[Donald Dock][Step 2.1][DISCUSSION] What you need and how you will use it



I am a web developer and tech enthusiast
I am using Surface Pro 3 (specs) and will (probably) be using Eve V i5 (specs)
I want to use Donald Dock at home. V is a very versatile device, but I see the dock as a way to enhance one specific experience/use case.


Connect an external 1920x1080 monitor via HDMI
Connect an external USB 3.0 hard drive for fast(ish) read/write speeds
Connect an external mouse via usb
Connect to a hardwired network via ethernet.
Connect via a headphone jack (outdated I know hahaha) to either speakers or headphones that don’t leave my desk.

I very much want to be able to use Donald Dock with my V’s keyboard attached to the V, and with it separated. This versatility would be awesome.
Finally, I want all of this to happen with one cable or plug. Having to plug in multiple things defeats the purpose of a dock.


Hi, I’m Mathieu.
I am a mechanical engineering student.
I will soon use the Eve V I5(limited Bird)
I want to use the Donald Docks to:
Connect a small eGPU(more like a acer graphics dock than the razer core, for portability, but a performance boost at the same time, for software/casual gaming)
Connect my V to charge It
Connect a monitor
Connect an HDD/SSD
Having to connect only one cable.
PS: Speaker if possible could be nice too!


I am working in an university administration as project coordinator.
I will be using Eve V i5 at work and maybe an m3 version at home as a family tablet next year.

My primary use case for Donald Dock is at work to have the V permanently connected


  • two monitors with HDMI or DP,
  • LAN (GBit) to access university servers,
  • a projector (undecided, either by LAN or HDMI or if possible wireless - we opted for an Epson EB-2245U so hopefully it will work over more than 5m),
  • wired keyboard and mouse,
  • speakers (3.5mm audio jack),
  • other devices through USB-C and
  • charge V’s battery while working with it.

A great benefit will be to

[quote=“s.auler, post:15, topic:10035”]
connect and disconnect tablet from device with just one cable without any hassle and without configuring anything after the first time.[/quote]

Again borrowing from @s.auler I want to opt for an Daisy Dock on the go to

  • connect to projectors (HDMI and VGA), having enough output power to use cables longer than 5m
  • charge the battery of my V when on the move
  • connect a cordless presenter (USB-A)
  • not have a conglomerate of many individual dongles, making it easier to set up things for presentations up front and connect the V just in time


I am an equatorial forest /savanna environmental specialist, worked for environmentally limited oil companies. Now retired.
I am using an sp3 with many traces of equatorial climate mistreatment.
I want to use Donald Dock at home and when traveling

  • get rid of wire clutter on my desk» means connectors to:
    my 23" screen;
    induction phone charger;
    external hard-disk + memory card
    mouse input
    headphones and/or connector for speakers
    full size SD card
    something Egpu like.

Off course: all those connectors should be future proof :upside_down_face:
Donald dock Daisy (its all in the family :thinking:) chain solution will be a big +


I am a graphic designer and professional artist.
I will be using the eve v i7
I want to use Donald Dock at home for both work and play

  • Connect to double monitor setup
  • Connect to external Speakers
  • Connect sd card and micro sd
  • Charge the V
  • Charge my Phone
  • Connect external harddrive
  • Connect ethernet
  • Connect a wired keyboard and mouse
  • Add a modular EGPU unit
  • spare usb c port for future considerations.
  • possibly connect a projector.


I am a student going for a double degree in computer science and math with a possible physics minor.
I am using a Dell Inspirion 15 Specs and will be using EVE V i7 Specs.
I want to use Donald Dock at home to:

  • Connect to two external monitors via display port/display port mini and HDMI, one of which is 4k, 60hz
  • Connect to internet via wired Ethernet connection
  • Connect a wired keyboard and mouse
  • Possible eGPU setup
  • Full sized SD card reader
  • Power my V simultaneously
  • Hook up speakers


Hi there!

I am an architect and urban designer, working on participatory and community-led projects in different places around the world. Most of my work time is spent in writing, editing documents, doing graphic design, having meetings, giving talks and leading workshops.

I am currently using a Dell XPS 13 at work, 2015 version, with no USB-C ports.
I hope to be using an Eve V i3/i5 soon, if I manage to get my hands on one.
I also use a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as a mini-laptop sometimes. Like… right now. Micro-USB OTG, I think.

