[Donald Dock][Step 2.1][DISCUSSION] What you need and how you will use it



I am a professor and often have to use an ethernet cable (office) and older projectors that only have VGA. Consequently, I would really like to have these connections on the dock, even though VGA is outdated. In addition some other connections are absolutely needed. So here comes the list of necessities:

  • 1x Ethernet
  • 1x VGA
  • 2x HDMI OR 2x USB-C port with HDMI-ALT-Mode build in
  • Stereo / Mic Combo Audio Port
  • 3x USB 2.0/3.0 (for mouse, keyboard, printer, external HDDs)
  • 2x USB-C charging/power port for charging the V and charging phone
  • DC IN

If there is room and possibilities it would be great to add some of the following features (listed according to priority):

  1. 1x SD card reader
  2. 1x USB-C Thunderbolt 3 for daisy chaining
  3. internal battery functioning as a potential battery pack
  4. internal speakers

I will use the i5 version of the V (8GB, 256 GB) but would also like to connect my i7 Desktop. Being able to connect both machines to the same dock at the same time and switching with the help of a hardware button would be absolutely amazing.


I am a software engineer working in a software subsidiary of a telecommunication company.
I am using Eve V, link.
I want to use Donald Dock at home,


connect a monitor with HDMI
connect a pair of headsets with 3.5mm audio jack (incl. mic) or USB-A
connect an external hard drive with USB-A port (support USB 3.0)
connect a pair of keyboard/mouse with a USB-A port
connect a full size SD card to transfer photo between PC and camera
connect and charge some other USB-C devices
charge my V


I am a college student and tech enthusiats
I am using an asus i5 laptop and will use the eve V i5
I want to use the donald Dock at home
I will use the Donal Dock to…
*Connect to a monitor or TV with an HDMI
*Connect to an external keyboard and mouse
* Connect to an external Harddrive
*Connect to an eGpu (for video editing and occasional games, which would be super nice if it was intergrated into the dock :slight_smile:)
*Charge my Eve V

.I really like the idea some people had about having a Donald Dock and a daisy dock to go.
This might not be possible but I would like to get some opinions of a docking systen that you could simply slide the Eve V into, similar to the Nintendo switch, to make it more like a desktop? Like I said I know it might not be very realistic but it might be pretty cool :slight_smile:


I am working in the BI space, which includes lots of SQL and other coding (VBA, R, Py, JavaScript…), at home the heaviest tasks are photo editing and 3D studio.
I will use the V and my corporate NB with the dock.
I want to use Donald Dock at my home office
-connect 1 to 2 screens over HDMI
-connect a wired kybd and mouse
-connect a drawing tablet
-connect a USB printer
-connect a USB headset
-connect to GB Ethernet
-charge the connected device

Basically i want to avoid to connect/disconnect a bunch of cables each time when moving or when using a rarely used peripheral (which cant be connected permanently due to lack of ports).


I am a software developer (mostly Ruby) an dabble in media creation.

I am currently using a Clevo Notebook, which will be replaced by the V.

I want to use the Dock in my Home Office to

  • connect USB Sticks / portable HDDs via USB 3.0
  • connect to Gigabit LAN
  • connect 1 or 2 Monitors via DisplayPort
  • connect a pair of speakers with 3.5mm audio jack
  • connect an external hard drive with e-SATA port
  • connect a USB 2.0 Hub which is used to connect 3 external HDDs and 2 external DVD/Blu-Ray-Drives
  • connect another USB 2.0 Hub which is used to connect peripheral Hardware (Logitech Receiver, Printer, iPod Dock, Compact-Flash-Card Reader, …) These Hubs could also be replaced by the Dock, if the Dock had enough USB-A ports
  • connect a full size SD card
  • power connector of course to charge the V
  • charge a smartphone
  • maybe casual gaming with eGPU
  • some future-proof slots, Thunderolt, USB-C etc.

I would also like to use the V as secondary monitor, so a combination with something like https://eve.community/t/vesa-ergonomic-arm-docking-mount-for-eve-v/6364 would be nice.


i am: a design student exploring all fields of design from architecture to digital space.
i am using/ will use: laptop (intel i5 kaby alke, 512gb hdd, shit web cam, an amazing 3 hours battery life(on custom power saving mode), not IO and plastic build construction.
i want to use Donald Dock at: at home on my work desk and at school… maybe on an extremely crowded train.


