[Donald Dock][Step 2.1][DISCUSSION] What you need and how you will use it



Hi, I am a freelancer working in health care
I`ll be using soon my EVE V SSD :wink:
I plan to use Donald Dock at home and at my office and occasionally on lecture tours to connect-

  • a monitor at home and in the office

  • any beamer with all possible input plugs.

  • quick file transfer up to a few GB to WIN and computers

  • fast wired Ethernet at home & work

  • wireless keyboard & mouse at home & wireless keyboard with touchpad in the office. Both with a nano USB-A port.

  • ups, and fast charge of course :wink:

Since Im a tech dummy : Id love to have the opportunity to connect my V to a monitor or beamer wireless.


I’m Bongokarl, a German working in foreign service, currently stationed in Trinidad & Tobago
I am currently using a Samsung Ultrabook and too lazy to look up the model name. Hopefully I’ll be using my using Eve V i7, 500gb soon.
I want to use Donald Dock at home, office, and when traveling,

connect two monitors, would like to see at least one of each DP and HDMI for compatibility with hotel room and outdated government issued screens.
be ready to connect 2 4k screens via thunderbolt/usb c
connect wireless mouse, keyboard, other stuff, the more usb c ports the better. some usb a ports as well.
have it in a travel friendly format, preferably relatively flat rectangular form factor.
well designed, might not be a priority for most, but i simply enjoy aesthetically pleasing items, especially when i carry them around often.
rj45 port

would like to see a focus on availability and future proofing of ports rather then bonus features like included powerbar, egpu, wifi modem. they’ll bulk the thing up and in my experience never reach the functionality of dedicated products.


Hello Community, I am a scientific researcher and PhD student.
I have never owned a tablet or laptop, the V (i5) will be my first. The V will be used mainly by my wife at the university and to connect with the home office station a dock is needed.

  • My criteria for a dock:
    • 3,5mm audio jack toconnect a pair of speakers
    • SD CARD port to transfer data
    • 2x DISPLAY PORT connect up to 2x 4k Monitors
    • 2x USB 2.0 to connect periphery mouse/keyboard
    • 1x USB 3.1 to connect to at least one external HDD
    • 2x USB-C for charging the V and my smartphone/future proof


Replying for my GF and I

I am a 33 year old student and amateur artist/musician.

I will be using the i7 Eve V

I want to use Donald Dock at home


  1. Connect to a setup which will enhance the capabilities of the V, including power charging, Ethernet, external GPU, mouse/keyboard, multiple monitor setup, external hard drive, speakers, and possibly a Wacom drawing tablet if I’m not satisfied with using the V to draw. This setup will be used to enhance the V for drawing, photoshop, audio/video editing, gaming, and other demanding tasks.


I am a software developer :slight_smile:

I will use:

  • V: i5 7Y54, 8GB
  • MBP 15-inch Mid 2015: i7 4770HQ, 16GB
  • Desktop PC: i5 4690K, GTX 1080, 16GB

I want to use Donald Dock at home as a user-friendly input switch. Basically, I’d have my desktop hooked up by default, with the ability to switch over to my V or MBP at the flip of a switch. Am I saying switch too much?


  • V: Thunderbolt 3
  • MBP: Mini DisplayPort / USB 3.0 Type A
  • Desktop: HDMI / USB 3.0 Type A

I know it’s a bit of a stretch to support all these inputs, so I wouldn’t mind it being Thunderbolt 3-based and I can run adapters into it.


  • Monitor
  • USB: keyboard, wireless receivers, DAC, maybe external HDD
  • 3.5mm microphone


I manage IT projects and spend a lot of time talking to users

I am using Eve V i5

I want to use Donald Dock at home, office, and when traveling,


connect a monitor with HDMI port at home and DVI at work (for now anyway)
connect a pair of speakers with 3.5mm audio jack
connect to a headset + mic with either 2 ports or one
connect an external hard drive with USB-A port (support USB 3.0) at home
connect to ethernet at work
connect to wired keyboard and mouse
connect projectors (with HDMI or VGA port) at office
transfer files (from few MB to few GB) quickly between my V and my colleagues’ computers


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I am Mohammad Hadi, a computer engineering student.
I will use the Eve V, M3.
I would like to have Donald Dock mostly at home if it is also an egpu but I could entertain situations where I would take it with me to a friends house. If there it is not also a egpu then I will most likely not purchase it.


Hi everyone! I’m a financial advisor that helps people plan for retirement, protect their family with different types of insurance, and provides estate planning to help minimize taxes and headaches involved when assets transfer over to the next generation.

I want to use Donald Dock at home, office, and at client appointments at their homes or in public places.

connect at least 2 monitors (HDMI/Display Port)
connect a pair of speakers with 3.5mm audio jack
connect a pair of keyboard and mouse with a USB-A port
connect to Ethernet at work
insert a full size SD card to transfer data
has USB charging capability (USB-C)

Also it is my hope that the device will NOT offer 4k monitor compatibility if it raises the cost of the device.



100% agree. Resolution will keep improving with minimal gains towards actually user experience. I don’t plan on owning a 4k product anytime soon.


I am just a regular working professional.
I am using a Chuwi windows tablet, can’t wait to get my V.
I want to use Donald Dock at home. The dock will need to do the following:

  1. Charge the V.
  2. Expand port selection to include gigabit ethernet, DP/HDMI out, 3.5mm jack, Thunderbolt 3 for daisy chaining, and more USB ports.

I anticipate connecting a monitor, keyboard, earphones, and maybe even an eGPU to the dock. When I get home I will just pop the V into the dock, a la Nintendo Switch, and continue working from there. As such, the dock will need to designed as to make the switch seamless. I will need the fingerprint reader to continue to be accessible. Sometimes I might need a vertical 2nd screen, as such the dock will need to be rotate-able, or at least capable of switching orientation.

P.S. I also need the dock’s name to be not Donald :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am a student

I am now using a 12-inch MacBook and soon a V (i7/16GB RAM/512GB Storage).

I want to use Donald Dock at home on my desk or on the go, with a form factor similar to a Surface Hub to:

  • Connect to my 2 Dell monitors with HDMI ports
  • Connect to Speakers with 3.5mm jack
  • 4-5 USB ports for keyboard, mouse, external hard drive and 2 free ports on the front when I need it
  • SD Card Slot for File transfers
  • eGPU box


I’m in my first year as a university student, are using a Surface Pro device, will switch to eve V i7

I want to use Donald Dock as

-Charger for the eve V
-If possible, when docking the V, make sure that keyboard pogo pin need not to be detached.
-Line-level out (not headphone out), spdif over 3.5 is a very nice additions
-Keyboard, and Mouse
-Possibly a speaker
-and hdmi out
-Also a gpu, but it is nice if cost prohibitive features to be installed as a companion dock (ala Daisy Dock)


I honestly think that I don’t need a dock, but this is a dock I would use:

  • battery to charge the V or a phone (QI-wireless phone charging would be even cooler)
  • integrated speakers to use for the V or a phone on the go (bluetooth for example)
  • 2x video outputs for multiple monitors
  • button to switch between the monitors?
  • 3x USB for mouse, keyboard & X
  • RJ45/ethernet port
  • 3.5mm headphone jack out (with a good AMP)
  • an additional USB/USB-C in with a switch to connect several devices? For example desktop and V
  • charging port (USB-C female preferably)
  • a groove with metal or a magnet/something magnetic below to firmly hold the V-pen in place
  • Alcantara for the feels? :grin:
  • I would love to have some possibility to place the V in portrait mode as well :thinking:

So, I’ve got basically two versions in mind. One ultra portable for on the go and one more stationary dock, but if things like an eGPU are left out, it should be possible to combine them :slight_smile:


I am Alex Cluskey-Smith a professional photographer (now it’s even easier to find me) :wink:
I will use just the eve v with the dock primarily
I want to use Donald Dock at home
Easily convert my eve to a desktop machine whilst charging the eve at the same time

Ideally I want to edit and back up on the move, when I get home, connecting the eve to my dock will mean I can use my 27" screen which has display port (also hdmi) and potentially another screen but it’s not really a concern. My two large capacity back up drives should be able to be left plugged into the dock as well as my mouse/keyboard dongle

It’d also be nice to have other usb slots for t’other usb peripherals :slight_smile:
Ideally i’d like the dock to be slick enough to just slide my eve V into and also weighty/sturdy enough that it feels secure

Hope that helps


I am Russell, I am a business man, and I travel every 2 months or so. Mainly China and Australia.
I am using a Toshiba Kira i7 and will use my Eve V i7 to replace it.
I want to use the Dock at home to connect to my 4k monitors at my homes.

To connect to and

Charge my V
Charge my phones
Use my wireless keyboard and mouse
Allow me to work at my desk.
Transfer and backup files
Play movies and music through my wireless home systems
Record and type via audio mic input
use high res web cam
Headphone and Mic jacks
SD slot

It would be great if it would have at least 4 USB 3+ slots and 2 video / HDMI / mini display out
Power and versatility is important, weight is not important as I will leave and use at my home.
A built in or a slot to add a good graphics card. (I’m not sure if this is practical or possible)


I am a Mechanical engineer working at a small company making surgical navigation tools.
I am using a Dell M4800 and want to switch to Eve V.
I want to use Donald Dock at work to connect ether net, eGPU, keyboard, mouse, gaming pad, space mouse, 2x 4k monitors. Don’t want portable. Want stable with highest speed connection available for eGPU to connect via Thunderbolt. Integrated cable management a plus.


I am wanting the dock for home use only
I will be using the eve v i7 -

Connect to monitor setup at home through HDMI, Display port and vga
Connect to external Speakers (3.5 minijack)
Connect devices that dont have to hang off the side of the eve.
Potentially connect keyboard and mouse
Supply power, Ethernet and replace all other cables through a single USB-C connection to the Eve

Potentially add a modular EGPU unit to allow some gaming but that’s more ncie to have, same way i’d like an amp and speakers


I’m a student wishing to use my Eve V as a portable machine to take to class, as well as my only home computer.

Hooking it up to an Eve dock at home would be the perfect solution to all my problems.

I would use the following connections:

  • mouse (USB)
  • keyboard (USB)
  • amplifier (optical audio out)
  • internet (ethernet)
  • television (HDMI)
  • charging USB-c port for my cell phone.


I am right now studiing technical informatics (bridge between Software engineering and electronics) and in the mean time I also work in the field.
I would like to use the dock to add all the ports to my V i7 which it are sadly missing. I will only use it on the go, since I have got a great PC at home for everything else :wink:

  • Connect to VGA & HDMI (preferrably simultaneous)
  • Connect to Full size Sd Cards
  • Connect Gigabit Ethernet
  • Add some USB ports to the V when there is enough Space
  • Maybe even include the charger in the dock if possible.

The last point would make the dock very unique and great to take with you. You would have the possibility to use it as dock or as a charger or even both!
You should also be able to charge phones via USB A plug without attaching a USB C device to it.