I am planning to use Donald Dock in two different scenarios:

At work and at home, to:

  • Enable more external connections:
    – Connect an external screen, via HDMI or DisplayPort, with resolutions above FullHD (minimum 1920x1200).
    – Connect an external USB keyboard and a wireless mouse.
    – Connect external storage via USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.
    – Connect external speakers.
    – Connect to Ethernet for LAN/Internet access.
  • Get rid of all the cables on top of my desk. So having a dock on top of my desk with a lot of stuff sticking out would defeat the purpose. I want to connect the laptop/tablet to a single cable (or better, to no cable at all! Let me dream…), and then have the dock hidden behind/under the table with all the other cables already connected to it. That way, I can come or leave quickly, leaving a tidy desk behind.
  • Ideally, also get power through the dock (by connecting the V’s power cable to the dock instead) and get rid of yet another cable.
  • Even more ideally, also being able to plug a mid-range desktop GPU. Nothing fancy, even without a proper case.
  • Do all this using Windows, Android and Linux (DisplayLink stuff has very bad support for Linux).

On the go (talks, workshops…) I’d use it to:

  • Connect the laptop/tablet/phone to a projector, usually old VGA and sometimes HDMI. You’re never obsolescence-proof enough when you give talks in all kinds of places.
  • Connecting to Ethernet when there is no WiFi or when it’s better than WiFi.
  • Make those connections in very different positions and distances from the main device.
  • Again: Windows, Android, Linux!



I am an intrapreneur (entrepreneur within a large company) and engineer, 40 y old.

I m currently using an iPad (browsing / reading books), a 2013 mac book pro (general use), and a PC for occasional gaming. I would like to use my i7v as my primary computing device at home to replace all of them!

I want to use Donald Dock at home, to connect my V to a dual monitor setup (future proof!), keyboard, mouse and sound (dedicated system: no need for speaker)… connecting only 1 cable would be great; to use it as a second charger (so that I can leave my charger in a bag / at work etc), and also as an egpu to add graphics capability for the gaming.

I do not plan to travel with the dock.


I have the dock for the SP3 which I use for an SP4. It sits on my desk next to my 5 yr i7 self-built Win10 desktop PC.

I would like Donald Dock to charge my V (well soon to be mine).

I would like to connect:

  • 1 mechanical full-sized keyboard
  • 2 monitors (2 X HDMI, or 1 HDMI 2+ and 1 mDP/DP 1.2+), at least 1080p but 4K target
  • network (rj45 ethernet)
  • multiple USB (3.0, 3.1 gen 2 [usb c] perhaps) to charge devices, connect portable HDD
  • connect audio equipment with LAN/rj45

Mike from Colorado USA
Senior Technologist/Environmental Scientist for large US-based engineering/management consulting firm


I’m Samuel from France. I’m a mechanical engineer, managing an assembly worshop.
I will use my V i5 with the Donald dock to :

  • connect monitors with BAG or HDMI
  • charge my V and other devices to charge them
  • connect external memory (HDD or SD card)
  • connect keyboard, mouse and earphones

-Having some good speakers can be a real plus
-Why not a space where stylus or Vpen 's can be put


This thread is sooooo cool! And its why I love Eve. This is something you never see from any other company. Other companies never bother with stuff like this that’s why they design for some invisible person instead of asking people what they might want. We should definitely do something like every time we start a project and maybe even every time we decide on a major milestone (how has x milestone affected how you might/might not use the device).

I also love how diverse our community is with people from all sorts of backgrounds, ages and professions meaning we have true democracy :slight_smile:

Anyway keep the posts coming guys sorry for derailing the post :smiley:


I would like to add to my previous comments, that this dock should look great. Considering most everyone, whether they use it for travel, at work, or at home, this dock will be exposed rather than tucked away in some desk. And for V users, you’ll be putting your beautifully designed V in this dock; it would be a shame if this dock didn’t have the same design quality.


I am a Medical Technologist, with several hobbies that utilize computer tech in some way.

I am currently using a 4th gen i7 home built desktop for gaming, and will be using the V for everything else.

I want to use Donald Dock at home and work (Possibly buy 2?):

  • Connect mutiple moniters via HDMI/DP/MiniDP
  • Connect mechanical keyboard
  • Charge my V
  • Connect external HDD/SSD
  • Connect SD Card
  • Connect External Speakers (3.5mm audio jack)
  • Ethernet Link
  • Cut general wire clutter at desk
  • In-Device espresso maker (Not needed but would be nice)


Hi, I’m a software developer (java, SQL, HTML).

Actually, when buying the V, I was intending to use it as my main machine at home for learning new things. It would hedge been hooked up to a thunderbolt dock with a single cable. The dock would have been connected to

  • two 27" 4k screens
  • one thunderbolt cable for screens and charging
  • my network router with 1 GBps cable
  • USB-A keyboard
  • wireless mouse with USB-A receiver
  • step amp with hifi speakers
  • The dock would have been more or less put away so that only the front was visible, so some ports on the front would have been nice
  • since there is a MacBook Pro in the house, it would have been great if both would have worked with Donald Dock via thunderbolt.