  • 3 hdmi ports @home and school
  • 3 usb c tunderbolt ports (front facing) @school
  • 3 usb c thunderbolt port “pass through” @home and school
  • 2 3.5 mm audio jacks… both input and output enabled @home and school
  • beast gpu intergration/pass through ports @home
  • donald dock’s form factor should allow the V to be more “lapable (Lapability)” @ crowded train


I am a IT engeener student. Now i am using a old dell laptop but i can’t wait to buy the eve v with i7.
I am using arch and win10 side by side. But i also like gaming so my perfect dock is like:

  • 6 or 4 usb 3.0 port

  • 4 or 2 usb type-c thunderbolt port

  • External gpu additional slot

  • Killer lan port

  • Display port and hdmi

  • 3,5mm jack port

And one more thing! What if when we put the laptop in the dock the cpu is automatical overlock himself? Extra PW or something


Hi :slight_smile: I am an IT guy, nerd, tech Enthusiast, whatever…

There are a lot of Things already told, I don’t want to repeat everything…

One important thing for me would be:

one or two usb ports with a seperate switch to turn off their power consumption!

Use case: I love to add some small Gadgets like fans or small usb lights to my Desktop Environment… and not every Gadget has it’s own power switch :slight_smile:


I am a software engineer for a major SCADA company.

I am using a Dell with an i7-6700 at work, and a custom build (I built it) i5-3470 at home. I will be using an Eve V to replace a 13-year-old gateway tablet.

I want to use Donald Dock at home, and possibly at the office.


  • Connect a monitor via HDMI and/or Displayport at home
  • Connect to Gigabit ethernet at home/work
  • Charge the V while doing work
  • Connect to all my keyboard/mice via USB
  • Connect to an external HDD via USB 3+ for mass storage.
  • Connect to an eGPU for the V (pass-through) at home for possible desktop replacement.

I will NOT be:

  • Taking the dock on the road


I’m product owner.

I am using Surface pro 4 at work.

I want to use Donald Dock at work and at home:

  • Connect to monitor via HDMI/display port
  • Use Eve V to take notes when working with files on external monitor
  • Connect keyboard via USB type A
  • Connect sound card via USB A
  • Charge when dockingw
  • Connect some other peripetirials
  • Connect to TV when at home via HDMI

I will NOT be:

  • Taking the dock on the road

Some comments:
I think the good setup is:
3-5 X USB A
1-2 USB type C (just for future)
1-2 Display port/HDMI
3.5 minijack
Optionally: full size card reader?


Me: a wanna-be IT team member, but working in the Human Resources department :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Device: can’t wait to snuggle with my i7 V and get it set-up as my new favorite workspace! Currently using a MBP at home and an older HP at work.

I will use Donald Dock at home to connect:

  • Full size keyboard
  • Wireless mouse
  • Speaker connected via 3.5mm cable
  • Monitor with either Display Port/HDMI
  • External Hard drive with USB-A 3.0
  • Label printer
  • Charging cable for phone
  • USB Flash drive
  • SD card
  • Ethernet line
  • Power cord for V

Will probably get a second dock to leave on my desk at work.

My preference is for a dock that doubles as a stand as well (more of a docking station) with the V secure and stable enough in the stand for pen use.


I am a student with interests in new and cool technology.
I am using an Acer Aspire V Nitro Black Edition laptop and plan on upgrading to an Eve V i7 when it is available.
I want to use Donald Dock in my everyday life

Connect to multiple monitors
Have more than just 1 type C port possible 3-4 make it future proof
Also more than 1 thunderbolt 3 port
Have some USB 3.0 ports
Sd card reader is always important
And an ethernet port is greatly needed as wifi may not always be available in my life at all times
Maybe an hdmi port but the newer version
And whatever else is applied would be cool


Hi I’m Peter, an IT Admin at a tech-y company in San Francisco

I plan to use my i7 V tablet as a replacement for everything I can at home and work.
(because I have a lot of failed trial/experiment devices that I switch between as I get frustrated with them)

I’d use a Dock at home and at Work

At Home I'd use a dock to connect to;

QHD display over DP, mDP or HDMI (doesn’t matter which at that rez)
3 permanently attached USB devices like Mouse, KB, External HDD’s
SD Cards
Occasionally connect to TV(s) that only have HDMI but i’m ok with using a specific dongle for that
PowerDelivery to the V
possibly a USB-C port for added general utility
Would love love love something like the Razer Core so I can stuff a video card in it and have nice acceleration while doing intensive things at home.

