold the V in Portrait and Landscape mode.


Regarding port pass-through, I was actually talking about the normal USB ports. Actually it would be best if they weren’t covered at all… so if you’re using a flash drive and want to dock/undock, you don’t need to unplug it. Especially matters if something is installing and you don’t want to interrupt it. Of course, it also applies to other types of peripherals… Flash drive is just an example :slight_smile:


I really like this a general concept so well done :slight_smile:

However as much as I like it as a design it doesn’t seem totally necessary. The reason I say this is because I think the dock needs to be kept as simple as possible and any ‘killer feature’ should also likewise be relatively simple. This concept whilst really cool ads a lot of mechanical complexity and while I agree that having the tablet elevated for ergonomics is a good argument I don’t think it offsets the cost of the complexity. Adding to that the V already has a good kickstand, which covers the needs for different angles.

Also I (and others I’m sure) am of the opinion that Donald Dock should not directly house the V but connect via a cable. The reason for this is because it would be nice for dock to work with other devices. It would be unfortunate if Eve’s next major project, say a laptop, didn’t work with its dock.

All that being said, I really like it and think we should consider something like this for future products a future revisions of the V especially if we ever make a larger sized V, like the second generation surface books.

Edit: I also agree with what @Smyler316 said in that it should be a separate stand without the built in dock. I think this was the main takeaway from all the other stand, mount and ‘direct dock’ ideas.

Then again if we have a modular dock we can look at having this as an add on module (maybe at a later date), but I’ve been looking into this for a while and this creates module ‘clash’ issues, you’d have to choose between the stand mechanism and other modules.

Good job!


Quoting people now instead of posts as the previous one got too long.

@Kee No problem :slight_smile: And yeah, you got a point, it’s not likely for everyone. Regarding the resolution incompatabiliy this guy(VESA dock) seems to have managed to do scale everything correctly so it should be do-able. His device is in portrait mode though.

@Smyler316 Thank you guys for coming with feedback :slight_smile:
Regarding your points:

  1. You make a good argument. I’d definitely welcome the flexibility of that too. Also if the dock ends up being small enough and rectangular the base of the stand could be made so that the dock would fit into a slot on the base(See below for sketch).
  2. Definitively agree. It might be possible to add another plate to the holder, so that the vertical motion mechanism is fixed to a backplate while the plate that houses the V and fastening mechanisms can rotate above.

@pauliunas I think covered USB ports has to be a compromise we’ll have to live with with a dock like this. Not having one side covered would make the design unsymmetrical and ugly, also it would lessen the mechanical support of the device. I think most peripherals are gonna be plugged into the dock from before already anyway?

@attiq Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: Yup there are a number of drawbacks to this design, and cost and cross-device compatibility are likely to be two of them.

I for one would like a physical dock as opposed to just a brick with more ports out as I think there’s enough of them available already from other vendors. Makes it more of a dock feel instead of a dongle feel. That’s just my opinion though.

A modular dock could be added like this atleast:

I’ll try to update the model with the rotational feature sometime soon


Would it be possible to design the stand with “holes” on the side so the USB ports would be “covered” but still accessible?


No, I don’t think you get it. For example a flash drive. Let’s say something is installing from it and it takes an hour. You need to leave, but you don’t want to interrupt the install. So you can’t unplug the flash drive. Do you leave the tablet at home to finish installing or do you take the whole dock with you? I think neither is an option. There is more than enough space below the ports to hold the tablet in place… Also, the USB ports on left and right are around the same height, so it wouldn’t really look asymmentrical.


I was thinking through the R&D involved in the Surface Studio and by extension, in @LazerCut’s idea (which I do like, despite the R&D concerns and my general concern on how viable it would ultimately be given the V’s size and relative small market penetration) and came upon another thought (Which I do not believe I’ve seen in the VESA mount or dock discussion).

The community has discussed the utility of a VESA mount for the V, and similar mounts have been manufactured for a large array of tablets. Why not focus on build the Donald Dock as, in effect, a VESA accessory? (Pardon the fairly crude mockup, it’s late and I’m not even sure this post will make much sense when I finish it)

In my experience, and on my own VESA mounts there is a not insignificant gap or leeway with mounting bolts that could in theory allow for an additional plate to be added between the monitor and the support arm. Using this space, I believe it would be possible to attach a plate which could then (either via a rail or other mechanism) support a light to middleweight dock.

This would get the dock itself off of the desk, freeing up some space and allowing some of the cables running to the dock to be tucked up into cable management of the monitor arm (as is usually included to help with monitor cables). It should also work out for at least some of the use cases presented for the more surface-studio style docking station -assuming the development or use of a VESA mount of some sort for the V- while remaining flexible enough to be used with devices other than the V or even without the mount bracket attached.


The same argument could be levelled at a flash drive connected to any dock. Depending on the size of the dock, you wouldn’t want to take the whole dock, or unplug the dock to take with you.