[Donald Dock][Step 2.2] [SUMMARY/DISCUSSION] Potential product type



Looks great! It is this size because he used an external PSU that can just be hidden away.

He also used an “expresscard to PCI-e” adapter. There are still no “TB3 to PCI-e” adapters in the market, for some reason. Once they are available, we should be able to create DIY setups like this. But this would belong in this other thread about DIY eGPUs, which is probably a different scenario than the one we are discussing here, and could even be a pure community project.

What did you mean by “dockable”?


umm… i dunno, in my mind dockable means like this : V can be attached to the eGPU itself, i know a bit crazy, but this is what in my mind when they say about docking station :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think that’s needed, really… Laptop docks raise the screen a bit, help with cooling, keep the keyboard at an angle and are more “elegant” to plug in than a cable, but in the case of Eve V, there is no need to improve the cooling as it’s already awesome, the keyboard is already angled with the magnetic holder and there is no docking port at the bottom, so basically an Ikea shelf + a port expander would offer the full functionality of a “dockable dock”.

You could make a “dock” that clips right into the USB C ports, but that wouldn’t really provide more support, and could even limit the usability of the kickstand.


then there’s still a possibility that it will not dockable as i meant? thank god! :blush: so, we can use it universally if it is undockable


Yes it does :slight_smile:

Also, with V cooling, setting the TDP to 7W would make the i7-7Y54 just as good as i5-7200U. No need for anything from Microsoft’s part.


You are correct. It so seems the site I had gone to find about it had the information wrong. Apologies


The more I read about this the more I agree that there are already enough small docks/hubs already on the market and we don’t need to create another one unless its truly unique. The same applies to PCIe eGPU’s. This is why I think the Superpower Weight or a modular system are better. With Modular we can have a lightweight dock to take on the road that still works as part of the larger system. If it doesn’t need TB3 then just put a pass-through on it for when its attached to the home base.

Another thought about modular is just designing it to allow users to plug in whatever port extender they want. Then they can buy the travel device of their choice and plug it into the home base if they want. Or they can buy a featherweight hub of their choice for travel and a larger device with snore ports to use at home/work with Donald Dock. The same could be applied to eGPU’s.

It could also be designed in a way that allows the tinkerers in our midst to buy a blank module and put whatever they want in it…within limits of course and it would take some serious planning to provide the best form factor.

My thoughts are…
I do want TB3 and daisy chaining. It’s the direction things are moving and I think it would be unwise to exclude it.

Dual monitor support (maybe 3) should be inclused.

Built in speakers aren’t needed. Audio output is but what kind (5.1, 7.1, plain old stereo) needs to be determined. Maybe put a stereo output on the main dock to keep cost down and offer 5.1 in an add-on module.

Built in kickstand isn’t needed. Portrait mode seems to be the main reason anyone has talked about it and there’s plenty of stand options out there already.

Docking interface…nesting the V into the dock. I dont want that. I want to put Donald Dock out of the way and either plug the V into it with a cable or also tuck the V away with DD and use an external monitor.

Future proofing for VR. I don’t plan to use it but it seems like something we should really think hard about before deciding to exclude it. Again…its the direction things are moving.

USB-PD needs to be included. Lots of users want to charge several devices.

I really want to see modularity so we can have things like Bluetooth or WiFi output and other things that allow DD to act as a central hub even when the V isn’t attached. I’d play misc thru it. If i was living in a small space like a university dorm is I’d use it to play videos from whatever device I could hook to it. Monitors make great TV’s. KVM module?

I just think that a lot of us will go out and buy a port extender of our choice (or use what we already have) as soon as we get our Vs rather than waiting for a new product to be finished.


These are my thoughts to 100%. I couldn’t write it better. Thanks that you take the time to write this and saving some minutes for me. This is the way to go… If I could give 100Likes I would…


Great device. Midrange GPU is enough. Maybe eve can have a look to the integrated PSU of xbox one s which can’t be that big… Something like that with integrated PSU could be still trabsportable…


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But in your logic, you could say Eve shouldn’t have made a 2in1, right? Is it “unique”? I don’t think so. It’s yet another 2in1 with its cool features, in the world of many different choices with their own cool features. It’s nothing truly different.


Can someone explain to me what a superweight dock does that a small form factor PC doesn’t, (except you’d have to get another CPU)?


Another CPU? Why? I think the main difference is eGPU, but I don’t get what you mean by another CPU…


I mean if I had a dock I’d use the Eve CPU, if I had a small PC, I’d need to have CPU in it. But if I was doing the kind of work that was demanding an eGPU and PSU, maybe I’d want more powerful CPU than in my Eve anyway.

I guess what I mean is that the superweight seems to be about turning my Eve into a desktop, and I don’t know why that is a good idea. I am sure it works for some people and I am just curious what the difference is.


The difference is that you can have the very same installation of Windows both at home and when you’re mobile. That’s very convenient as you don’t need to update your apps twice, update Windows themselves twice, install apps twice, and you never forget to transfer any files between those 2 machines because they’re actually one machine. I think that’s pretty convenient.


Ah, OK, fair enough. I keep files in shared space, but not having to maintain two boxes & Windows is an advantage.


I think the main idea of having a egpu dock is to minimize clutter. I don’t know about you, but where I am from, space is at a premium. So to have as little things as possible makes good sense. Having more than one computer at the desk makes for very cramped quarters.


Yes, its just another 2in1. However, I do consider it to be unique because of what it offers as a whole package at a price point that is pretty unheard of.


Well, why not do the same with a dock? They’re all really expensive and lack one feature or another. Or are like REALLY expensive. Sounds familiar? :stuck_out_tongue: