Dog Lover or Cat Lover?


Let the war begin.

  • Dog
  • Cat

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I didnt know theres a characters limit until now…


I agree! I love both! Both are cute & awesome!


But dogs are clearly superior


cats all the way

this news site has even an own rubric for cats



The biggest difference is that cats only care about themselves and dogs take care of their master. I think it really depends on what kind of person you are, as more “social” people prefer dogs because they’re very interactive… Cats are more passive, they can warm you up when you want it but they (usually) won’t come to you with a toy in the mouth :stuck_out_tongue:


Dog lover here - siberian husky cross with timber wolf


hm… serious? :thinking:
cats of course :heart_eyes_cat:


Let’s see a pic Lucas! :wolf:


My two girls. :heart_eyes:


Here she is - her name is Ember and she is 10 years young.


Dogs all the way! No contest

Unfortunately I’m at that point in life to have one…


Both as well :smiley:

But if I have to choose one, I’d probably go with dogs…


What, no fish?
I have a salt water aquarium but neither cats nor dogs


My dog Ember loves fish - either raw or cooked … :wolf:


I am sorry :sweat_smile: but neither do I have cats or dogs . It’s just when you see pictures of them and you go like “OH MY GOD THEY ARE SOOOOOO CUTEEEE” that’s when you realise you have fallen in the pit of their cuteness and turn into a dog or cat lover . :smile:


My cat already looses approximately 1 million hairs per second (MegaHairs/s) that become irretrievably entangled in the fabric when laying on my sofa, 3 MegaHairs/s are loosely flying in the air behind her when she is walking, and about 10 GigaHairs/s break loose when touching her… I think right now she is laughing at me :smile_cat:

I vote for turtles, they do not loose hairs :turtle:


You are describing husky’s off season shedding.