At work, specific requirements of 4K@60 and PowerDelivery, then the normal things;

I would like to evangelize the V to my office, since I help make the decisions on which hardware we use as a company, and with that I’d like to have an awesome Dock that we can use not only for the V, but for the new TB3-only Macs that we will inevitably get plus other newer workstation-class laptops.
The one thing that the dock absolutely must provide: 4K @ 60Hz We have 28in 4K screens on all the desks and many are forced to use 4K at 30Hz due to HDMI and USB-C limitations, and it’s utterly terrible to use in a work environment. Therefore, if the dock isn’t true 40Gbit Thunderbolt 3 or otherwise does not support 4K60 (hopefully) over DP, I won’t recommend it or the V.
Aside from that, we would need
at least 3x USB3.x-A ports
GBit Ethernet
3.5mm combo jack
PowerDelivery to the V
mDP or DP (don’t care about HDMI or VGA)
Still can’t decide if we would prefer an eGPU enclosure or not, but we tend to work our laptops pretty hard so I’m leaning to the YES side.

Pipe-dream wish-list: “M.2 2280 NGFF NVMe” slot for storage, because how Awesome AF would that be?


I am a building automation system integration engineer, gamer, and general tech enthusieasits.

I am using a samsung Ativ 9 NP940X3G-K04US/ will use an EVE V i5.

I want to use Donald Dock at home or at work


  • Quick Connect Mouse Keyboard, and external Monitor
  • Connect to Wired networks. Preferably 2 ethernet ports. I offten need to connect directly to a automation controller for configuration.
  • Connect external Speakers
  • additional storage
  • Charging Derp


  • eGPU would be a + for CAD rendering for work and light gaming at home


Thank you guys!
Really appreciate your replies!

Eve team will summarize all of them and propose some product type that may fit your needs.

Keep an eye on the master thread for update and next step.


As a german I love the structured progress here :slight_smile:

Keep it up Xinjie!


Hey @Xinjie just read your other post do you have a break down of the needs of most people on here?

It just sounds like the proposed dock is just to be a generic dock like there are many on the market. Is there an aim to create something either bespoke to suit and/or fit the eve seamlessly or do something that isn’t being already done?

This isn’t a negative post just an observation that the forward moving plan looks a bit lack lustre :slight_smile:


Having read some/ most of the 70 odd posts, I think there is a mix of “standard” requests but also people have put in some “wow” stand out features.

For me, I’d like to get the community to do a quick brainstorm on the higher level vision here. Ie. Is it to have the most features in the market, is it to be the cheapest, the best bang for buck, to have a standout usp, etc etc

By having a higher level vision, and this can be (and is typically) shaped now we have the user requirements, it can help to steer through the detail.


I know I’m a little late here.
I am the IT Manager at a ski area, involved with 3 outdoor rec non-profits in an officer/board member capacity and a general tech enthusiast.
I’m currently using a 2012 13" MBP, iPad Mini 3, a 1st gen i7 custom build(barely use anymore) at home and several workstations at work. I will be using a V i7 soon to hopefully replace all of them for the majority of what I do.
I want to use Donald Dock to…

Connect monitors via HDMI, VGA, DP and DVI.
Connect to Ethernet.
Connect to speakers and/or use a built in set.
Connect external hard drives and docks with USB-A(support USB 3.0) and USB-C in the future
As a charging station for all my devices- phone, GoPros, battery banks, etc…anything that can charge via USB.
Connect full size SD cards.
Connect projectors.
Transfer files between my V and other devices.
Reduce desk clutter and easily move my work station to a new location.
Bonus item that would be really cool- switch module with POE and SFP ports to provide mobile office and test bench capabilities for fiber optic connections, IP phones, security cameras, wireless AP’s, etc

Having a Daisy Dock module that can be removed and used for portable SD, USB, Ethernet, etc would be really helpful. It would be great to able to do video work at the ski area without having to come back down to the office.


I agree with @Kee’s sentiment here.

There are a lot of generic docks out there that already do what a majority of people have specified they wanted, and I don’t think an HDMI/VGA dock with 3 USBs a card reader and USB-PD needs to be re-invented by Eve and the Community.

The reason I am here and giving my (possibly) outlandish opinion is because I have specific desires that are definitely NOT being met by the sea of ‘me-too’ docks.(believe me, I’ve searched for months) I believe that as an enthusiast, other manufacturers won’t produce something that is 1) comprehensive enough and 2) compliant to standards such as USB Power Delivery and/or Thunderbolt 3
I believe that Eve, in concert with this community, can produce something just as wonderfully complete and comprehensive as the V, in a Dock.