Since so much time has passed and my laptop broke in February this has changed and my main machine nowvis a Skylake Xeon 1245, 32 GB ECC ram, 1TB SSD connected to those two screens. The V will be my companion device used for surfing, watching video tutorials, pdf reading and light coding to test things right away while learning and reading java books, so that I don’t need to sit at my desk all day. Truth to be told: nothing of this needs a dock and can also work wirelessly, so I will add my input, but not buy the dock because my screens also offer USB-C for PD charging and image input. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hi there, Let’s play :slight_smile:

I am a principal technical marketing engineer (also called PowerPoint engineer)in a major semiconductor company
I am using (privately) several PCs/tablets, most recents being :

  • A Dell one-touch 27" with i7, 16GB DDR
  • A Dell Inspiron 17" with i7, 8GBDDR
  • An Asus Zenpad 8"
  • soon to be an Eve V i7 user (EB) :blush:

I want to use Donald Dock at home only,

to :

  • connect 1 or 2 monitors via HDMI,
  • connect some sound system with 3.5mm audio jack
  • connect several external hard drive with USB-A port (support USB 3.0)
  • connect a pair of wireless keyboard/mouse with a USB port
  • connect an eGPU OR to use the integrated eGPU :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • Connect 1x ethernet cable(minimum) or 2x cables (ideal, but for work usage mostly)
  • Connect a debugger (i.e IAR or Segger) via USB


I am an Archicad BIM Manager for a luxury builder.
I am using a:

I will be using the V-i7 when it arrives to replace my iPad Pro.

I want to use Donald Duck at home and work. I want a portable and / or a fixed Donald Duck to:

  • Connect to external hard drives with high transfer speed (thunderbolt / usb-c) and allows to charge my devices even when my V is turned off.
  • Connect to dual 4k monitors at 60 herts or greater is a must
  • Connect to a HDMI cable
  • Connect to a mouse is a must
  • Connect to a powered speakers via usb or headphone jack


Hi, I’m Samuel from Taiwan.
Currently I have one more year to go in my masters program in clinical pharmacy,
and would probably find a career a hospital as a clinical pharmacist,
or become a medical sales liaison in a pharmaceutical company.

I’m currently using a ASUS T303UA i5/8G/512GB,
and hoping to get a EVE i5 in the future.
Also looking into the Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga, but man that thing is expensive.

I currently connect my ASUS to a 21:9 monitor via HDMI, and also a Unifying dongle for my mouse and keyboard for data collection, creating slides for presentation, and some leisure stuff like movies, anime, or manga and sorts.
I should be doing similar things in the future, though where I eventually work at would greatly vary the need for multitasking…

So my primary use for Donald Dock would be at work or at home to have the V permanently connect


  • connect to two monitors with HDMI or DP
  • connect to LAN to access private hospital/corporate network
  • two USB-C(3.2) ports, one PD enabled for charging, and the other for data transfer or other devices
  • 2-3 USB-A (3.1) ports for other devices, preferably 3 or more so I can have one dedicated to my Unifying dongle or wired keyboard/mouse, and another one dedicated to my external HDD
  • audio output, through 3.5mm audio jack, but it’ll be sooo cool if it had speakers
  • MicroSD and SD card slot
  • charge V’s battery while working with it
  • preferably a slot to keep my V Pen

would be a plus, but not so necessary if Donald Dock had following features:

  • TB3 passthrough for possible eGPU addon
  • It would be AWESOME if I could transfer files between PCs if I connect another computer to the dock via USB
  • eCard reader for WebATM or corporate credentials

When I vision the Donald Duck, it takes on a similar form factor to the ThinkPad Docks like the one in the following link:

But borrowing from the post from @s.auler, getting a Daisy Dock for on the go would be nice as well.
It would have be able to:

  • have 2-3 USB-A ports
  • 1 USB-C port that is charging enabled so I could either connect to devices or charge my V
  • connect to projectors (HDMI and VGA)

For the form factor of Daisy Dock, I would really love it to look like this:

But this kind would be fine as well:

Thanks for bearing with my long post :blush:


I am a FX Application Specialist dealing with realtime FX Pricing,

I am using / will use an Eve V/i7/512/16

I want to use Donald Dock at home and on the go,


Connect a dual monitor via HDMI, VGA/Display Port
Connect a network via Gigabit Ethernet

Any other extra is welcome, but the above is a must have…

*** Additional Info: One thing I notice about all the products that are out in the market have very short Type-C cable… I do not want and not willing to buy something that will be hanging on the side of my V… I need it seated on the desk/table/flat surface…


I am a finance professional, working with financial simulations to help manage company solvency.
I am using various devices, primarily to churn data to produce meaning info, and later made into analyses.
I want to use Donald Dock at home, office, and anywhere where the weight of the device doesnt become a hindrance


connect at least 2 monitors
connect a pair of speakers with 3.5mm audio jack
connect multiple external hard drives with USB 3.1 port
connect a pair of keyboard and mouse with a USB-A port
insert a full size SD card to transfer data
connect eGPU


…which contains an eGPU would be preffered